Forbidden Love

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Chapter Eighteen

As promised, a car pulled into the driveway and an older serious looking man got out of the car. My parents opened the door before he could even knock.

“Oh, please come in beta. Can we get you anything?” My mom asked a little too eagerly.

“No mam, I’m just here to collect Kira and Charlie’s bags. The Alpha and Luna are expecting them shortly.”

He was a very serious Beta and not one for small talk or pleasantries. Me and Charlie watched as he collected our bags and walked back out the car where he politely waited for us. The back door to the car was already open and he had successfully put our bags in the trunk.

“Alright mom, dad. I guess this is it. And I imagine we will be home in a few days. If anything changes, I will text or call.” I gave them both hugs and they waved us off as me and Charlie got into the car.

We were headed towards the pack house which was about a 30-minute drive and me and Charlie still weren’t right. I decided to grab his hand, I wanted to show him I cared about him and I loved him. To my surprise he took it. Feeling more comfortable I scooted over and rested my head on his shoulders. I didn’t seem to mind, and I took that as a sign. A sign that maybe we could get past this.

I must have fallen asleep as Charlie had woken me up, except my head was no longer on his shoulder, but was now resting in his lap. He looked down at me and smiled.

“We are here. Time to wake up a sleepy head.” I sat up and looked around and saw we had just entered the pack house grounds. Charlie was the one to grab my hand as we started to near the pack house. I turned to him and smiled. I was surprised that he returned my smile. As we pulled up in front of the pack house I was in awe. It was a mansion! I mean I had never seen a more beautiful building in my life. It reminded me of that one movie, “13 ghosts.” I think. Anyway, this place was literally a three-story house made mostly of glass. Although this house almost was the size of a city block.

“wow!” I said as the car came to stop, and the Beta got out.

“Wow is right.” Charlie said. Neither of us were looking at each other but rather gaping at this house.

The Beta opened our door and Charlie got out giving the Beta a Nod. I started to scoot my way over but before I could get both feet out the beta extended his hand. I smiled and took his hand as I exited the car.

“Thank you, Beta.”

“Please Mam, call me Josh”. I nodded as he led us up the front doors.

“But only if you stop calling me Mam and call me Kira.” He smiled and gave a quick Nod.

The beta opened the doors and revealed the most beautiful home I could have ever imagined. It was so light and there were so many rooms. From the front door I could see a formal sitting room, A bar looking area, I could even see a conference room. It was exquisite. I definitely felt out of place in my skinny jeans and my sweater. At least I put on makeup. This way, the beta called. He led us down the hall and up a flight of stairs, and down another long hall before he stopped.

“This is the Alpha’s personal office. Please wait here until he is ready for you.”

“Yes of course.”

With that me and Charlie were left alone, just standing there. Charlie was too busy surveying his surroundings to notice me staring at him. He really was the most handsome mate anyone could hope for. Eventually he caught my gaze.

“Are we ok Charlie?”

“For now, we are.” He replied as he brought his hand to my face and stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“That does not sound good.” My face fell even though his touch was making me feel amazing.

“Hey, I just meant, this isn’t the time for us to be fighting, or whatever this is. I’m here, with you, to support you. I love you Kira and I think we will get past this.” He smiled and tilted my chin up, so I was now facing him. He lowered his face to mine, giving me a small but meaningful kiss.

I gazed back at him with a smile on my face. I wanted us to be more than ok, but I knew this would have to do for now. Before I could say anything more the office doors opened revealing the Beta as he extended his arm into the office with a small smile. Charlie took my hand and we both entered the office together. The Alpha was staring down at his desk filling some paperwork out. He didn’t acknowledge us yet, so me and Charlie just stood there while behind us the Beta walked out and closed the doors behind him. Well this isn’t awkward at all.

“Kira! Charlie! Please sit, we have so much to go over.” Me and Charlie both sat at the two seats facing his desk.

“Thank you Alpha, we are so glad to be here.”

“Yes, yes of course. We couldn’t be happier that you are here. Now Luna and I want to get you settled first and then we would be overjoyed if you would join us and the house for dinner tonight?” Then tomorrow, the Luna will go over everything with the both of you. How does that sound?”

“That sounds perfect, thank you so much Alpha.”

“Yes, thank you Alpha” Charlie repeated.

“All right, perfect, the Beta will be waiting for you outside. He will take you to the guest home. It’s not far at all and it’s right up against the forest, if you’re lucky you might even find the hot springs, It is quite lovely on a cool evening.”

“Oh, we couldn’t accept a whole house! A room will do us just fine Alpha.”

“Nonsense, you two will want your own space and I must admit the house has been buzzing about you two, so I figured you wouldn’t want too much attention while you’re here.”

“Well we both really appreciate your generosity. We will see you tonight at dinner.”

The Alpha nodded and went back to his paperwork. Me and Charlie walked out to find Josh, the Beta waiting for us. He led us back out of the house, and down to the car. Once inside he took off. Within a few minutes we were outside a beautiful modern home. It even had a white picket fence surrounding it. Everything looked so new, I just couldn’t get over the fact that instead of guest rooms they had guest homes. Once we were out of the car once more Josh turned to us and handed us our bags.

“Luna stocked your fridge with food and drinks, she may have gone a little overboard, she was nervous and wanted to make sure you felt at home.

“Oh wow, well will you thank her for us?”

“Yes of course. Now here are the keys and I will be back around seven to collect you for dinner. Nothing formal, just normal attire.”

“Thank you, Josh., We will see you then.”

Me and Charlie were left holding our bags in front of our own house. This place was amazing. I grabbed Charlies free hand and we began to walk up to the front door. I slipped in the keys to reveal another beautifully decorated home, that actually felt homie. Charlie walked in first and as he turned to me, he walked over and picked me up. He has a cheesy playful smile across his face as he began to carry me across the threshold. He started to chuckle which infected me with my own laughter.

“You dork, that’s only for married couples. Oh, and this isn’t our house.”

“But can’t you see it, I can see us being happy in a home like this.”

“Of course, I can, this is amazing, and I love the ranch style. Everything is so open.”

“So, what do you want to do first?” I couldn’t get a read on him, but for this moment I wasn’t going to dwell on it.

“Honestly, a nap sounds great. I uh, didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“What are you a granny now? We are finally all alone, in our own house, and you want to sleep. You napped in the car!”

“Please Charlie. I just need an hour or two and then we can do whatever. It’s only one thirty! Even with a nap it will still leave us with plenty of time to explore.”

“Augh fine, but only because I love you.”

“I love you too, grandpa.”

I elbowed his arm as I chucked at my own joke. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall. And wow. It was big and the bathroom looked equally as big. But I was focused on the rose petals that were scattered across the king size bed. I started to blush, but Charlie knew just how to lighten the mood. He dropped out bags and jumped straight onto the bed which made all the petals fly into the air.

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