Forbidden Love

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Chapter Twenty Three


I was grateful to be back at our temporary home. I didn’t know how hungry I was until I stepped through the front door. Kira quickly went to work when she heard my stomach growled. I sat at the bar and watched as she gracefully whipped up some grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni. I always loved some comfort food. And right now, this meal my mate prepared for me was perfect, just like her.

We ate in peace, just enjoying each other’s company. I could feel the heaviness between us, but I didn’t want tonight to be more drama. Me and Kira, we have had a lot of shit thrown at us since we mated just a few days ago. And last night my worst fear came to life since finding out I was a mix breed. Which was also a few days ago. My world went from the most boring average, shut in life to the most polar opposite. My world literally flipped when I shifted for the first time. But Kira was worth it. Even if we only got to be with each other for a few days. I wanted tonight to be just as special as our first. I wasn’t worried about intimacy, but I wanted us to have one night with no drama.

After we ate, I took her hand and led her to the couch. Where I sat down first and pulled her arm, so she was forced to sit next to me. I took her tightly and brought her up to my chest. She hummed as she rested against me. I grabbed the remote and started scrolling through Netflix which was conveniently set up on the tv. And asked what Kira wanted to watch.

“Uh, it doesn’t matter, but are you ok?”

“Kira, can we please just for one night pretend like our lives are normal?”

I watched as she was contemplating my request. I hoped she could just for one-night act like everything was ok. I needed this, desperately and I hoped with everything I had that she did too. My prayers for once were answered.

“Of course, Charlie, I get it, and I’m here with you. But… if we are watching a movie, I want popcorn, oh and a soda!”

“How can you possibly be hungry woman? We literally just ate!” she giggled and smiled up at me, which warmed me from the inside out.

“It’s not about being hungry, you dork! It’s about movie night, Duh.” She playfully rolled her eyes at me with a loving smile as if to say, “everyone should know that”. I couldn’t help but giggle at her playfulness. It was a dream. But one I would cherish forever.

I got her popcorn and soda and headed back to our cuddle spot on the couch. She sat up to make room for me. Once I was settled, I gave Kira the bowl of popcorn and she settled back down against my chest where I placed my hand over her shoulder and handed her the soda I was still holding. Together we picked a romance movie and settled in for the show. Occasionally I would take a piece or two of the popcorn and that made Kira giggle.

By the end of the movie Kira had fallen asleep on me. I smiled and slowly wedged myself from her, taking the popcorn and the soda from her. I placed both on a nearby table and then I placed my hands behind her back and my other under her legs. I lifted her with ease, and I carried her down the hall to our bedroom.

“I’m sorry, I ruined our night.” She sounded sleepy but I just gave her a gently “shhh”

Once we got to our room, I laid her out on the bed and began taking off her clothes. Once she was in her bra and panties, I laid her under the covers and brushed some hair that was over her eye.

“You’re coming to bed too, right?”

“Of course, my love, I’ll be right there.”

“Why are you so perfect?”

I smiled but didn’t respond. I am not perfect, far from it. But I was not letting anything ruin this night. I took off my shirt and clothes and then got into the shower. I washed the crappy day off of me. Savoring how the hot water rolled off of me. I tried to keep my focus and my mood on point. This was it, and nothing was going to spoil my time with my mate. I flipped the water off and wrapped a towel around my waist. I made my way into the bedroom where I was on the hunt for a pair of boxers. Mid search I heard Kira’s voice in my head.

“Don’t bother with those, they will just end up on the floor.”

I turned to Kira who was sitting up watching me intently. Everything felt right. I dropped the towel that clung around my waist and made my way over to her. I had every intention of lavishing this wonderful woman who was my mate. This was our night, and I would make it one that would last both of us for as long as we needed it to.

“I love you Kira, please never forget that.” is all I said before we spent our evening tangled in bed together.

The next morning it was early, and I was exhausted, but this time for all the right reasons. I watched her as I got dressed. I wanted to imprint everything about her to memory. I love this woman, and As I finished getting dressed, I hoped with all my might that one day, Kira would hopefully understand. I was doing this for her. I would do anything for her. I really hope she knew that. I started for the door but fell short before my second food left the room. I turned around and took in her sleeping form one last time. This was so hard on me, and I had been hiding it for a whole day and night. So, when the stray tear fell down my face, I let it. I was mourning as I knew she would be when she woke. What would be even harder on her is finding all my stuff exactly how it was last night, but I couldn’t take any of it with me.

I left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen where I searched for a pen and paper. Hoping this would be enough to settle her fears and be something she can hold onto other than her memories.

“I’m sorry Kira, it had to be this way. I hope you know how much I love you, but It is not safe to be with me anymore. Please do not come looking for me and please try and have a normal life with someone who loves you. You deserve the world, and I am sorry it could not be me. I hope this answers your question about why I would not let you mark me. I always knew I was a monster. Please take care of yourself. I love you Kira. Now and Forever.


Your mark should fade in a few months. It will be painful and that is something else I am sorry for. I will always be sorry for leaving the best thing that ever happened to me.


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