Forbidden Love

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Chapter Six

Transforming was awful, and agonizing. It was worse than what any book or teacher had ever explained. But once I felt one with my wolf in werewolf form, nothing else could top this amazing feeling. Me and Charlie ran all night nipping and playing with each other that reminded me of when we were young and carefree. He would nip at my heels as I tried and failed to outrun him. We ran so long I honestly didn’t know where we were, but I heard a creak babbling nearby and my wolf licked her lips, instantly she veered towards the creek for a sip of water. Charlie followed suit but as he drank, he never took his eyes off of me. Charlie’s voice slipped into my head “I have waited so long for this; it is even better than anything I could have imagined.” I stopped drinking the ice-cold creek water and my wolf put her full weight into Charlies’ wolf. I could feel how happy she was as her thoughts and feelings became my own. I felt his chest vibrate with a purr as we showed Charlie how we felt about him. His big black wolf laid down and we mimicked his movement, I put my head down over his right front paw, getting as close to him as possible. My wolf felt completely at ease and safe with Charlie by my side. My wolf felt tired and I let myself slowly drift off into the darkness.

I woke up as the daylight was begging to break the night sky, Stretching, and yawning as if it was a normal day. It wasn’t until I heard Charlie

“well hello there gorgeous” hmm well hello there yourself handsome.

A smile played across my face as Charlie began running his fingers up and down my torso. Oh my god... it was in a split second I realized I was completely naked, and worse yet so was Charlie.


I sat up covering myself just horrified. I could hear Charlie laugh but it was in my head this time. ”

“Don’t tell me you forgot about last night Kira.”

I um, of course not. I just didn’t expect this. No one has ever seen me.

Oh god this was horrifying. I was thoroughly embarrassed but as I tried to avert my gaze from his; my eyes started to wandering, His hair was black and messy, his blue eyes showed pure happiness ( I have never seen that in Charlie before) his lips were plump and perfect, He has abs for days, I had a hard time not reaching out and touching them. My gaze still wandered until there he was in all his glory, and to my surprise he was already standing at attention. He was thick and long. Oh geez this was humiliating. God he was huge! I mean I’m not an expert but of course I had a computer and had “googled” ”

Kira? Shit, kill me now.

“You can touch if you want.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at me, and I knew he was being playful. I felt this rush in my stomach and my body was screaming YES. Even my wolf chimed in “I want him, make him ours”.

Charlie, I have never, well, you know...

I hated these talks. I’m sure by now I looked like a red popsicle. My face was on fire. But instead of responding he reached over and took my hands, so they were no longer covering my body, I tried to instill confidence in myself just as Charlie was doing but it was so hard. Just his hands on mine made me moan involuntarily. Charlie smiled and while still holding my hands he gently and slowly brought his face to mine. I could hear his hitched voice as he waited for me to respond. My voice was also hitched as I was so nervous and so excited, we stayed like that for a few seconds before my head tilted and I was going to go for it but Charlie beat me to it and he crashed his lips against mine.

I moaned as I felt his tongue ask for permission to enter, I happily obliged his request. Honestly my wolf was ready, and I think I was too. My hands instinctively went around his neck and my hands buried themselves in Charlie’s hair. I grabbed handfuls as close to his scalp as I could get. This made Charlie moan which instantly sent shock waves through my body and to my core which was now damp. Charlie’s hands began holding my face but then they began to travel, from my neck down to my naked and very perky breasts. He took one in each hand, his hands were like experts as each hand grabbed a handful. He began to massage my sensitive breasts. He would occasionally stop his movements and brush his thumb over my rock-hard nipples which sent physical convulsions through me. After the first wave Charlie broke our kiss and we were both gasping for air. Just looking at his icy blue eyes that were full of lust and longing. This was enough to make me even wetter. I squirmed and wiggled my hips at the loss of constant contact. He finally breathed in a hushed tone

“I don’t want to do anything you aren’t ready for, it was my fault you shifted early but I won’t ever make you do anything you don’t want to do ever again. If you want this, you have to ask me for it, until you do, I will keep me and my wolf at bay.”

Holy hell, why was this man so perfect. Where had he been all my life? Oh right. God this was awkward. But more than that, it felt perfect. I did want this, and he was ready. We were still sitting up facing each other. He was still mere inches away and he almost looked like he was in pain, but so was I. I didn’t know if this was Charlie’s first time and I honestly didn’t want to know right now. Before my mind could wander too far, I started to kiss him again while running my hands down his torso so I could admire those amazing abs of it. I even got a little playful and found one of his nipples and gave it a light pinch. He sucked in a quick breath

“ah fuck Kira, you so amazing.”

This was all the confidence I needed as I smashed my lips into his, except this time it was me who was asking for permission to enter his mouth. After I had my fun teasing his tongue, I broke our kiss abruptly and looked him square in the eye.

I want this, I want you Charlie, take me please.

I was ready for Charlie, I knew I wanted this, but I still couldn’t escape the thoughts, he was my brother yesterday. Just my normal everyday douche brother. It did not escape me how weird this was, especially with how much my body screamed for his touch. God, I wanted it, I wanted him. It was Primal, it was natural, and I was ready. As soon as I said those words to him his breath became ragged and I heard a growl from deep within which rumbled through his chest. It was hot as hell and could barely contain my squirming.

Charlie, I breathed please.

He looked conflicted and my wolf was beginning to wine and whimper.

“Are you sure love? Please don’t feel rushed. I have waited this long; I can wait a little longer.”

He took a breath as if to steady himself “we still have so much to talk about, and I want you to know everything and be sure. If we were to do this and if you ever have second thoughts, it will kill me.”

