Forbidden Love

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Chapter Seven


I was still reeling after this morning I watched as Kira headed up stairs. I stood for a moment trying to collect my thoughts. “Wow” was all I could muster before collecting myself and our shredded clothes from last night before I also headed up and into my own shower. I let the hot water wash over me as I stared down as the dirt washed down the drain. I couldn’t help but feel so lucky but at the same time I knew there was still so much to talk about and go over, I wondered how Kira was going to take it all. I couldn’t even believe it myself, but I couldn’t help how my heart soared at how she was so trusting and wanting of me. I more than enjoyed our first night, but I am certain a few rough patches were ahead of us, and it was about to get really bumpy when Stan and Lisa finally came home. Augh I feel like a train wreck, I was just feeling too many emotions at once.

I finished up washing my hair and stepped out in my steamy bathroom. Wrapping a towel around my waist I stepped into my bedroom and began getting dressed. I decided on a black tee and a pair of nice jeans. I was a simple man and wasn’t too flashy, plus I would rather be comfortable than trying not to get nice clothes dirty. I suddenly felt my stomach drop as I could hear the combined voices of my mate and her parents. I was not looking forward to this, but I squared my shoulders and took a deep breath as I stepped from my room.

“Charlie you get down here and explain to me and your father how our kids are now mates.”

Even from upstairs I could hear the venom in her voice from the word mate. Wow well I hate to say it, but I knew this was going to be ugly. I finally reached the bottom of the stairs and I could sense my mate. I could feel how she felt, she was scared which sent my wolf on edge. I quickened my pace and walked into the kitchen where Stan and Lisa were facing a lone Kira apposite of the table. I took my place next to her and took her hand under the table. I could feel her physically relax at my touch which only did the same for me in return.

“Your sister! Has refused to answer any questions, she only said we had to wait for you.”

I instinctively gave her a hand a squeeze and turned my head to look at her in her beautiful Green eyes. She met my gaze as well. In an instant I heard Lisa Gasp

“you marked my daughter? Do you have any idea what you have done?”

Oh great. Ok, It was time for me to step in. I cleared my throat and squared my shoulders which effectively made me the tallest person here. I gave her hand another light squeeze and stared at Stan in the eyes then switching to Lisa. I didn’t even want to blink or break eye contact with either of them as my wolf was feeling quite dominant.

Look Stan and Lisa, I haven’t even shared with Kira everything yet, so why don’t we start from the beginning. Which is, I don’t know how I came to be with you but I know me and Kira are not blood related. Which means me and Kira share no blood relation.

I could see Stan as a few different emotions flashed across his face before settling back on anger. Lisa was sporting a very worried look which caused a small smile to play across my lips. Kira’s hand was still snug in mine, although I began to feel it start to shake. I decided since everything was out in the open, I would speak freely for the first time since I was twelve.

That’s right love, we are in no way related and I have tests to prove as much. She gave me a weak smile before her face twisted into anger.

“What the fuck is going on then?” she spat “why did you guys lie to me all these years?”

She even gave me a smack on the arm which caught me off guard, but I knew I wasn’t the source of her anger.

I’m not finished yet.

Turning back to Stan and a very scared looking Lisa. Kira’s hand found its way back into mine and I could feel her love as her touch was sending shock waves of sparks through my arm.

That very same blood test gave some insightful information. Information I think you two were trying to hide away and why you’re so mortified your daughter could end up with someone or maybe I should say, something like me.

I could feel Kira’s confused eyes on me as she was finally making eye contact again.

“Charlie what are you saying?”

Stan stood abruptly with such force his chair flew back hitting the wall. Lisa had her hands over her mouth stunned. I knew based on his reaction they knew I knew.

“That’s enough young man!” I stood up too with much more Grace than Stan.

You have no right to talk to me or us like that. I deserved to know the truth and so does Kira, since it was your choices that put her in danger all these years. I also think we both deserve the whole truth this time.

We both stood there staring at each other for what seemed like five minutes but at the end of the staring contest I could hear Stan heave a deep sigh as he grabbed his chair and took his seat first. Kira grabbed my hand which were still balled into fists. I relaxed as her touch began to work its magic. I sat down and leaned back ready for this grand explanation.

“You see Kira, we knew there was a slight chance that there could be danger when we brought Charlie home, but the pack doctors back at the Lotus pack assured us there was only a small chance that it could actually happen. Otherwise we would never have brought Charlie into our home.”

“What are you trying to say mom?” Kira asked.

“Honey, Charlie is part werewolf and part werebear”

I felt her hand begin to inch its way from my grasp. That reaction hurt me, and my wolf more than she would ever know. This is what I have been so afraid of and my wolf was whining at the loss of her touch. I just hope she doesn’t reject me now that she knows the truth.

“What, how is that possible? Bears and wolves don’t mingle. This makes no sense at all.” Kira said.

She didn’t speak with control in her voice but it was rather shaken. I would see her hold onto the table with force, I could see her knuckles turning white. She would not even look at me and again I felt a strong pain in my chest. Lisa Turned to me and continued.

“The alpha as you know of the Lotus pack is Alpha Amaruq and he is your biological father.” she paused assessing the room and then continued “It was a year after he lost his Luna and I guess he well... fell off the rails would be the correct term here. The alpha-your father disappeared for three days that year. The pack was in chaos and Beta did what he could, but it was madness. Alpha doesn’t just disappear you see. Well as it turned out in those three days he met a werebear, now we don’t know who she is, only your father knew her name. It was about 6 months later she showed up on our borders claiming she found a child. She was brought before your father and the council as she explained she had “found this wolf child in her territory but the Alpha knew better He could see and sense himself in the child instantly. The council forced that it was just a ruse and they had her killed right then and there. As if to send a message to the bears. The council wanted to do the testing on you Charlie, but the Alpha covered it all up and said he as an Alpha could sense the child was in fact a Lycan wolf and therefore should be given sanctuary. Alpha Amaruq came to us knowing that the child would not be accepted should he turn into a werebear instead of a wolf. Also if he did the council would then know the Alpha lied and would learn the full truth, he just couldn’t take that chance so he chose us as we were not in any rank but we were one the few more well off Lycan families in his clan with a child on the way. Which would leave you two around the same age. We told other pack members Charlie was an illegitimate child from an affair your father “had”. It was humiliating but we had no choice. When the alpha shows up on your door asking for a favor, you oblige. And of course we agreed and as already explained and here you are. Here we all are.”

After she was done, finally admitting the truth she kept my gaze. Kira Grabbing my hand once more brought some comfort but that was a lot of information, information I knew would be complicated, but I never expected this. I was shocked to learn of who my father was and also learn that my mother had been murdered.

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