The world flipped

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Even though it was year 2999 the most peaceful year a man has ever seen, due to rumours that began to spread earlier the year that the world was going to end, crime rates has reduced, wars have subsided, countries have formed alliances and decided to spend their last moment enjoying the company of one another, charge rates of immigration visas dropped tremendously, it was as if the ones embezzling the whole money decided not to embezzle any more since it would all be useless soon, even though not all wanted to immigrate, few still did but many stayed in their home country to enjoy the earth's last moment with their families.

However there was still that one person things weren't peaceful for, Rein could not afford to say the word peaceful because it wasn't for him, as if he had killed the world hero in his past life, what did he do to deserve so much hate, sufferings from the society. The city of Leribe wasn't a big city, it had a maximum of 48 000 population and it wasn't an overstatement to say Rein was the only one suffering this much even though he wasn't, but to him he was the only one.

After taking a beating from his maternal uncle for not making it quick to the store to make deliveries he signed as he walked through the dirty alley that lead to his roughly placed street.

It was rural and was what people popularly called slums, his street was nicknamed underdogs because it was popular for hosting deadly thugs.
his uncle was an example;

"idiotic, drunkard, foolish, arrogant, ignorant, no word enough can describe how dumb these people are"

Rein kicked an empty can as he grumbled those words, often times he saw himself way above these people even though his father was a thug like them his father was cool headed though his father was arrogant which lead him to his death eventually.

Rein took a short pause and stared to the sky and scoffed,

"(even though this place was a slum on one could dare call it a slum, it was so organized and even the police feared to trespass this place, but now)"

he turns his head slowly around him to gesture at the surrounding

"even the police don't come here now because it's too irritating, it's a waste of time to trouble this place. Well it's all in the past remembering it won't do me any good"

he hesitated but soon continues he's walk home, on reaching the front of his small shabby house, he sighted three individuals, he had not taken note of them because he was lost in thought if he had, he would've made a run for it.

"Oiiinnggg here comes the little handsome boy, have you heard Rein-boy"

he hesitantly asked,

"what is it?"


He landed a plain and direct yet heavy slap on his face not really caring if he had damaged his hearing,

"you bastard, me was talking and you got guts to ask me questions, that was rude boy, you rude!! Now what is you supposed to do?"

Rein bent his upper body completely and yelled,

"I'm sincerely sorry for my rudeness please forgive me!!"

"Ooh Rein don't you think these days you've bern becoming too obedient these days"

this one wasn't arrogant like the first but he was worse, he stood up from the shabby wooden box that was placed in front of Reins old single room, Rein had been staying there since he entered middleschool.

He's uncle said it was to punish him for being stubborn, nevertheless he was drove out of his own parents house while his uncle lavished his inheritance on girls and alcohol atleast he still had conscious to pay for his tuition fees.

Rein liked it there, he could stay alone and he saved up money to buy his gaming console, so he could also play games in peace that was his area of expertise.

"Haha what else can he do, you have completely tamed him"

the third one voiced out as he giggled from behind with his arms crossed.

The sun was already down a long time ago and the street was quiet, only the sound of cats and rats rummaging gabbages could be heard except from times when there was a sudden but short wind blow that carried along thrash that was spilled and drops them halfway creating a ~pang~ sound.

"Nononono this is just too boring don't you agree Kritt"

he looks up at the one that had slapped Rein earlier with a irritated look.

"Well it's still fun fo..."

before he could finish his statement he was interrupted

"you know I wasn't really asking for your opinion, i guess you to have been growing a third ball since Rein doesn't put up much fight anymore"

He faced below and gripped Rein's hair while dragging him nearer so his ear could be close to his mouth then he murmured,

"Anyway Rein don't you think we should play some games together inside your stinky room"

Rein's eyeball sank in as his whole eyes widened, he was still bending and no one could see his face but Kain could tell he had hit him on the very right spot.

he smiled,

"I knew it, i never really considered much of you when I heard you are a gaming pro, the news of you boasting that you are the RedGod, the God of games, i even heard you dominated the ranker list of 7 top rpgs even though you didn't join the open beta test and you joined late after the game lunching, what do you think you are, kikikiki because you suck in real life you decided to make yourself feel good in games, you see Rein the thing is.... I don't want you to feel good at all"

Rein's eyes were already trembling with fear, he just exposed his gaming character to his gaming guild friends earlier today he didn't think that he would even be hated in the guild, that someone would've leaked his secret to his greatest enemy.

