Forbidden Love

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Chapter seventeen


It was a normal morning and I slept like a baby. After my shower I made myself some dinner and went to bed. I had actually slept better than I had in a really long time. I couldn’t help but wonder if my daydream/ fantasy had anything to do about that. Although I vowed not to think about her today, I wanted to try and get my life back on track which was wolf free.

My normal days usually consisted of being home and patrolling the borders. I did not have anyone to share my life with. Bears didn’t mate like wolves did. In Fact, most bears mate much like our closest ancestors. A female bear would pick a mate, bear children and move on. Female bears however, since they have lots of children usually house themselves with other female bears so they can help care for the young. Every once in a while, though a bear would find his or her life mate. These life mates didn’t happen often but when they did, they would be with each other and only each other. In fact, if you are a life mate you can’t be away from one another for long otherwise they begin to die. That of course took years, but it was like their souls or beings were tied to one another and if they strayed too far or one died, then the other would as well. I never wanted to be a life mate, but I also didn’t want to procreate and have my children just taken away. I wanted something mutual with someone who I cared about and who cared about me as well.

As I got ready for my day, I cooked myself breakfast which was a nice juicy steak. I needed all the protein I could get, as a bear we ate a lot. I was just about finished and ready to head out for the day when my phone rang. I picked it up and stepped back inside.

“Luke here.”

“Ah Luke, hello this is council member Brian. I saw you had requested for one of us to contact you regarding a hybrid. What can you tell me?”

“Yes, hello Brian. Well it was a few days ago and I came across a She wolf who seemed to pique my interest. Turns out she is mated to a wolf/bear hybrid. He knows nothing about them and apparently his mother died, and his father is estranged. So, they have come to us to ask for help. It seems he is worried he may hurt someone, if and when he turns into a bear.”

“Well, this is most unusual. What pack is this boy from?”

“The eclipse back sir.”

“Yes, well I see it only fit we allow this hybrid and bring him in front of the council so we can educate this poor young boy. It would be most curious if he could shift into both forms though, it’s been centuries since a Lycan could do so.”

“Yes sir, I was thinking the same thing. I am to meet them in two days to inform them of what your decision was. I will be pleased to tell them we can help. I am to meet them at two at the park border. Would you like me to bring them straight to you sir?”

“That would be great Luke, thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

The line went dead, and I was surprised at how quickly they got back to me and how they wanted to meet the wolf. Great now I was going to be a babysitter. I decided to shift and head out for a day. I needed a change of scenery, I had high hopes my feelings towards Kira would be left in the woods. I left a note and changed my voicemail just in case anyone came looking for me, they knew I would be back in a day’s time. After that I discarded my clothes and headed out.

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