Forbidden Love

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Chapter one

“Hey mom” Hmm she chirped ”

we won’t make too much of a fuss over moving and we will try to make it work the best we can if Charlie can drive us to school from now on.

she was silent as we pulled in the parking lot and into the pickup and drop off area of Locust High school. I was just about to open the door and my dad finally spoke for the first time since we left our new house.

“Charlie can drive you to school from now on as long as he agrees”.

I got out of that car as fast as possible, inhaling a deep breath trying to imprint this new territory to memory. I was relieved to know my parents would not be dropping us off anymore, since that was just humiliating. I started to walk eagerly trying to find the office, I sensed Charlie was nearby, but I paid no attention since we hardly ever shared space let alone words. There was a time when me and Charlie were close but that changed five years ago.

“Ah, so you’re the new students! How exciting!” She started me, abruptly pulling me from my thoughts” Yes, we are, and we would like our schedules.

“Yes! Of course,”

she squealed and handed us our welcome packets and info about the pack and school. I nodded and headed out the door eager to find my first class and sink into a desk in the back of the room. I finally found my first class which took longer because I got turned around a few times. I quickly found the perfect seat in the far back corner of the class. First up English, “yay”. NOT. I missed my friends, and I could not stop thinking about how much fun we would be having causing mischief and ogling all the cute boys, hoping one would choose to be my mate. I felt a pain in my chest at the thought that I may have missed my chance at a mate prospect because of this stupid life change.

“AH class, this is our new transfer student Kira, how about you come and tell us a bit about yourself.”

Instant barfing sensation hit me as I was again dragged from my thoughts and into the present situation, which was of course the whole class staring at me. Great. I slowly stood up from my desk lightly clearing my throat

uh, hi Mr. Thorsten and err well everyone, I’m Kira and me and my family just moved from the Lotus pack and uh yeah here I am.

The whole class gave a light chuckle as I took my seat. It was rather awkward but for now I could play it off as the new kid syndrome. Mr. Thorsten cleared his throat and clapped his hands energetically saying

“well we welcome you to Locust high school and the Eclipse Pack”

I just nodded my head and gave a shy thanks before staring down at my welcome packet trying and hoping people would stop staring at me. It was humiliating. Eventually as the teacher rambled on about the teachings I would have to catch up on. He eventually brought me a spare torn up textbook that had writing all over it. Great I scoffed, at least I was able to follow along.

It was now lunch and after two more excruciating class introductions I was relieved to finally get away for awhile. Since I had no friends and an estranged brother, I decided to grab my lunch from the lunchroom and head over to a large field next to the forest. There was a small bench there which hugged the forest while giving me a view of the school’s football field where I could see a few student players messing around. I slowly ate my lunch when my phone pinged, and I saw it was from my best friend Julie from Lotus pack.

“Hey girl how is the new school”

Augh fine, it is not home though, and I miss having my best friend around

“You will be fine and in no time, you will have me replaced”

Doubtful but even if I did no one could compare

“Duh bitch! Any cute boys?”

I sighed and instantly felt even more homesick than I already did.

Not yet, I replied, but the day’s not over yet, I am trying to stay invisible for the time being. You know how kids are and better yet how Lycan teenagers are lol.

“Bitch please, you got this. Even though we may not find our mates anymore someone could choose you, if you loosened up that is and actually held your head above your shoulders ;)”

Gee thanks Julie, I just do not like attention and so you know, I hide.

“Yeah yeah bitch, get over it. JK, LOVE YOU. gtg lunch is over.

Alright bye bitch -heart emoji.

Putting my phone away I sighed heavily continuing my lunch in peace. Although my body was sensing something, I ignored it and chalked it up to being nervous about my first day. But the hairs on the back of my neck began to raise and I instantly became super aware of my surroundings, using my senses to try and find why I was unnerved. Finally, I landed on a distant pair of deep blue eyes almost completely hidden in the trees. We stared at each other for a long beat before I blinked, and they were gone. I almost thought I imagined it if it was not for my neck hairs which now rested back on my skin. Hmm weird I said lightly to no one in particular. I decided to pull out my phone and continue to read my romance novel while I finished my lunch.

The first bell rang indicating we had 10 min to get to our next class, so I put all my lunch in the nearest trash while still in deep thought about my novel. I wish we still had fated mates because there was no way anyone would be interested in me. I was a no one, with no social life, and now the new girl. There was nothing about me which drew attention. Unlike my stupid brother who people just naturally gravitated towards, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he had his new social circle. Huffing I walked towards my next class hoping to avoid any more awful introductions.

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