Forbidden Love

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Chapter Thirteen


I had to admit I was hungry. The last time we sat at this table was this morning and It wasn’t to eat. Truth is wolves had a voracious appetite because of our animal nature and the toll shifting took on our human bodies. Stan and Lisa had prepared a feast as if they knew we were famished. Lisa Began putting out a beautiful roast and side dishes of carrots and potatoes. Stand brought a salad to the table along with drinks including which concluded of three different wines. Truth is Lycan families differed from human families and their society because Lycans could not get drunk from alcohol. In fact, a Lycan who has not shifted yet may get tipsy but that’s it. So, for wine to be at our table and offered to everyone was not uncommon. I chose a deep red wine and Kira chose a chardonnay which was a light pink in color. Kira wasted no time filling her plate. I had a hard time not laughing as she looked like an animal who was preparing to hoard her food for winter. She put a whopping three slices of roast onto her plate. A good size portion of carrots and potatoes, she even managed to fit some salad on her plate. Although when Lisa brought out a green bean casserole, she scarfed down the salad and helped herself to some of the casserole.

Through our mind link I told her I love her. I laughed as all I got was a mumbled “I love you too” It was barely audible. I began to load my plate as well, but I decided to be a bit more human when it came to how I ate my dinner.

As Stan and Lisa sat down to join in and serve themselves, we all sat in silence. Unlike this morning though the air was lighter and the hostility which once filled this room, no longer existed. As I placed a piece of meat in my mouth, I could hear Kira devouring her food and decided to make some small talk.

So, the alpha and Luna seem helpful. I was surprised to return home and find them here, so quickly. May I ask if the Alpha knew about me before we came here?

“The alpha is a humble man, which is why we choose this pack to move to. He did know about your condition but was very eager to learn of your new fated mate situation. But he did seem awfully more interested in Kira. I trust the Alpha but once he heard of Kira, he insisted on showing up, today.”

I’m not sure how I feel about that, responding to Stan. I took a sip of my wine and met his gaze. I know you trust him, but I would like for me and Kira to go into this with our eyes open. For him to take such an interest in Kira, it makes me uneasy and my wolf agrees. Does he think Kira has powers and if he does, does he want to use her?

“whoa, use me? I don’t think so. I will admit though my wolf kept telling me during the meeting that something wasn’t right. But they seemed polite enough and like they wanted to help. He has a Luna, and I am a fated mate so he can’t steal me for himself or use me for powers I may not even possess.”

Kira had a point, but I still wanted to keep our eyes and ears open when we went to the pack house. I would never challenge an Alpha but if he tried anything I would not hesitate to defend or protect my mate.

“Alright let’s settle down. Stan looked between me and Kira before continuing. The alpha isn’t a threat and I’m sure he’s just curious to see if you two are just the beginning of a new era for Lycan wolves. If Kira holds power, then that means one day so could one of her pups. Or maybe you two are just the beginning of more fated mate pairings.”

I could hear Kira chewing and it was quite distracting. Smiling, I put my hand on her thigh and took a few bites myself. I hadn’t even finished one plate when she was already grabbing more casserole and salad. Smiling at my gorgeous mate,

Careful babe, people might start to think you’re pregnant.

Lisa began to violently choke on her roast beef. Stan had to even step in and slap her back while she tried to either cough out the meat or successfully swallow it.

“Charlie why would you say something like that? Are you trying to kill my mother?”

I began laughing uncontrollably. I laughed so hard my chest began to ache and my stomach muscles began to burn.

Kira slapped my arm as she began to laugh as well. “It’s not funny you weirdo.”

Ok, ok, I’m sorry I said while trying to collect myself. Honestly Lisa, It meant nothing and I merely meant it as a joke. I promise if I knocked up your daughter and my mate, we would find a more fashionable way to tell you.

“I’m very thankful to hear it, thanks for clarifying Charlie.”

For the first time in many years I felt lighter. Even if it was a moment or just this evening, I was thankful. I haven’t laughed like that since I was a teenager, and it meant a lot to me that I was able to feel this way with my mate and her parents. All secrets had not been revealed, (I hope) and it felt like we were starting to return to normal.

“Hey Charlie, do you want to go up and watch a movie or something? I’m stuffed and I think I need to let my body relax, otherwise I think I might be seeing it all again.”

I put some more food on my plate and said I was going to take this to my room. Kira asked if she could help clean up but Stan and Lisa both told her no and told us to go and enjoy our night. I found this sudden shift in their mood towards us and our relationship kind of weird, but tonight I was not going to question it. Instead I was going to enjoy our first night as a couple. I thanked Lisa and Stan for the wonderful dinner, and I followed Kira up to my room.

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