Forbidden Love

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Chapter Twenty One


I was not happy about leaving Kira but as the Alpha was insistent, I had no choice, plus Kira had asked me to play nicely so I did just that. Me and my mate had enough problems as it was. I just hoped she would be ok, and we would be home, together, sooner rather than later.

It was only a few minutes after Kira and Luna left the Dining hall when the Alpha stood and asked me to follow. I put down my drink and exited along with him. It was weird to see everyone slightly bow their head as we walked past. I didn’t think I could ever get used to that. I didn’t have much thought on it though as I was distracted by what he needed to talk to me alone about. Whatever it is, he did not want my mate with me, which instantly put me on edge. I could feel my wolf on edge which wasn’t helping me keep my composure.

“Please sit Charlie, I have some information that you may be interested in.”

“Uh, sure, alpha, what is it?” I was now really confused but still tried to keep a straight face.

“Well I’m assuming Stan and Lisa told you about your father?”

“Yes sir.” my gut started to turn, and I had a hard time keeping my composure.

“Well after I left your house yesterday I returned to learn that your father has learned that you are here in my pack, and that I visited your house yesterday, he seems to think I have an interest in you. This has sparked him to start an attack on my pack.”

As it turns out my instincts are right on point. I felt like I was going to puke. But I was in the presence of an alpha and I had alpha blood in me as well. I had to pull through this and show everyone just how wrong they are about me.

“Alpha, I am not sure what to say here but I do know I have no allegiance to my father, if that is what this is about.” The alpha sighed and looked conflicted. Which was never a good sign in our world.

“No Charlie, I am not worried about that. This man had your mother executed because he was a coward. I did some digging and it turns out your father has not been the best alpha and the pack is mainly run by his command. This started after he killed your mother, but his command held it together up until recently. Must be one hell of a command as packs our size, need an alpha. Anyway, it turns out when he brought up this attack many of his pack members refused and began to see their alpha as a wolf gone mad. This is how I got all this information, and I want you to know Charlie, I will not hesitate to take your father out.”

I nodded but was just trying to buy myself time to come up with an appropriate response for this delicate situation. I didn’t know how I felt about all that information. I had never even met my father; would I ever get the chance too? Was I ok with this solution if it meant for a safer world for everyone? I was getting lost in my thoughts, the alpha must had noticed,

“Look Charlie, I know this must be hard for you, from what I am told you have never met your father and I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I want you to understand that I will not go after your father, but I will protect my family and my pack. This includes you Charlie, and Kira. What I need to ask you though, is a tough question. And believe it or not I am not good in situations like these, so please, forgive me if I upset you. If your father did attack and he was killed in the process, would you take his place? As Alpha?”

This made my world flip. I started to feel hot, and my breath started to feel fast and rigid. I had to grab the chair to steady myself as my vision started to blur. This feeling reminded me of my first shift, but this was different somehow. I could feel my wolf but instead of feeling him getting stronger he started to feel weaker. I didn’t understand any of this. I tried to focus on the Alpha, hoping my face could portray the fear I was feeling.

I didn’t even notice when the Alphas Beta came into his office. And someone else I couldn’t recognize. I could hardly catch his scent as my senses were now dulled. I tried to call my wolf, but I didn’t feel him anymore. I started to feel different, I felt stronger. I broke the chair arm as my grip was tight, but it wasn’t that tight. What was happening to me? I began to fade in and out, everything was blurring but I think I was no in a cage. Why was I in a cage? This was my last thought before I passed out.

I woke up in a hospital bed, not sure what had happened. I felt like crap and I had no relocation of what had happened. The room was still fuzzy, and I was trying to sit up, but I found it difficult. I went to grab for the rail but hit the tray causing some stuff to fall to the ground. This must have alerted people I was awake as a few came rushing in. I recognized no one and was already confused. I began to call out for Kira. I was desperate to make sure she was ok. At this point I felt like I had been attacked. I couldn’t sense my mate so I began to shout for her, hoping if she was near, she could hear me. Two men were trying to hold me down, but my adrenaline kicked in and I easily pushed them off. I tried to stand, but It was too much, and I fell to the floor. I looked up at one of the men, he had a concerned look on his face and was trying to talk to me, but it was like a whisper as I could see him talking. But the ringing in my ears was too much. He must have caught on as he pointed to his ears and I just shook my head no.

After my freak out the men placed me back in bed and put some sort of IV in me. I thought it was salene, but I started to feel sleepy all over again and I did not want to be knocked out in this strange place again. What was happening to me? Is this the end for me?

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