Forbidden Love

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Chapter Four

Dinner was long and agonizing trying to get through while acting as if the encounter in my room never happened. What made it easier was the fact that Charlie was silent and stoic as normal. Only talking when talked too. I on the other hand was much more fidgety then normal and I could not keep my brain focused on a single thought. I also was struggling with the feeling inside me. It is hard to describe because I have never felt it before. I was just pushing the food around my plate not even hungry in the slightest. It was like a pulling sensation. As if an invisible rope was around my trying to pull me in a different direction. At times it was a bit uncomfortable, my mom must have noticed

“earth to Kira, are you alright sweetie? You haven’t touched your food? Are you feeling alright?”

err well no actually. Is it ok if I go to bed early? I sensed Charlie stiffen next to me but not wanting to look his way I avoided my gaze from wondering in his direction.

“But it’s Saturday night? Don’t you want to go out and see what the kids do around here for fun? Um no, I haven’t made any friends and plus I went on a long run today, I’m pretty tired.

“alright, let me know if you think it’s serious. You’re still a year away from shifting so it shouldn’t be that, but with the different climate it could be taking you a while to adjust”

Alright mom.

I sat up to put my plate in the sink. As I hugged my mom and dad goodnight, I could feel Charlies gaze boring into me from across the table, he never faltered even as I left the dining room. As I left, I could hear my parents ask if he had made any new friends.

I had been in my room laying down processing everything when my phone chirped on the pillow beside me. I instantly picked it up grateful for the distraction as my body felt like it was being torn to pieces inside me. I assumed it was just my nerves, but I couldn’t understand it, everything was so intense. I quickly saw it was Julie and I flipped onto my stomach so I could text better.

“Hey bitch, god I miss you. School has become kind of depressing without you there”

Oh yeah because I was the life of the party. I joked.

“Whatevs, you are my main bitch and it’s hard adjusting to life without you, plus Seattle agrees as its rained every day since you left lol”

I guess I did have a small effect then lol. So, what’s up?

I could see she had read my message and after a minute she began to type. Then stopped and started again. So, I sent a “. . .” it annoyed the crap out of her. Before I could check to see if she read it, she was calling me.

“God could you be any more annoying!”

I laughed and said what’s up, why are you being so cryptic? You are normally so snippy.

“Oh hush. I guess I just needed to talk. I uh. I guess it’s better if you hear it from me but Jessica and Bri have sort of split from our group and I guess they moved on.”

huh I said out loud hearing our friends names I realized I haven’t even talked to them since we left. I was so preoccupied with my mellow drama I didn’t think to reach out to them.

Wow well that’s weird, what happened?

“You Dummy! After you left, I guess we all realized we didn’t have anything in common, and now, well I find myself in your shoes except I know these people. But somehow that makes it harder”.


Augh my head was throbbing. That weird pulling sensation was now bearing agonizing.

“Kira!” Julie shouted, “what’s wrong.”

It’s nothing Jules. I’m fine just not adjusting well to Nevada.

“Ok I’ll let you go then, but would you ask your parents if I could come visit for Christmas break?”

Uh yeah but what about your family? Won’t they miss you?

“I’m sure it will be fine. Let me know as soon as you can! Bye nerd!”

I hung up without saying goodbye. My head was spinning at this point and I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to hurl so I changed positions laying on my side facing the floor just in case. I felt myself slowly drift off to sleep which I happily welcomed. Anything to help with this pain. I woke up that weird sensation from earlier except now the sparks were erupting all over my back and I slowly started to come to when I heard

“Kira, wake up.”

I jolted awake turning over quickly to see Charlie. As my senses came too, I got that lovely fresh baked pretzel smell which was overpowering my nose but in a pleasant way. Charlie’s face was much calmer now and he looked concerned.

Uh hey. I said

I was staring into his icy blue eyes, he was sitting at the edge of my bed just inches away from me. The hand that must have been touching me was now propping him up. If I even dared to sit up, we would be too close, so I remained laying down even though It was making me slightly uncomfortable.

What did you want to talk about?

“I’m so sorry Kira, I tried all these years to change it but it’s as if it’s being fated somehow”

Mate? Excuse me? What on earth are you talking about?

