Forbidden Love

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Chapter Nineteen


Me and Kira finally fell asleep in each other’s arms after we were done discarding all the love rose petals from our bed. Kira nestled into the crook of my chest as I wrapped my arm around her where it rested on her side. She fell asleep almost instantly and I had to admit I was pretty tired as well. As I drifted off, I could hear the slight whisper snores coming from my mate, which made me giggle a little.

I awoke first and realized the sun was much lower now, I wondered what time it was, but I did not want to disturb my mate. She was no longer snoring, but she did sleep so soundly she had drooled on my shirt. I could not help but smile as I realized she must have been really tired after last night’s events. I slowly slid my free hand over her face, as my fingers were barely touching her. She moaned and began sporting a sleepy smile, I shifted my body causing her to wake a little.

“Charlie? What are you doing? Come back please?”

Her sleepy whiny voice only made me sport the most unmanly smile even more. I was like a kid in a candy store and I didnt know where to start. I eyed her still drowsy form as her chest rose and fell with her even breaths. Her legs stretched, one hand was extended over her eyes to block the light and her other was resting on her beautiful stomach. She really was gorgeous, and she didn’t even know it. I knew this from being in school with her. She never noticed how the boys would look at her or hear the comments they made whenever she passed. That’s what I loved the most about her. Even though I knew it stemmed from a lack of confidence, she really was blissfully unaware of how she could make a room stand still.

I shifted my weight moving her hand and her shirt up so I could have better access to her skin as I began to plant kisses just above the seam of her pants. Kira instantly began to purr and stir under me. Her hands found my hair as she breathed, “Hmm Charlie.” This only fueled me more as I began to shimmy her pants down just past her hips where I stopped as her public started to make an appearance. I went down and began to plant more kisses as I started to make my way lower, as I did I found her sensitive spot which made her gasp out, I began to suck hard, I wanted to leave my mark here. I did just that, I looked up and met Kira’s eyes, she was fully awake now and staring at me with such a longing my penis began to throb. She was now moaning and begging as my teasing had done its job. I released my hold on her skin and eyed my handy work. Even with our healing abilities this mark would sure to last through the night. I was hungry and not for food, Kira knew this as I watched her, waiting for her permission. She never spoke though, which only made me more ravenous, Instead she began to pull down her pants the rest of the way, once she did she threw them on the ground and I could feel her eyes on me. I was too busy admiring her to bring my gaze to hers. When I did though I demanded all of her clothes be removed. I could hear my voice and even I was surprised to hear how commanding I was being. Kira instantly obeyed and looked like she was enjoying herself as she patiently waited for what was next.

“Please Charlie, tell me what you want.”

She was ready, I could smell it on her. My dick was throbbing, the friction from my pants did little to satisfy. But right now, I had other plans. I sat up and stood facing her as she laid on the bed. Her breath was quick as she watched me curiously. I began to take off my shirt, and then my pants and boxers. We never broke eye contact, I could see in her eyes she was begging me, but I wanted to show her just how powerful I could be. I began to touch myself. I stroked my dick, watching her reactions, her face started out confused for a split second and then turned to enjoyment as I continued to play with myself. She moaned as she watched me pleasure myself. I saw her hand start to make its way to her core, but before it could get there I reached out and stopped her.

“NO. You only cum when I saw you can. Do you understand Kira?”

“Yes Charlie.”

Her voice was barely a rasp. She was beyond ready for me. But I wasn’t going to give it to her yet. She was moaning and squirming with anticipation and frustration. I began to trace my finger from her ankles and headed north. As my touch got closer to her upper thighs her core bucked up, silently begging for attention. In one fast movement I took her core into my mouth where I slid my tongue into her juicy core. She let out a loud gasp


I knew she was barely hanging on, but my fun wasn’t done yet, I slid my hand over and around her thigh so my thumb could gently massage her clit. This sent her body into a spasm and it was all I could do to keep my tongue in place. She was so wet I had a hard time keeping up with it all. She was trying to be good, but I could tell she was close. She was trying to hide it, but I knew better. I chanced it and kept dancing my tongue in and out of her until the very last second. Faster than I wanted to, I pulled away successfully breaking her orgasm. She looked confused and frustrated as her eyes finally met mine. I was breathing heavy. I wanted nothing but to feed on her arousal, but I also wanted Kira to know I was in charge. I controlled this, and she was just along for the ride. It felt good to put her in her place, especially after last night. She hurt me, and I wanted her to suffer. I love her, but I wanted to be in control, I haven’t had much of it since Kira’s first shift, I needed this. Kira didn’t look upset by this, but she definitely had never seen this from me, neither had I.

