Forbidden Love

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Chapter Twelve

My mind was still reeling, and I could not believe I had just done that. Never in my life had I displayed such confidence. Especially to a boy that I just met, not to mention I was mated to Charlie who I loved. I was at a mere trot as I headed towards home. I wanted to get back so Charlie wouldn’t worry about me, but I also needed time to think. I honestly didn’t feel anything towards Luke when I wasn’t around him, but when I was it was like my body was betraying me. Maybe it’s because I am so inexperienced around boys in general and Luke is nothing but if not drop dead Handsome. I knew I loved Charlie though. Before I loved him as my brother but now it has transferred into more. My heart soared every time he was near or touched me. I no longer thought of him as a brother but rather a friend and a lover.

I started to near home and I could see Charlie pacing on the patio as I neared. We locked eyes and he started to approach me. I could feel how stressed he was. But instead of making this about him he smiled at me and hugged me in wolf form.

“I was so worried Kira, I love you so much and if anything had happened to you, I don’t know if I could live with that. Please don’t ask me to leave you again.”

My wolf whined at his words. He was being so vulnerable towards me and I started to think I should be honest with him. Hopefully I would have the courage when the moment presented itself. He released himself from me and I put my snout into his chest. Me and my wolf were asking for his forgiveness. Charlie chuckled lightly and began to pet me. It was then I realized we were not alone. I brought my head up and saw a very tall man and the most beautiful woman I had even seen standing next to my parents. The man looked between me and Charlie with the most inquisitive look in his eyes, as he began to make his way over to us. He stopped just behind Charlie and met my gaze, and only my gaze.

“Can you show me? Now please?”

I heard Charlie’s voice in my head. “He wants to see your Mark Kira.”

I cocked my head to one side, Kind of unnerved that I had to show off to this weird man. But I complied and I turned my haunch towards the man so he could see the mark of the Goddess. How fascinating! I heard him say. You could tell he was speaking to no one in particular. He reached out and touched my fir, where my mark was. I instantly turned with a low growl. I did not like his touch. Nor did I understand why he did it in the first place. He didn’t seem to care about me though, he was checking his fingers. But why?

“oh, excuse me, I am sorry for my abruptness, but I had to check to see if the mark was in fact real.” I scoffed at his remark which almost sounded like a dog sneeze.

“I am Alpha Ander of the eclipse pack and this is my Luna, Rachelle.” my wolf let out the tiniest whine at his explanation. He gave a polite small smile.

“Please Kira, you may shift so we can all communicate. We will all be waiting for you and Charlie in the living room.”

The alpha turned on his heels and began to usher everyone inside. leaving me and Charlie. As soon as they were gone, I quickly shifted and put my arms around Charlie. They’re not here to take you, away are they? If they are then we should make a run for it. I won’t let anyone take you from me.

“No Kira, they are not taking me. Apparently, Stan and Lisa had an agreement with the Alpha, and he knows about my mixed blood. They are here because of our mate bond but more importantly you. and how you have the goddesses mark and purple eyes when you shift. I’m not the only special one here love.”

Charlie had a sincere smile on his face as he pulled my head into a kiss. “alright let’s go upstairs and get you dressed, so you can have a proper introduction to the Alpha and his Luna.”

We scurried upstairs and on the last step Charlie playfully smacked my ass making me squeal. I gaped at him in shock as I scurried even faster into my room. Charlie! I whispered. You cant do that here, We are at home! and the Alpha is here for fuck sake. Charlie just chuckled and went to my closet while I went into my dresser trying to find a pair of underwear and a bra.

I quickly found a matching set and put them on. I didn’t realize they were my nice lace set until I felt Charlies Gaze on me. I turned to face him as he licked his lips and eyed my body with a hunger.

Did you pick that out for me? I was pointing to the clothes in his hands, trying to get his attention.

“You might not want to wear anything that you’re attached to, as once we are alone, I will be tearing all of that off of you.”

He had a menacing smile on his face, and I knew it was not bluffing. I sighed and grabbed the dress he was holding and put it back in my closet. Instead I began to grab a tee shirt and a pair of slim jeans. As I was trying to find the pants, I felt Charlies hands begin to wrap themselves around my waist and down to my pussy. He began to massage my clit from outside my lace panties. I let out a small moan and my head went back resting on his chest.

Please Charlie, we can’t do this now.

This only made him quicken his pace, his fingers were expertly massaging my clit as his breath became hitched and ragged. I grabbed his expert hand and twirled around kissing him hard and lovingly.

later! I promise.

I could hear Charlie groan as I walked away putting on my shirt and pants. I said I promise you big baby. I couldn’t help but laugh at his poutiness.

“This isn’t over” His voice serious but playful. I could feel heat begin to pool in between my legs.

alright, I said. Clearing my throat. let’s go downstairs and see what this is all about.

We headed down the stairs holding hands as we made our way to the living room where everyone met our gaze as we entered.

uh, hi everyone I’m Kira, as I’m sure you all know by now. Me and Charlie took our seats on the empty love seat which directly faced the Alpha and Luna.

“Ah yes Kira, we have heard so much about you and I must say it is such a treat to be here and witness your wolf form with my own eyes. I must say it is astonishing how your eye colors change completely.”

Thanks, I guess. I don’t feel special other than the fact that I have a chosen mate.

This time it was the Luna who spoke, “you two have no idea how special you both are. To be the first mated pair in over a hundred years is just amazing! and we don’t yet know what you can do Kira, and you Charlie.”

We appreciate your compliments and all but I’m not sure what I am supposed to say to all of this. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I shifted for the first time.

“We have been speaking to your parents Kira and we think it would be best if you came with us back to the pack house for a few days so we can do a full work up on you with our in house pack doctors.”

Charlie coughed as if he was choking on something and I squeezed his hand bringing my gaze towards him. Charlie are you ok? He was trying to catch his breath as he put his hand up and began nodding. My face hadn’t relaxed since the Alpha told me he wanted me to return to the pack house with him and his Luna.

I uh, wow. I don’t even know what to say. I can tell you I won’t be going anywhere without Charlie and that’s if he agrees. We are new mates who haven’t completed the mating process fully. And I just won’t go without him.

The Alpha and Luna were looking at each other, no doubt having a conversation privately. But eventually turned back to us.

“Of course Kira, you and your mate would both be welcome.” The Alpha spoke.

Can we have a night before coming? Me and Charlie have not had night to decompress since this all started. Also, my parents said this morning we might not return to school. Is that up to you? or do we have a choice?

Luna Rachelle was the one who began to stand with the Alpha following suit. “of course, Kira, we will send a pack car for you tomorrow afternoon. I would pack for at least two nights and we will have a place all set up for your arrival.” Alpha chimed in and added “In the matter of school, nothing has been decided yet. But your parents are right to not let you go back until we get this all sorted.”

uh great, Thanks for everything I guess, and we will see you tomorrow.

My parents also stood and began to follow the Alpha and Luna outside of our home, leaving me and Charlie in the living room. Well that was, uh, unexpected to say the least.

“yes, it was, and I don’t know how I feel about it honestly. But at this point we want answers, and this may be one way to get them. ”

My parents returned, both sporting bright cheerful smiles. “who’s hungry?” my mom said while clapping her hands. It was then I realized we had not eaten all day and my stomach growled loudly. Charlie Chuckled and grabbed my hand leading me into the kitchen.

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