Forbidden Love

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Chapter Five


I had just told Kira my biggest secret, one that kept me away from her all these years. I hated myself for what I knew and to be honest I didn’t even think it was real. It had been years since there had been a chosen mate. It had been so long people started calling them fated mates because of how rare it was. How could I know at the young age of twelve? I had been struggling with it for years especially since everything about her wanted to draw me in. Her smell was intoxicating, it was like walking into a fresh bakery and all the sweet smells hit you at once. But it was like a fresh baked cookie smell when I really concentrated hard enough. Her voice sounded like a melody to me, I could listen to it all day. The way she walked, and her gentle shy nature was all icing on the cake. I have been dreaming of Kira for years. Some of my dreams would probably make her faint. I loved her but I didn’t understand everything until my first shift. It was only until I was one with my wolf I understood. I had just shifted, and I found myself in the woods next to the school. Her scent caught my wolf’s attention. I started to search for her, it was there I saw her sitting at the little table eating her lunch alone that I understood she was my mate. My chosen mate. As I watched her my wolf was screaming “MINE, MINE, MINE”. It took all my strength to hold my wolf back when all he wanted to do was run to our mate and mark her. Then she saw me, Or I think she did. It was like she was searching for me too. I did the only thing I could think of, which was run away. Just like I had been doing for the past 5 years.


I heard my mom screaming which slammed me back into reality. Oh fuck, God this is all my fault. Why did I kiss her? I couldn’t stop myself. She almost looked like she was asking for it. I am such an idiot, and I would never forgive myself for doing this to my mate.

“GIVE HER TO ME!” I heard Stan yell as I came back from my thoughts.

My wolf growled at him. I stared at him; my wolf was challenging him. Stan stared right back using his seniority over me. I growled under my breath but handed Kira into Stan’s arms. He leapt up in an instant and ran into the backyard. Lisa in tow and me following. Never taking my eyes off of her while she grunted and cried in pain.

Once we were outside It was as if Kira had a clear moment and she had enough breath to say one thing. “Charlie” Stan and Lisa both looked at me with a puzzled look. I didn’t acknowledge their questionable looks. My priority right now was Kira and so I went to her, taking her hand in mine and bringing her as close to her as I could.

It’s ok Kira, just open your mind and let your wolf in. It will make this go by quicker. I promise. Please try Kira. I can’t stand to watch you be in this much pain.

She gazed into my eyes and I felt something as she stared at me, tears still reeling down her face. I stroked them away and put my forehead to hers.

I’m so sorry love, please just let her in and you will be ok, I promise.

I don’t even know if she trusted me anymore, but I hoped she did. I watched her close her eyes and she began to wince in pain. I could hear the popping and cracking of her human bones breaking, trying to re-shape as a wolf. It was hard to listen to the one you loved go through this, especially when her shift wasn’t supposed to happen for another year. She went still for a second and then I heard

“MINE” escaped her mouth.

Stan and Lisa gasped, and I could see they were looking at each other as if having a silent conversation. They had marked each other so I knew they could communicate through the link they shared. I didn’t care right now. My wolf came through after she said it and it also said


I could feel how antsy my wolf was, as he tried to take over. Parts of my body began to start the shift as well. He was chomping at the bit. I could feel how happy he was. I knew Kira had finally broken through to her wolf which meant it was only a matter of time now.

SHIT, Stan come take her. I can’t contain my wolf right now. I have to shift.

Stand looked Ashen white and he said nothing to me, but he did walk up and take Kira’s hand. My second shift went a lot smoother and it didn’t hurt as bad, but I went still and let my wolf take over, fighting him was getting painful. As my bones shifted and cracked, I fell to the ground but as I did, I could see I had paws. It was an amazing thing once you got past your first shift. Within a minute I was fully shifted. I could feel the power in my wolf, and it felt amazing.

“Charlie,” I heard Kira call.

My wolf responded with a whimper and laid next to Kira. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Your absolutely beautiful”

My wolf was beaming with joy and gave her a small lick. Once more she was in pain and I couldn’t talk to her. Please Kira just relax and stop fighting it. Please. I know she couldn’t hear me, but I still repeated it over and over and over again. Finally, she started to really shift. Her arms were now big white wolf paws, and her face was transforming into a wolf. Her pained human cried started to become whimpers. Then there she was. Her beautiful wolf stood before me. Although more than just a species changed, Her beautiful green eyes were different, they were now purple.

None of it mattered though, I thought Kira was gorgeous before she was now the most amazing creature, I had ever laid eyes on. I heard Stan and Lisa Gasp yet again, but now they were whispering in hushed tones. I caught a few words here and there

“This is impossible,″ Stan said, “what does this mean?” Lisa murmured.

What in the hell was going on? I turned back to Kira, her eyes now on me.

“Charlie?” her voice rang in my head”

Kira I’m here, are you alright?

“Yes, Charlie I’m alright.”

Just then her wolf walked over to me and put her head just under my jaws and rubbed herself against me, I was such a larger wolf I didn’t even have to raise my head for her to fit. My wolf knew instantly what she was doing, she was marking me with her scent. It was amazing and I licked her face in return. It was when she began to walk away, I Noticed it. It was hard to miss actually. Kira was a beautiful, white as snow with a half moon shaped mark right on her rear hip. I had seen that mark somewhere in my studies, but I couldn’t recall it. I bet that is what Stan and Lisa were whispering about, also maybe her eyes. But I didn’t have time to dwell on it. My wolf wanted to follow Kira in the woods and so did I. I gave one last glance at Kira’s parents and that’s when Stan stepped forward and said

“keep her safe Charlie.”

My wolf gave him a snort and we turned and ran after our mate. She heard us coming of course and her beautiful face filled my head once more

“Charlie I believe you now, I understand we are mates, and you can talk to me about the rest later but for now, can we just run? I want to get to know my wolf and enjoy her and this with you. My wolf is very happy she gets to take her first run with you, and so am I.”

My wolf howled in pure and utter happiness. He was elated to have Kira as a mate. She joined in the howl as well. We created the perfect harmony. With that my wolf nodded and we both took off into the woods together.

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