Forbidden Love

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Chapter Nine


We were in the middle of nowhere and that’s what I needed at this moment. I never imagined being with Kira would feel so right. If I’m being honest with myself, I never thought she would accept me as her mate. For the past sixteen years of her life she thought I was her brother thanks to Stan and Lisa’s lies. Kira’s embrace was warm and full of love. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. I was so scared what she thought of me after learning I was a mixed breed. Although mixed breeds were not uncommon in our world my particular mix was unheard of. I have known plenty of half-blood human mixes but they couldn’t shift as it was too dangerous for them with the potential side effect being death or stuck in wolf form permanently. That didn’t stop Lucan’s from mixing with humans, especially since we stopped having true mates in our society. I had even heard of wolf fae hybrids. They weren’t rare but they were not an everyday mix. I had heard of a few but never met one. There was an even a time when fae and wolves did not coexist and now they do. Maybe that could be us one day. Maybe then I wouldn’t be such a freak. I knew people would see me as a risk and a threat if they knew the truth. I was putting Kira in unknown danger from just being around me and the danger of being with me. I sighed heavily after our kiss. I couldn’t stop my mind from thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

“hey, please talk to me. You can’t keep all this bottled up and I don’t want you mentally disappearing on me again. I just got you back.”

I knew what she meant. I had treated her as nothing more than an inconvenience for the past five years. I regretted that. It hurt me every day, but I had no choice. I didn’t understand how I knew she was my mate. I thought there was something wrong with me all these years.

I just don’t understand I began; I mean I do but it’s all so fucked Kira. Not only are there dangers with me being half bear but there are also risks being with me when and if people find out. And then there is our mate bond. The first to happen in over a hundred years. All of this puts a target on our back for an unknown amount of danger. And if anything happened to you, I’m not sure what I would do. I can’t even stand the thought of losing you.

My wolf is already fighting to get out at just the thought of it. I broke apart from her stepping a few feet away looking off into the distance. I could feel Kira begin to shift uncomfortable behind me. I didn’t blame her; I wasn’t myself right now and after the night we just shared I can only imagine how I was making her feel. I felt bad, but at this moment my head and heart and body were not aligned, and I couldn’t get my head to slow down enough to have a coherent thought.

“We haven’t even had time to talk yet, to me it sounds like your saying we shouldn’t be together, and if that’s the case then what was last night? Why did you Mark me? Why did I give myself to you?”

Her words got my attention and I turned to face her. She had her arm over her chest to cover herself from me and it made my heart break. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“I knew this wasn’t going to be easy from the start, because the world thinks we are siblings, and sure, it got a whole lot more complicated but I should have a say in this, this is not your decision alone and I choose you Charlie. Regardless of what is in our future.”

God why was she so perfect... I took a few steps towards her and wrapped her in my arms.

Your right love and I’m sorry. I had no right to imply anything. I’m just so scared I could hurt you one day, that my unknown bear side could show and then what? What if I hurt you? I don’t regret last night or any night we share together, I just would never forgive myself.

She pulled slightly away from me so she could look at me.

“I think I know where we can go for answers.” I was slightly uneasy about her sudden revelation and I didn’t say anything. I guess I was waiting for her to further her statement. “I met one, A werebear, yesterday. I am supposed to meet him today. In the woods past Rover park. I think it’s why you smelled him on me yesterday. He didn’t touch me or anything, but he did get close.”

I tensed at her explanation. I had almost forgotten. Kira came home from her run and as she passed my room, I could smell the werebear on her. My whole body became tense and ready to fight. I couldn’t contain myself. I was now angry all over again. I sighed a deep heavy sigh trying to bring myself down to a reasonable level.

Kira you had no business being anywhere near a werebear. What were you thinking?

“I didn’t mean to Charlie; I was running, and I didn’t know there was a werebear territory so close to these pack boundaries. I honestly didn’t mean too but maybe the werebear society has information the wolves don’t. It wouldn’t hurt to try but you have to trust me. Do you Charlie?”

God, I hated this idea, but it seemed to spark some hope in my new mate, and in all this chaos what’s a little more?


Sighing I nodded and said of course love. She smiled brightly.

“ok great. So, I was supposed to meet him at two so we better start heading back.” She announced.

We shifted again and I let her lead since this was now her mission. Plus, the view wasn’t bad. Her wolf was beautiful, and I enjoyed watching her wolf run with such grace. As we neared the park, we entered a trail where she stopped and told me to wait. My wolf huffed loudly giving a slight growl. We did not like this plan. She spoke again telling me it had to be just her so he wouldn’t see us as a threat. God dammit why did I agree to this stupid plan. I couldn’t let my mate just run off into danger. My wolf growled again but I reluctantly nodded, mind linking back to her,

fine but if you’re not back in 10 minutes I’m coming in regardless.

“Great now sit” she said with a bit of laughter in her voice. Her wolf looked mused.

I didn’t say or respond back to her, I was mostly mused but a bit miffed at her trying to assert dominance over me. She rubbed her face against my chin, and I heard a light “please” ring through my head. My wolf clearly not pleased sat reluctantly but gave a growl huff as he did.

“Great now wait here,” as she headed off.

This was ridiculous on so many levels. My nerves were shot, and I couldn’t sit still. This has to be the stupidest idea I have ever agreed too.

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