Forbidden Love

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Chapter Ten

I was nervous, sure. But watching Charlie’s dominant wolf obey me gave me strength and courage to go back and meet Luke. When I first met Luke, I was an unmated wolf, and now I am a mated wolf going to meet a werebear. Why had he asked me to come back I thought as I trotted through the forest. I couldn’t help but remember the strange feelings I had felt while near him. My body responded in strange ways, but I tried not to think about it because it was no longer relevant. I reached the spot where I stood yesterday with Luke and waited. I couldn’t help but think, was I attracted to him? But I couldn’t be, I was a fated mate. Maybe it was because I was about to start my first shift? So Much was unknown, but I couldn’t dwell on how I was feeling. As far as I was concerned, I love Charlie, and my wolf agreed. I heard a shuffle in the distance and I instantly perked up. My wolf caught a familiar scent, fresh pine, which meant it had to be Luke. He finally neared close enough and our eyes Locked.

“What the fuck is this?”

He came running and I knew he probably didn’t recognize me and saw me as a threat, so my wolf lowered herself making a slight whining sound to try and tell Luke I wasn’t a threat. He seemed confused by this but when he got closer, he seemed to be inhaling the air around him.

“You,” he spat and said, “Why are you in your shifted form? Turn NOW.”

He was stern and commanding, but I knew I couldn’t talk to him like this. It was then I remembered I didn’t have any clothes. My wolf wined at him trying to communicate this fact. Luke seemed puzzled for a minute but grunted and said “now.” Fuck... I began to shift but Instantly covered my lady parts the best I could. He looked me up and down before speaking. I swear I could see a light smile tug at his lips.

Uh excuse me my eyes are up here I spat at him.

“what’s this all about? Are you trying to get killed?”

He began taking off his shirt and I couldn’t help my eyes as they wandered at his endless abs and flat stomach which showed his sex lines that lead into his pants. God what is wrong with me? He threw me his shirt and I put it on quickly. Luckily, he was so tall and bigger than me it laid below my hips. As long as I didn’t raise my arms I would be shielded. His scent was now on me, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Charlie definitely wasn’t going to like this I thought to myself before returning my gaze to a very good looking werebear.

Even though I was nervous I didn’t feel threatened. My body even seemed to relax around him. Shit I couldn’t focus on how I felt around the bear, I only had 10 minutes before Charlie showed up.

Alright look, I came here today to ask for help. I can’t explain everything before we run out of time but I need to know if you know anything about a werebear and werewolf child or if there has ever been a mix in your society before.

Lucas eyed me with a serious look. He seemed to even have stopped breathing. I wasn’t at all expecting what came next.

“What do you mean you don’t have time? Are you in danger?”

He said while stepping near me. I was caught off guard and my body responded internally. Was he worried about me? God why does this have to be complicated. I sighed and put my hands up effectively stopping him a few feet from me. As he got close, I could feel his heat and my spine-tingling feelings were returning and his pine scent was now not only wafting at me from his shirt but also from him. Dammit.

No Luke I am not in danger. But I umm well how do I say this. I thought for a moment before asking, what do you know about wolves? More to the point did you know wolves haven’t had a mate pairing in over a hundred years?

Luke shifted and his brows knitted into a confused look.

“I um, well I knew wolves no longer had chosen mates. But what does this have to do with you, young wolf?”

I could tell he was holding back but I wasn’t in a place to argue. I had to spit it out in order to get to my point, but I was having a hard time with it. Why was it so hard to tell Luke I was mated? I began to shift uncomfortably.

Well I uh, I am the first wolf to have a chosen mate in over a hundred years. Which is why I shifted early. I’m only sixteen. Normal wolves don’t shift until they are seventeen.

Luke stepped towards me and grabbed my arms. Not enough to hurt me but I was definitely taken aback by his reaction and how his touch made me feel different. Was I getting turned on by him?

“You’re mated?” He spat with anger in his voice.

With one quick move he shifted our positions, so he was now guarding me. What is happening? Then I realized Charlie’s wolf was now running towards us. His teeth were showing, and he was sporting a menacing look on his face. Oh shit I muttered. Luke had one hand still holding my arm and I knew what this looked like to Charlie. This in fact had been the worst idea I had ever had. And to think this is why people wondered why I didn’t speak up much. Charlie was coming in fast and I could hear Luke preparing for a fight. I quickly stepped out in front of Luke and put my hand out to Charlie,

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I yelled at Charlie.

My wolf gave me strength to stand up to him to try and stop this fight before it began. Charlie came to a halt a few feet away. His wolf was breathing hard and he had yet to put away his sharp K-nines which were now much larger than I had realized. I had to assess both men quickly but realized Luke was the unknown here. I gave Charlie a pointed look hoping he would understand I wasn’t choosing sides here, but I had to defuse a bear bomb. I turned to Luke and I put my hand on his arm. Why did I do that?

Look Luke, this is Charlie, and he won’t hurt you or me. He’s my mate. I felt Luke’s arm stiffen as he took in my explanation. And he is why we are both here today. And I really hope we can trust you because at this moment both of our lives may depend on it. So here it is, Charlie is half wolf and half bear. And Charlie has concerns. He’s afraid he may hurt me or someone else one day if his bear side decides to come out one day, if that’s even possible.

I heard Charlie’s voice ring in my head. Based on his tone I would say he was beyond Pissed. “Let go of him now and step aside Kira. I don’t want you to get hurt” I knew Luke couldn’t hear him and I knew if Luke could help us secret conversations through our bond wasn’t going to help. I turned to Charlie letting go of Luke’s arm, but I backed up towards Luke putting my hands up. I knew Charlie was mad and I could feel how hurt he was, but I had to put my foot down and de-escalate this situation.

No Charlie, you will not hurt Luke and if you try you will be putting me in danger. And I know you nor your wolf would ever hurt me. So please shift so we can all talk like adults.

Charlie let out a menacing growl and nipped at the air in front of him. His hackles were raised, and I knew he was not happy.

Charlie please! Can you at least try and cooperate! I’m begging you.

Charlie’s wolf seemed to take my words seriously as he began to calm down. His hackles were no longer raised, and he finally let his face rest which effectively hid his K-nines. He looked a little less menacing but his face even in wolf form clearly showed he was furious. In that instant I felt Luke put a hand on my shoulder and that feeling instantly came back and my spine began to tingle. I wasn’t focused on that right now though. I refused to break my eye contact with Charlie. I felt Luke let his hand slip from my shoulder and he stepped out from beyond my arms which were now shielding nothing and so I let them fall to my side. Luke cleared his throat,

“Look I don’t know what is going on here but I’m willing to help Kira, but only if we can all talk to each other. So, either shift or leave us be.”

Charlie instantly shifted leaving a very naked Charlie in his wolves’ place.

“I’m not leaving you alone with her so can you help or not?”

Luke looked at me. His expression was tense but soft at the same time. I knew it was no longer in my head that he cared about me. I would have to think about this later though. I hoped my expression remained neutral as I knew I was an open book, and I couldn’t lie to save my life. After a few seconds Luke shifted his gaze to Charlie.

“Look man I’m not sure what you want from me. Or why you’re trying to kill me.”

Charlie didn’t answer Luke, he just kept staring. I knew I would have to step in again between these two species.

Luke? You can’t tell us anything? Literally anything can help us at this point. My tone deceiving me, sounding sad and disappointed.

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