Forbidden Love

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Chapter Eleven


I was now staring into the beautiful green eyes of Kira. I mulled over her words and thought about how I was responding to her. I had never given any wolf the time of day. Especially since it had been a wolf that killed my mother when I was three. But Kira was different. And now it was even more complicated because of her mate. Which was also a bear, or half. Which confused the hell out of me because wolves and bears couldn’t stand each other. We had different values and societies. At one time we fought each other for territory. This whole situation was truly mind boggling. But I did know Charlie wasn’t the first half bred, but I didn’t know how much I could tell them. Bears are solitary creatures, and our society isn’t a pack, but we come together to live in certain areas as it is safer. A group of bears share the responsibility of marking our territory often to ward off any supernatural thing. Our territories are huge so large groups of bears can split it into their own sub territory. We had elders of course but they didn’t govern us.

“As much as I love watching you stare at my mate can you please just answer her so we can be on our way.”

Shit, I hadn’t even noticed I had been staring at her all this time. I could smell her though. Not only her intoxicating scent but how I made her body respond. I knew Charlie could too, which only made me more confident when I spoke to him,

Look man, I’m not at liberty to discuss this. I will tell you though you’re not the first. But I can’t say much more than that.

I could see Charlie seemed aggravated at my explanation. And honestly if the shoes were reversed, I would be frustrated too. Both him and Kira seemed desperate. But I wasn’t willing to stick my neck out for their kind. But then I remembered what Kira had said too. She could be in Danger if they didn’t find out more. This thought made me uneasy, it was weird how I cared for her safety. I sighed deeply and I felt Kira start to come near me again. I wanted to step further away from her because I didn’t like how her touch made me feel. It was like a vibration would run through our points of contact. It wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t something I was used to. Before she could reach me though we all heard a long and very loud howl come from the way they had come. Charlie seemed to stiffen as if he recognized it. Charlie spoke breaking the silence,

“Kira, that was Stan. I think he’s calling for us. We should go.”

At his words I started to feel uneasy about her leaving. She changed directions and started walking towards Charlie. I was about to turn back towards home when I heard.

“Charlie can you go ahead of me and I’ll meet you back at home? I need to talk to Luke. Alone.”

This caught me off guard, but it intrigued me. Charlie looked pissed and they were now staring at each other without speaking. They must be speaking privately. Wolf thing and all. Then suddenly Charlie turned to me and spoke with such hatred in his voice. ”

You better not hurt her. Or I’ll have your head.”

With that he turned and shifted taking off towards home I presumed. They already lived together? Kira cleared her throat and turned to me. Our eyes met and I could see her relax some.

“Look Luke, I don’t know what is going on with us. Or this weird feeling I get with you, but I love Charlie. I do however think you are a part of whatever is going on. I think you can help us.”

I was still stuck on the fact that she had admitted the feelings she was having out loud. She seemed like the shy type just yesterday. Maybe her wolf is giving her this new confidence.

Kira, I don’t know what to say to all that except I can try. It’s not up to me though. Our society and history are not for me to share, especially with the enemy. I would have to go to the council and ask for their permission. But I have to ask why can’t his parents help him?

Kira seemed to shift uncomfortably at my question. She was kind of cute and enduring when she did that.

“Well it’s not really my story to share but I know this isn’t the place for secrets, I know I’m asking a lot from you. But Charlie’s dad is not in the picture, and his mom is dead. My family apparently adopted him before I was born.”

Whoa! Wait a minute I said, you mated with your brother?

“NO! It’s not like that and way more complicated than that. We are not related and there were no papers signed... so no.”

she was even more cute when she was mad. I couldn’t help but smile.

Fine it’s none of my business. I was surprised by my icy tone. I quickly continued to try and distract her from my tone.

I will ask the council but it will take time. How about we meet back here in four days and I’ll tell you what they decided?

Kira nodded her head and said thank you. She sounded sincere and my heart went out to her, it really did. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be her. The first mated pair in a really long time and having to deal with a hybrid, and that hybrid being her brother. I scoffed at myself and my endless thoughts.

Your welcome Kira, will you be alright?

“Yes, Luke I will be fine. Charlie won’t hurt me, even if he thinks he might because of his bear, or maybe bear. I mean look at you. You were ready to protect me earlier from the big bad Charlie.”

Yeah well don’t mention it. I tried to sound more serious then I actually was but I am pretty sure I was blushing.

Truth is, I didn’t know why I did that. She wasn’t mine to protect, nor should I have felt the need considering how I loathe wolves. She smiled at my words and said,

“I should go, but we will be back in four days. Same time? I smiled back and nodded.

See you then she wolf.

Fuck was I flirting? What is going on here. With that she turned around taking off my shirt leaving me with a pleasant view of her back and perfectly sculpted ass. I saw a tattoo on her ass, I never would have thought she was the tattooing type of girl. I saw her glance at me when revealing a very bright red cheek before she turned her head back around. I wasn’t bashful about a naked body, wolf or not, she was gorgeous. Without another word she shifted and took off into the woods, leaving me to go pick up my shirt which was now covered in her scent.

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