Forbidden Love

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Chapter Twenty Four

As I began to wake, I could feel the warm sun as it hit me. I felt complete, how could I not after last night? I stretched and rolled over noticing Charlie was already out of bed. I grabbed his pillow still full of his scent and inhaled. Just his scent could put me at ease. I had flashes of last night flow through my head which made me smile. Yesterday once we got home was perfect and last night was amazing in every sense. I couldn’t help but think about how calm he was and how he just came home like nothing in our lives mattered. It was off putting at first, but I enjoyed our day of false normalcy.

“Charlie?” I called for him hoping he would come back to bed.

Hmm. That’s weird I thought as he didn’t reply. But I got up and grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. I decided on a quick shower. As I got in I let the hot water wash over my body. The whole shower I was surprised I still hadn’t seen Charlie. I quickly washed my hair and got out of the warmth from the shower. I got dressed quickly and lazily wrapped my hair in a towel. I headed for the kitchen calling out for Charlie. As I came around the corner, I saw a piece of paper on the counter. “Hmm Charlie must have gone out”

As I read the note my heart broke. My wolf cried out at her loss. I couldn’t believe he would just leave like that. He didn’t say goodbye. I began sobbing, it was hard to catch my breath. I grabbed my stomach as it began to throb in pain. It felt as if I was going to be sick, I sat up and headed for the kitchen sink. I hurled up nothing but my stomach acid. I dry heaved so hard I didn’t think I would have a stomach after it was over. I was shaking and my ears were ringing. I slumped down to the floor just under the sink. I was curled into the fetal position. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t process. My wolf was screaming and howling for her mate.

“Let me out, we must find him.”

My wolf just kept repeating herself, but my brain was trying to process everything, somehow make sense of everything. How could we go from a perfect day and night to this? It was earth shattering. He didn’t want me anymore. And how did he know his mark would fade? How could anyone possibly know that? I think I read somewhere about an un-mating ritual or something, but Charlie definitely didn’t do that. Fuck. What does all of this mean?

I didn’t get to sit in my misery for long. My wolf was powerful, and she was starting to take over, forcing me to change. I didn’t have it in me to fight her. All my strength was taken from me. I knew she was going to win so I gathered my last bit of strength and headed for the door. I didn’t want to ruin the Alphas house. How thoughtful of myself I thought, even though this is all his fault. My wolf forced the shift and I released her quickly, I didn’t want to feel anymore pain. Once She was in full form she took off into the woods. Frantically trying to find our mates sent. She howled in pain, pleading for him to come home. I didn’t try to comfort her; I was in my own turmoil. I felt numb. We were so distracted I didn’t even know which direction we were headed in. I honestly didn’t care. I was hidden away in my wolves from, still sobbing at my loss. Then without warning we were surrounded.

Three wolves came into view and I recognized the scent of the Beta. He shifted so he could communicate with us.

“Kira, Please, shift back so we talk.”

The other two wolves stood ready for anything; their posture wasn’t threatening but it wasn’t relaxed either. My wolf was easily the biggest. I did not understand why, I wasn’t an alpha, plus I was still smaller than an Alpha, but bigger than the average wolf, especially of my breeding. I could feel her, she had no intention of shifting back. She howled, it shook our insides and was powerful, but still full of pain. She was declaring war on anyone who got in our way. We jumped over the other wolves, clearing a good 15 feet from where they stood, she took off, running at full speed. We heard them running after us, but our speed was unmatched. After a few minutes we didn’t hear them anymore, so my wolf slowed just a bit. We didn’t have a plan and she was frantic. She just kept chanting. “Mate, Mate, Mate.” over and over again.

My head was spinning, and I was begging my wolf to shut up, she was howling almost constantly for her mate. At this point we had been running for an hour or more. I had no idea where we were. But I knew my wolf was not accepting that fact that Charlie had left us. We were now the first mates who were also an unwanted she wolf in over hundred years. Great. I was now sobbing all over again. My wolf was getting frustrated with me and tried to calm me down, saying “this all had to be a mistake. That he wouldn’t leave us. We were too important now for him to abandon.” Her statement confused me, but I had nothing left to analyze her. I was giving up, and I wished she would too.

“can we just go home?” I was desperate to try and get her to focus on something. She didn’t say anything, but she did change directions. I hoped with all my remaining will that she would take us home. But what would I tell my parents? How would I explain all of this to them?

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