He looked so sad and hurt even by the thought of it. I understood and my hands found themselves reassuring him by running my fingers through his hair. I was sure though and I knew this was right. I wanted my first time to be with Charlie in these woods where we had our first run together. I strained my posture and moved my hands to his so both our hands were interlocking with our fingers.

I know I am ready Charlie; I want you, anything we face in our future, we will face together.

I decided to show him how ready I was. In one swift move I pulled him on top of me by using the hands which were still tangled with mine. Charlie’s eyes dilated and his breath was caught once more. I brought my now free hands to Charlie’s face and lifted my lips to his once more. An explosion of sparks buzzed on my face which radiated through my body traveling down my spine, which caused my hips to buck up. As if my body had a mind of its own, Charlie felt my core rise to meet his as he was still in shock and hovering inches from my body. He moaned at the contact and this seemed to spark his desires. While still kissing me, I was filled with Charlie’s voice in my head once more.

“Are you sure love?”

Yes, I breathed out my lips in between lip locking. I swear I could hear his wolf bellow from within. My Core responded as I felt more hot liquid between my folds and run down towards my ass. I was so ready.

“Fuck Kira, I can smell you.”

He began to kiss my collar bone while once again massaging my breasts as he trailed kisses down to breasts where his hands once occupied. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and began to suck with such force my back arched, and I let out a moan, not having a care in the world. Charlie, I moaned, begging internally as my body seemed to be on the same page as once more my core rose to find any sort of friction.

“Patience love.” he breathed while in between my breasts.

He again started planting kisses but this time on my torso, his soft kisses leading down my stomach towards my aching pussy, my breath became fast with anticipation. Just below my stomach he began to suck, and it sent me reeling. I thought I was going to explode but Charlie kept me pinned as he was savage with my sensitive skin. “MINE” he breathed when he was finally done. I knew there was a hickey there, I didn’t have to look.

Please Charlie, I can’t take much more, I want you, I want you to fuck me, mark me, make me yours please.

At this point I was full on begging. But Charlie had other ideas. He began to suck my clit and the world around me became a blur and the solid ground I knew I was laying on was begging to tremble.


I didn’t even have the chance to finish when I felt his tongue as it danced in and out of me I screamed his name not able to control myself I was going to explode and he knew this, he must have as his tongue became frantic, I was so close to Cumming all over his face, he lifted his hand around my leg and began to massage my clit expertly with his fingers. This was my undoing and I felt like I was burning up inside.

Oh Charlie, Charlie! I’m Cumming!

I moaned and thrashed around as my body was on overload. My hand made its way to Charlie’s hair pulling and tugging him. My eyes were open, but they saw nothing but darkness. I was trembling but not from being cold. My toes ached as they had curled into an unnatural position. Just as little white spots began to show them shelves, I started to come down from my earth-shattering orgasm. I didn’t even notice that Charlie was now hovering right over me. I could smell myself all over him.

“You taste so fucking good Kira; I could eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner.”

I still wasn’t satisfied but Neither was Charlie as he gently kissed me which quickly turned heated as he was again asking for permission to explore my mouth. I moaned which quickly became lost in his mouth. Charlie slowly lowered his rock-hard cock just outside my entrance. I moaned, it was raspy and a little high pitched. wiggling my hips in the hopes to bring myself closer to him. It was him who moaned as he was really enjoying himself.

Please babe, please.

I was whining, and I wasn’t ashamed. His breath was heavy, and I could feel him struggle as he felt his tip begin to enter into my tight, wet, hot pussy.

“This may hurt a little, but I will be gentle until the pain begins to subside.”

I trust you Charlie.

This was his undoing; he slowly and gently pushed his dick further into my pussy. We both felt when he hit the barrier, I took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes as he made the final push past my first and only barrier. He laid still not even halfway done to filling me up with his long this cock. He made small light movements, just waiting for my pain to subside. He stroked my face and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

“I know this sounds crazy Kira, but I love you, you are now mine, now and forever.”

Charlie, mark me, make me yours in every way.

I could see some Primal change in his face. He began to proceed to fill me up with his cock, my pain fully gone now I thrusted my hip up catching him off guard and myself as he was now fully consumed by my pussy.

YES! I moaned out.

I moaned into him. I was in heaven. Charlie began to suck and kiss on my ear. His breath hot on my ear which effectively sent shivers down my spine once again I began to move my hips once more which caused Charlie to match my pace. He was no longer moaning but it sounded more animal now and just when I was about to open my eyes and look into his beautiful eyes, I felt two sharp teeth enter me into the crook of my neck. I gasped and clawed at his back as it was quite painful at first but soon it started to turn pleasurable. This sent me right over the edge once more but further into a state of euphoria.


Charlie obliges and I was halfway through my orgasm when I could feel him about to reach his. He retracted his K-nine’s from my neck leaving two puncture marks. We looked into each other’s eyes as he fucked me hard and passionately. He then whispered ah fuck Kira” as we both came together I knew we had reached euphoria together, I could feel his seed filling me while my pussy was still clenching his penis as if I was milking his cock for everything he had.

“Wow Kira, holy hell” He breathes, struggling between ragged breaths.

He was now laying on top me, I bared the full weight of Charlie on top of me as we both tried to catch our breaths.

“That was amazing, It was more than...”


Charlie was cut off by the sounds of my parents calling or names. Oh shit. We both shot up and with a commanding voice Charlie told me to shift. My wolf obeyed instantly, and I shifted without any pain and in a matter of seconds.

“Follow me he said through our mind link”

He took off without me even answering him, I was right behind him. He led us around my parents and back to the house successfully. We shifted back just outside the back door and we both laughed as we couldn’t believe we just got away unscaved. He kissed me passionately and then pushed me back and spun me around, he gave me a quick smack on the ass and then told me to go take a shower. I giggled and smiled at him before I left and headed up the stairs.

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