Forbidden Love

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Chapter Twenty

I knew Charlie was still off from everything, so I wasn’t all that surprised that our intimacy was different as well. But what did surprise me was just how different he was. I mean I know that our first time was our only time before today, but he was like a different person. I couldn’t help but to recall what my parents had said that Charlie’s father is an alpha. Could that be a part of the reason why he is so different? I also couldn’t help but replay in my head what his answer had been to why we haven’t completed the mating ritual. “Kira, right now, we don’t know anything about me, and it would be reckless to fully mate with you when we don’t know if you could be in danger.” Like sure, it made sense, but I also couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t want to fully commit to me. I can’t say I would blame him, I feel like a failure, as a mate, as a friend, and as a person.

I finished putting on my makeup, but not too much, just some eyeliner and mascara. I put my hair half up, as I knew we would be meeting the alpha for dinner which of course included everyone in the pack house. I hadn’t seen much of Charlie since I asked him that stupid question. But I charged on and grabbed the dress my parents made me pack. As I slipped into it I couldn’t help but feel beautiful. It was an elegant dress, the shoulder straps hugged just below my shoulders and it showed just the tiniest bit of cleavage. It was a pretty light blue and the dress fell just above my knees. I didn’t feel it was too fancy, but it definitely wasn’t my casual attire. As I looked in the mirror, I saw myself. It was hard to feel confident even in a beautiful red dress such as this. I knew it wasn’t formal, but I couldn’t just show up to the Alphas house in a pair of jeans. But maybe this was too much? Augh, I hated these situations. I took a deep breath and decided to chance it, even if I was the only one who was overdressed. I walked out of the bathroom and called for Charlie.

“Charlie, he will be here soon! Are you almost ready?”

“Yes kira, I’m out in the living room.” I heard as I made my way out the bathroom and into the bedroom. I made my way into the hallway headed towards the living room carrying my shoes which were a pair of black flats. I came into the living room and sat on the couch so I could put on my shoes when I sensed Charlie was near. I looked over and there he was in the kitchen sipping on a glass of water. “Hello” he said in a musky sexy voice. I could feel my cheeks blush instantly, but I just said hi with a smile, hoping it was convincing and went back to slipping my other shoe on my foot. I stood up and faced Charlie who was in a nice light purple plaid shirt with a pair of dark jeans. He put some gel in his hair which made him look sexier than he already was. I realized it was going to be tough to stay upset with him, when he looked like that. Charlie started to walk towards me when I heard a car door shut just outside.

“Uh Josh is here, we should go.”

As I turned towards the door, I could feel Charlies eyes on me, but I was more focused on getting this dinner over with. I opened the door to find Josh holding open the back door again and I smiled. I could feel his eyes on me as well. Shit was I too overdressed? Is it too late to change? Thanks mom, I thought to myself.

“Ahh I Josh, is this too much, I know you said casual, but er, well... He’s the Alpha and it felt weird to wear just jeans or leggings.”

I could see Josh smile, it was more of a polite smile and he shook his head, “No Kira, this is just fine, you look beautiful.” He held out his hand which I grabbed as I slid into the car, I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks burn slightly at his compliment. I wasn’t attracted to him, but he was a nice-looking man, any woman would have to be blind to see that. Once I was in, Charlie slipped in right next to me. Once we were in, Charlie gently put his hand on my thigh as Josh shut our door and quickly got in the driver’s seat. I placed my hand over Charlie’s as we began to speed away from our cute house. I was still upset with Charlie but there was still so much friction between us, along with everything else that followed behind us like weighed down baggage. I couldn’t help but think that me and Charlie all of our lives barely talked with each other and now that we were mates which was just trusted upon us, we were expected to just cohabitate. I realized that we needed to learn how to communicate with each other and learn more about each other if this was to work. I sighed and felt my stomach drop when I thought about Luke and how that was one of our biggest problems right now.

I did not have time to dwell on it though, as we were pulling to a stop just outside the pack house. Once the car was stopped Charlie opened his door and immediately offered his hand to help me out of the car. I hoped to god he didn’t think I was into Josh. Pushing that thought aside, I took his hand with a smile.

“Why thank you, good sir.” I said playfully and with a smile. Charlie smiled and did a half bow which only made me giggle.

“Anything for the beautiful lady.” I loved playful Charlie. It reminded me of how goofy and silly he was when we were little. I slid my arm through his as we walked side by side into the pack house. Josh opened the front door of the house for us and led us into the dining hall. Everyone was there just casually talking about themselves. I noticed two seats were open at the end of the table. The Alpha of course was at the head of the table and Josh took his seat at the far end of the other side. Seeing as he was Beta. I sat next to the Loona closest to the Alpha and Josh sat on the other side of the table facing me but also closest to the table.

“Ah welcome Kira and Charlie, we are all so glad you could make it. I hope tonight will be enjoyable for all.”

The Alpha smiled at me and Charlie, but I couldn’t help but notice the alphas’ gaze fell and stayed on Charlie longer than necessary. The Luna was very nice and complimented me on my dress and how cute me and Charlie were together. I smiled and thanked her of course but I meant it, I could tell the Luna was a sweet person through and through. Just as I was getting comfortable the Alpha stood up with his glass raised and commanded attention from the room, which everyone gave.