I slowly lowered myself, so I was inches away from her, my dick was throbbing once more, He was hungry too. Her beautiful eyes just looked into mine, I lowered my head, so our lips barely touched, I was enjoying this. I could feel her body convulsing as her frustration built. I knew once I slid my dick into her soaking core, she would lose it. I wasn’t ready yet, I parted my lips as I began to put more pressure on our kiss, she moaned as she opened hers as well, allowing me to explore her mouth, Just as I did with her core. I lowered my dick, so he was positioned right at her entrance. He was barely touching her core, but it was enough to get him wet. Kira broke our kiss,

“Please Charlie, I cannot take this, please, I want you, I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for hurting you, Please...”

Kira knew what she had done to me, and she had a good idea why I was behaving like this. Our sex had been nothing but sweet, mind blowing, and playful. She felt that this was different. But I didn’t expect tears. She still wanted this, and was clearly begging for it, as her hips were trying desperately to wiggle closer to my cock. Her tears changed my mood though, I was no longer wanting control, her unshed tears knocked my need for control right out the window. Fuck.

“I’m sorry Kira, please forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive Charlie.” her words were barely a whisper.

“Tell me Kira, tell me you forgive me.” My demanding voice came back, but I wanted her sorry to be sincere, so I kissed her. I poured my love into this kiss, hoping she could feel just how much I love her.

“I forgive you Charlie.”

She breathed into my mouth. I couldn’t help it, I moaned as I slowly slid my rock-hard dick into her slick core. Kira moaned and began to rock her hips trying to fill herself up faster with my cock, but I was enjoying this feeling. I loved how she felt as her pussy tightened around my dick. I would never tire of this woman. She was my other half. I knew I had to finish her already built up orgasm. I knew it could get painful for women, just like it did for men. I took her by surprise as I lifted her legs up and over my shoulders and I held her legs close to my chest as I started to pound my dick in and out of her core. In this position I knew my dick was filling her up completely. She cried out as her body adjusted to my full length. I began to set the rhythm and as I did Kira started to moan uncontrollably, but it looked like she was still fighting it.

“Please Charlie, Can I?”

I was enjoying this too much to talk. I was also close to my climax, so instead of answering her I set my pace faster, bucking my hips into her as I did. I moaned as I felt myself nearing. I began pounding her core as if our lives depended on it.

“Oh yes Charlie, Fuck yes!”

We both climaxed together, both desperately trying to catch our breaths, I bucked my hips once more into her, dumping the rest of my seed into her before slowly pulling out and landing on the bed next to her. Kira laid there for a few moments, still desperately trying to catch her breath. I was in a faze of bliss as I watched her trying to get up and steady herself, she was like a baby trying to walk for the first time. I smiled knowing I had done that to her.

“And where do you think you are going?”

“To get some water, do you want some?”

“Hmm yes please.”

I wasn’t even aware of how thirsty I was until she mentioned it. She quickly came back with a half glass of water for me to finish. I did so in two gulps, instantly feeling better. She asked for the glass back as she headed back for more. This time she was in there for longer than I knew what was necessary,

“Kira? Are you alright?”

She emerged but was staring at the newly filled cup of water in her hands. I watched her as a series of expressions crossed her face. I knew this all too well and I knew Kira wanted to say something but didn’t know how. I stood up and walked over to her, putting my hands on hers.

“What’s wrong Kira?” She looked up at me, tears again once threatening to fall from her beautiful eyes.

“Why haven you let me mark you Charlie?”

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