Charlie’s face twisted into an expression I had not seen him bare before. He stood up and walked to the other side of my bed and sat down. I was internally grateful as it gave me the space to sit up.

“I don’t know how to say this so I am just doing to tell you everything but you can’t say anything until I’m done”

I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded my head and listened to him talk.

“When I turned twelve, I knew you weren’t my sister.” my brows furrowed and I instantly wanted to say something, but Charlie’s expression changed to a stern look, so I stayed Silent.

“I knew because something kept telling me you were my mate.”

I let out a quick gasp, I couldn’t help it, but I was too frazzled to think clearly. It wasn’t making sense. I didn’t speak though so he continued to eye me cautiously as he proceeded.

“I know it sounds crazy and trust me I spent quite a few years denying it myself but now something has changed, and I can’t explain it. Today when you came home, I could hear a voice in my head, it was different from my wolves. My wolf sounds just like me, and this sounded maybe something like me, but it screamed “Mine” over and over and that’s when I realized you smelled like something not of our kind. I couldn’t help it; it threw me into a frenzy and that’s why I barged in your bathroom”

He started to rub the back of his neck while looking a bit uncomfortable. I was stunned. I couldn’t even tell if I was breathing. It’s like I could hear Charlie speaking but I wasn’t there. I was lost. I hoped he wasn’t done yet because I sure as fuck couldn’t even muster a single word.

“I think when you came home smelling like a werebear it triggered something in me and I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know if I can anymore. It’s like ever since I shifted for the first time, it’s not as easy for me to stay away from you or ignore you”.

I don’t know how long I sat there basically paralyzed (I’m really glad I didn’t have to pee otherwise this could have gotten messy) I couldn’t move, speak, think... nothing was coming to me. I was a shell, like a computer as it processes data, the more the data, the longer it takes.

After a while, Charlie finally shifted on the bed and put his warm hand over mine and sparks erupted which my body reacted to with a sharp inhale. Charlie smiled, a sweet smile and a warm-hearted kind of smile, one I hadn’t seen in years.

“You feel it too don’t you?”

I was finally able to nod my head, I still felt catatonic from all the info overload.

“I don’t know why I think this Kira, but I think we are fated mates, and we are definitely not related.”

The word “related” brought me back to some sort of alertness and I finally was able to speak.

I hope not otherwise this is some fucked up shit.

He chuckled lightly at this, not bothering to move his hand. I don’t know Charlie (slipping my hand from his and pulling both my hands into my lap) this is a lot to process and

I just, I think you’re wrong. Yes, I feel the sparks at your touch but there hasn’t been a fated mating in like 100 years or something. There is no way, and since when do you know we aren’t related. We are a year apart and mom and dad have all our baby pictures.

Charlie shook his head and came in closer to me. So close in fact I could feel the heat radiating from his body and even though he wasn’t touching me my body and skin seemed to since his closeness and was wanting me to move closer to him. I closed my eyes as his scent began to overtake all my senses. I Let out a small moan under my breath without even realizing it. Charlie must have heard my moan and thought because my eyes were closed it meant something, because the next thing I knew his lips were on mine. That spark like sensation jolted every part of my body awake and I responded with an even louder moan as it was all consuming.

Holly fucking shit. Once my rational mind started to come around, I realized what was happening. My eyes flew open and I broke from the kiss, Charlie’s face turned to one of pain and I think mine did too. I stood up talking all at once not able to finish a full thought.

Charlie this is.

We can’t.

Who will?

What the fuck?



Brother? My voice turned into a squeal.

Everything became too much as I started to pace and then in an instant I was on my knees. FUCKING SHIT! MAKE IT STOP!

I was on the floor now curled up in the fetal position. Charlie instantly took me into his arms. Those sparks didn’t disappoint even though I was in agony. Stan! Lisa! Charlie yelled for our parents, or I guess my parents?


I screamed as Charlie kicked in mom and dad’s bedroom door. What’s happening? I could hear the pain in Charlie’s voice as he was powerless to help. Tears began to fall down my face and I was begging for help. I could barely squawk out words as the pain seemed to suck up all my oxygen.

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