Forbidden Love

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Chapter Fourteen


After meeting Kira and her mate in the woods I headed home to try and figure out what I was going to do next. But the more I tried to figure it out the more I started to think I should just let it all go and forget about those two. My hatred for the wolves was stronger than ever. Especially since I was robbed of my mother at such a young age. I grew up wanting Vengeance on the Lotus pack, but the council forbade it, claiming our world doesn’t need a new war. As I got older it got easier to live with, but I still held a flaming hot torch which was always aimed at the Lotus pack and their pathetic alpha.

I began to sit down rubbing my temples as I started to feel a headache coming on. It was getting harder and harder to keep Kira from my thoughts. I didn’t affiliate her to my mother’s death, but her being a wolf made the connection for me. This whole thing started with a lone wolf in the woods who sparked something in me, something I had never felt before which intrigued me. What still intrigued me was the fact that I didn’t know her, or anything about her that first day, hell I still didn’t but yet I responded to her even when my anger wanted me to turn away and never look back. Can I really let anything happen to her?

I got up and picked up the phone. Signing heavily, I decided to help just this once, so my conscience was clear of any Kira guilt. I dialed the number for the council hoping no one would pick up. But my luck was against me as I heard a sharp, annoyed “what” on the other end.

Yes hello, this is Luke, and I would like to speak to a council member about a development, it involves the wolves, well one wolf in particular.

“Look man, you have been against the wolves all these years, and I get it man I do, but are you sure you want to piss off the council with your tirades again?”

This isn’t about me man. I specifically had a wolf ask for help. Apparently, he is half wolf half bear and has a bunch of questions. I of course couldn’t tell him anything, so here I am. Asking you to connect me to a council member so I can do just that.

“Yeah whatever man, they are in a closed meeting right now, but I can put you on the docket for a call back. If they find this issue worthy of their time, they will call you for an in-person meeting.”

Yeah, yeah. I remember. Thanks man. Maybe less time though, you could be a little less… well, less of an ass.

I heard a chuckle as the line went dead. Well, at least that is over with. Hopefully they wouldn’t take too long to get to me. I told Kira I would meet her in four days. If they didn’t then oh well. I tried, and I could go back and tell Kira just that. I ran my hand through my hair, still feeling gel in hair I decided a shower was in order. I turned on the shower, turning the temperature to as hot as it would go. I discarded my clothes into the hamper and stepped in. It took a minute for my skin to adjust to the intense heat, as it screamed in protest leaving my skin bright red. I didn’t care though; her scent hadn’t left me thanks to the shirt. I should have just left it there.

I closed my eyes, and, in the darkness, I could see her beautiful fair skin and light blond hair. Her piercing green eyes stared at me. I could have sworn she was calling my name. I could hear it, but that was impossible. I sighed and looked down, my dick was hard as a rock and throbbing for attention. Fuck. Did the thought of Kira do this to me? I didn’t even realize my hand began to make its way down to my cock. I hated jerking off, but it had been a while. Maybe If I did though, I could get my mind off her.

I shifted my thinking and started to think of her plump pink lips that always looked like they were begging to be assaulted. I imagined me kissing her, and what her moans sounded like as my hands explored every part of her body. Then suddenly Kira was in front of me. Her naked body untouched from my shower. She had caught me touching myself and smiled as she took a step forward and replaced my hand with hers. My breath became hitched as I whispered her name. Her hands and fingers were soft and fit my dick perfectly. She moved her hand up and down my dick causing me to moan and buck my hips moving to her rhythm. She would occasionally stop and use her thumb to play with my tip. It was teasing and I bit my lip trying to play nicely. I took that opportunity to gaze at her beautiful body. She had nice plump breasts that would fit perfectly into my hands. I just knew it. Her nipples were standing, staring at me, begging for attention.

“Cum for me Luke, Cum all over me baby.” Her hands began to move up and down, applying just the right amount of pleasure at a desirable pace.

Ah fuck, Kira.

As I came, I opened my eyes and realized Kira wasn’t there. I had made myself cum, which was much less gratifying. But at least I no longer had a raging boner. I kept my hand against the wall as I watched my seed slowly make its way to the drain, taking my daydream/ fantasy with it.

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