Forbidden Love

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Chapter Three

After a jog home, much of which I don’t remember, I finally reached back home and once inside I heard my mom call

“Kira is that you honey”

Yes mom I’m going to take a shower I yelled back

“ok but dinner is in 20 minutes so make it a quick one”

Ok mom.

I quickly scurried upstairs to my bedroom which sported its own bathroom. I quickly undressed and was turning on the shower, adjusting the temperature before I got in. I nearly had a heart attack when Charlie barged in.

“Where have you been and why do you smell like a werebear, you have been gone for hours”

His voice was stern, and he looked furious. His fists were clenched, and he was demanding answers.

Charlie!!! Get out I am naked you perv. What gives you the right to just come in like this. GET OUT! I screamed.

He did not budge and didn’t look like he was going anywhere. I had already shielded my breasts with one arm and had no legs crossed instinctively. Augh, what was his problem? he hardly ever speaks to me let alone acknowledge my existence. I actually thought I saw his gaze drift over me, but I was too dazed to be certain.

“Answer me and I will leave he said”

I am fucking naked now get the fuck out or I’m going to call mom up here.

“Fine but I’m waiting in your room. Wear a towel.”

With that he left and closed the door behind him. I knew he was still in my room as I scented him. He always smelled like fresh pretzels to me. It was my favorite food, and I loved the smell. I always thought that was weird but after years of living with it I never thought much of it. I quickly showered but lingered for a bit as I was really off-put with Charlie’s reaction. As the water streamed over my I couldn’t help but think of how close we were up until the age of twelve and one day he was like a different person. He would hardly acknowledge my existence let alone talk to me. It hurt for a long time, but I got over it over time. Fuck this isn’t going to awkward at all.

I began to wash my hair, using shampoo and conditioner. I lingered under the hot water as the last of the conditioner rinsed from my scalp. I then quickly shaved my pits and began to wash the rest of my body with my aloe infused special soap. I loved the smell of it so much It almost made me forget that my brother was waiting for me.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped my hair in a towel and then I grabbed one to wrap around my body. I took a long breath hoping I could get through this without too much awkwardness. I stepped out glaring at Charlie who seemed to be back to his passive aggressive self, but I could see him relax as I got closer to him. Well that is weird I thought to myself. He finally broke the silence between us.

“Do you know how dangerous werebears are Kira? Anything could have happened to you.” His blue eyes told me he was worried, but his voice sounded angry. This was officially getting weird.

Why do you care? Ever since we were twelve, you have been acting like I do not exist. You barely talk to me except when absolutely necessary. You have no right to act like you give a damn about me all these years later, Brother.

I laced the word “brother” with all the venom I could muster in the hopes he would get just how pissed I was. I could have sworn I could see a flash of guilt in his eyes but only for a moment before his gaze fell to his feet, I could hear him taking in a deep sigh as if trying to work up the courage to speak.

“Look I can’t explain that now, but I want you to know I had my first shift after school yesterday”

Cool? I said in a really confused voice extending the ooo’s.

I wondered to myself what does this have to do with anything? He kept his gaze as if he were still studying me then stood up and walked over to me.

“What do I smell like? to you?”

What? I said a little too quickly and abruptly.

My brows began to knit together feeling even more confused than I already was. I opened my mouth to respond with a question to his question when,

Kira, Charlie! Dinner is ready!”

Fuck. I have to get dressed. You can leave now.

He paused for a minute and put a hand on my arm, grazing it as he let his arm fall back to his side.

“Fine but we have to talk, I’ll come in after they go to bed. Fair warning, make sure you’re dressed.”

He left after that, but I could still feel his touch on my arm as if he was still there, touching me. What was that about? Did my brother lose his damn mind? And what’s with the phantom touch syndrome?

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