Rein who thought the friends he made while gaming was he's real friends was now devastated, he knew Kain this much, and if Kain was already this pissed just from hearing his gaming secret, he knew probably Kain would make sure he's never able to play games again, just then


a voice called out

"yess bosssi...."

"Break the door!!"

Rein immediately cried out,


tears were already rolling down his cheek,

"I would do anything so please, don't take it away"


he yelled while sobbing heavily already,

"that is my life!!!!"

"Oiii oiii oiiii look at that didn't I tell you this was going to be fun, break it Ajett what the [email protected]#k are you waiting for"

With his slim legs, he lands a kick on the door it only took two kicks for the dusty old wooden door to fall,

"open haha am I strong or your door is just too weak?"

"Don't joke unnecessarily Ajett"

Kritt walked past him and went inside, few moments later he was coming out with Rein's gaming console all roughly packed,

"Boss you wouldn't believe it, this guy is a neat freak, i couldn't even feel dust in his room perhaps he really should start cleaning our homes *hahak*"

Rein hurriedly hijacked himself from Kain's hand gripping his hair and ran towards Kritt but before his stretched hand could reach Kritt who was already startled Ajett kick had comfortably hit his groins from beneath, he fell to the ground, with his hands in his pocket before he kicked and even after, Ajett talked to him with sympathy

"oh lord why did you do that, now you're gonna make Kain destroy you for real"

Ajett was the coolest of them, he had a roughly curled light brown hair and had a calm look, he was slim but really skilled at using his kicks of course he was a kickboxer afterall even though he didn't take trainings serious, compared to Kritt who was all muscular and heavy but didn't have any skills except his strong stamina.

Ajett was Kain's favorite.

"Waow waow you've still got in you Rein, I always wondered why you stopped fighting you know, back then in the kindergarten we use to get our butts kicked, your punch used to pack a lot of weight too but since your mother got admitted you've become boring. Bring that thing here Kritt"

Kritt went forward kicked Rein on his way back while he was on it and delivered the console to Kain. Immediately Kain received the console he punched Kritt real hard on his face enough for his nose to start bleeding.

"why do you always have to do extra, just do what you are told you bastard"

He shakes his hand and irritatedly said,

"why does the bastard skin has to be so hard only one punch and it actually hurts"

He turned his attention back to Rein who was now standing up slowly,

"I beg you i would really do anything"

he stretched forward his hand to Kain who had raised his console up in the air to slam it on the floor.

"Please please please please please I beg you please I beg you don't do this please Kain I'd do anything I'll lick you shoes I'll give you everything i have. Please everything please"

Not even bothering to listen to what Rein was uttering he smashed the console strongly on the ground with a devilmade laughter on his face, immediately a continuous beep sound could be heard which startled Kain

"what the [email protected]#k whose alarm is that?"

"Ohh it's mine"

Ajett calmly removed his hand which housed his wristwatch from his pocket and raised his hand a bit shaking it to gesture that it was his wristwatch.

"What the hell did you set alarm for?"

"Didn't you hear Bosss?"

"Hear what?"

"That the world was gonna end today, so just incase i set my alarm on 11:58 so I could get three minutes to do all i really wanted to do'

" The [email protected]#k did you actually believe that shitt..."

"Of course I do, the whole world does even countries that are at war have formed alliance because of it, you are probably the only one that does not.... Anyway boss I have to go now"

He walks closer to Rein and bent on his toes,

"yo man if the world would really end today I know God is gonna reward you greatly for holding on this long, actually I've got nothing against you, but it was just fun for me, your real problem is Kain, so my point is forgive me and don't tell God i hit you a couple of times"

He stood up walked away throwing his hands bye to Kain.

Kain was watching him walk away with his fist tightened that bastard

"I knew you were the one that was going to betray me first"

he looks at Kritt who has been silent after receiving a punch on his face.

"what are you standing for shouldn't you beat the hell out of him like you always do, or do you also believe that the world would end soon"

Kritt who was happy because it looked like Kain had finally recognized him as the one that cannot betray hurriedly starts to throw kicks at Rein who was all curled up moaning the only thing he actually thought has peaceful.

<<<<<11:59:59,,....00:00>>>>>... THE WORLD FLIPPED

Author's note
Please my dear and esteemed readers I understand that we may have difficulty reading this prologue because of some errors, however i believe we can still understand it from chapter one onwards these errors would be carefully taken care of and the comments is open to any request and remarks, opinions are accepted too. Thank you very much your rating would go a long way but i just want to make sure you all enjoy the story.
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