“Thank you everyone for coming tonight, As I am sure you have all heard of our two special guests tonight I would like to introduce Charlie and Kira, they are in fact the first chosen mates in over a hundred years.” as he said this I could hear slight whispers and I could feel The many pairs of eyes on me. I didn’t want to look so I kept my eyes on the Alpha who wasn’t done yet, “now, while they are here I don’t want any of you bugging them, they are here for tests and answers just as I am sure all of you want, but at this moment I can assure you no one has any. I would also like to add, we need to keep this info in house. But you all live in this pack house and are bound to see these two visitors for the next few days in and around the house as well. So, I am trusting all of you to keep this quiet, at least for now. That is all and enjoy the feast tonight.” I watched as the alpha smiled and took a graceful sip of his wine as he sat back down.

After the Alphas speech it took a miniature for the table to go about his usual business. I could still hear whispers and only a few clanking of plates as pack members slowly started to dish their plates. I slowly began to look around and I could see a few forced smiles as I met a few gazes. I of course awkwardly smiled back quickly and brought my gaze back to my plate. “Well that was awkward” I heard Charlie say in my head. I giggled lightly and shot him a look. This didn’t go unnoticed by the alpha.

“I hope I didn’t make you too uncomfortable, I only shared the news with a few people before your arrival but I wanted to make sure there weren’t too many questions as to why you were here. A few gossip whispers had already started this afternoon, so me and Luna decided we had to tell the house to try and keep everyone on the same page.”

“Of course, alpha,” Charlie piped up. I smiled and nodded my head. “Me and Kira understand, and it is your pack after all, we have no right to question your decisions.”

Charlie was being serious but sincere. He wasn’t wrong but it was weird to hear him so ok with everything. The Alpha seemed pleased with Charlie’s response and gave a quick nod to Charlie before serving himself A large plate of chicken thighs and salad. There was a wide array of food and honestly, I didn’t know where to start. But my stomach didn’t seem to care, it just wanted to be fed. The day’s workout gave me quite the appetite. I plated myself some salad along with a breadstick and a steak along with some mashed potatoes. As I began to eat, Luna made small talk with me for which the Alpha chimed in every now and again. Charlie of course was intently listening and even chimed in every now and again. Dinner seemed to be going well but as I looked around the table, I began to notice just how big this table was. It easily seated at least 20 people in which every seat was taken. Everyone seemed to be eating while involved in some conversation. It was only when I returned to my own conversation, I noticed just how the Alpha was looking at Charlie. It was weird and his glances always lasted longer than a glance. I could tell there was something happening, but I didn’t understand what.

“What’s going on Charlie? Did you do something to upset the Alpha?”

“No Kira I didn’t, and I am starting to regret coming here, something is off.”

Just then the Alpha cleared his throat and the three of us all looked up at him.

“Charlie will you please join me in my office after dinner? I think there is something we need to discuss.”

Well that was weird, and I was starting to think Charlie may have been right. What could they have to talk about? But before I could get to sucked into my thoughts,

“And Kira I was hoping you would accompany Luna and meet the pack doctor. He will have more answers for you as to what the next few days will bring.”

“Excuse me alpha,” Charlie piped up trying to sound strong but still respectful. “But I don’t think I want me and Kira splitting up, plus I would like to speak to the pack doctor as well.”

The alpha didn’t look as if he was being challenged but definitely didn’t look pleased. He shifted in his seat before saying,

“Charlie, I understand but this is a pack house and there is no danger to either one of you, Kira will be with my Luna the whole time. I am asking now for your cooperation, both of yours but I will lose my patience quickly if you keep this up.”

I was the one to talk this time, hoping to get fix this before Charlie could say anything else. “Of course, Alpha I would be pleased to meet the pack doctor and spend some time with Luna.” I turned to Charlie who looked very unhappy. “Please Charlie, he is our Alpha and you need to be respectful. I will be ok, and I will meet you at home. I promise.”

Thank god for Mind linking, otherwise this would have been much more awkward. I was still looking at Charlie and he nodded before replying to the Alpha who did not look pleased for having to wait.

“Of course, Alpha, I am sorry, I am new to having a mate and just feel protective over her, especially with how unique and special she is.” I watched as the Alpha looked pleased with his answer.

“Yes Charlie, Kira is very special, but you both are. You are the son of an Alpha, and also a wolf bear. You yourself are to the best of my knowledge the first hybrid with your breeding and status.”

I could hear murmurs around the table of those seated closest to us. Great... Just what we needed I thought to myself. I would be so happy when we got to go back home. Although I am not sure what that entailed ether. It was hard to keep my composure as again another round of looks made their way to our end of the table which landed on me and Charlie.

“It’s ok love, just ignore everyone. Finish eating so we can get this over with.”

Charlie’s voice in my head brought some peace to me and effectively helped calm my nerves. And so, I did just that. I finished my meal and Luna finished hers around the same time. In fact, most of the table’s plates were now empty and a few had started to excuse themselves before returning to their rooms. Luna told the Alpha we were going to go meet the doctor and kissed him on the cheek before she wrapped her hands around my arm leading me from the great dining hall. I managed to link Charlie before it was too late.

“I love you.”

But before he could answer we were out of the dining room and in another hallway, no doubt on our way to the doctor for proper introductions.

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