Forbidden Love

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Chapter two

My first week of school was uneventful and I was able to effectively become the new invisible girl. No one paid me much attention or bothered to even glance my way. Which was fine. I honestly missed my friends, but I was not interested in trying to get new ones. It was now the weekend and as per usual Charlie was out which my parents did not like because he had just shifted for the first time. The first shift was painful and could take a long time. Also, we were our most unpredictable on our first shift as we were often disoriented trying to become one with our wolves. I honestly could not wait to be one with my wolf, at least then I would have someone to talk to.

I decided to go on a run in our new town and pack territory. Running was my outlet and even though I did not have my wolf yet, I was still quite athletic. Changing into a pair of workout leggings and a tank top I put my earbuds in and sprinted out the door listening to my favorite music which set the beat for a nice pace as my feet alternated hitting the pavement. Nevada was nice this time of year, compared to Washington which was already cold this time of year as the season began the change into fall. It was a nice 70 degrees, and the breeze was quite refreshing as I began to work a sweat. I had no idea where I was going but I knew I could find my way back by following my own scent back home, so I ran without caring to take in my new surroundings.

I found this nice park which had trails that lead into the forest and I naturally started to head for it as the forest always brought an odd sense of comfort. After jogging up a slight incline I could hear the sound of water thrashing around so I took my ear buds out and instantly recognized there must be a stream nearby. I quickly found it and began to use my hands to drink in some water. I was slightly out of breath and feeling fatigued from my long run; now that I had finally stopped to rest, the thought about heading home for a nice hot shower made its way through my thoughts. Although the thought about heading home was depressing, so after I quenched my thirst thanks to the stream I sat on a nearby rock and as I stared into the empty forest my thoughts began to wander again. I began to feel just how lonely I was, but realized I better get used to it seeing as how I was sure I would never find anyone.

I was about to head back the way I came when I heard a twig snap off in the distance and I instantly began to search the woods for anything. But there was nothing, not a sound or smell of anything other than the smell of trees and dirt. But my wolf senses told me otherwise, but I decided to ignore it and I began jogging the way I had come. Going downhill was a lot easier but I had to really watch my footing and my body’s momentum was not working with me. One missed step and I would be eating dirt. I was just about to the bottom of the include dodging the last of the roots and rocks when I bumped into something.

Ow! what the fuck! I said out loud.

I rubbed my head where I had made direct contact with something. As my vision cleared I began to see an outline, it turned out to be a very handsome man. who looked to be a few years old than me. He had the most beautiful almost translucent blue eyes staring down at me, and I could swear he was sporting a slight smug smile.

“You shouldn’t be here” he spoke with a serious tone and much authority.

What are you talking about? I was just going for a run; this is a park you know.

I finally stood up brushing the dirt from my pants and ass before looking at him. Even standing he towered over me. Taking a breath, I instantly froze, suddenly realizing what he was. Oh shit. My mouth fell open and I began to stutter.

“That’s right, you are in bear territory. The park ended about 2 miles back. You should have been paying more attention”

Oh fuck. I began to shake my head trying to collect my mouth so I could form words.

I’m really sorry, I just moved here and I guess I didn’t realize the Eclipse pack had a werebear territory so close, it won’t happen again I swear .

I instantly began to show respect to him as I lowered my head in a submissive manner.

“Fucking wolves” he seemed annoyed rubbing his temples and taking a deep breath. “Fucking muts and their whimpering bull shit. Where are you from if you are not native” he spat at me.

Ouch that hurt.

I am originally from the Lotus pack and me and my family just moved here. I decided to oblige his questions even though his words were starting to hurt.

I was telling the truth but I was hoping he would see that so I could leave and get as far away from here as possible. He moved closer to me as if to smell me. I did not know much about werebears, but I did know they could easily kill a werewolf if they wanted too. They were extremely powerful and fast too, but werewolves were just a bit faster and I was always taught to use my speed to avoid werebears and their awful tempers.

“Yeah you do have a slightly different aroma about you. I will let you leave this once but if you ever come back, I will have no choice but to harm you”

He was still so close to me; it was a bit overwhelming as I was frozen in place just drinking him in. He really was gorgeous with his blue eyes and sandy blond hair which sported some gel which made his hair stand in a messy fashion. I could feel something in my body begin to buzz but I had never experienced this before, was I getting excited? Shit. realized I had been silent for an awkward amount of time.

I understand, and you will never see me again.

I could feel my face betray my words as I knew I actually did not want to leave. He seemed to sense this, and that slight smile came back to the crook of his lips.

“My my, what is this? Is that arousal I smell on the young wolf?”

What no! I spat hoping to sound convincing. Fuck. In an effort to change the subject I asked what is your name? He chuckled and I could swear I felt him relax a little. “Luke, and you?”

Kira, I said, smiling against my will.

“Hmm well Kira, do you usually hang out with werebears where you’re from? because around here it’s not natural.”

err, well not really, I Mean my old pack was in an agreement with the werebear clan and we all lived in peace but “hanging out”, no.

“Then why are you still here Kira”

The way my name rolled off his lips sent a shock wave down my spine. It wasn’t painful but it wasn’t joyful either, it was like my body was trying to communicate. I began rolling my shoulders trying to shake this odd sensation while trying to come up with a good excuse.

Err well Um... grabbing the back of my neck with my right hand I just... fuck it. I honestly don’t know but I don’t feel threatened by you, is that weird?

“Yes, that’s weird”

His tone said otherwise though. I knew I wasn’t crazy. And I could swear I watched him physically relax. He inhaled sharply as if he hadn’t been getting enough oxygen.

“You know, most wolves smell well, like a wet dog, but you... You smell like an early spring morning.”

He watched me as I took in this information. I could feel my cheeks begin to blush as heat pooled to them. Oh, great I mumbled to myself. I heard a slight chuckle from Luke which made me look back into his gorgeous eyes.

Well thank you I finally said, I have never smelled a werebear before but to me you smell like fresh pine on an early crisp morning. It is actually quite pleasing.

He seemed to take this information in and then I swear I could feel him shift in place trying to figure this out.

“My post is almost up; can you meet me here tomorrow? say around two tomorrow?” Without hesitation my lungs took a sharp breath, Yes.

Luke looked pleased and with a curt nod he trotted off into werebear territory and I took a second to catch my breath and thought, after a quick minute I quickly decided it would be safer to start back towards the park. About halfway back home I still couldn’t stop thinking about my encounter in the woods and it was hard not to notice the small smile which crept up my face. What was happening to me?

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