Return from the shadows

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PROLOGUE During the great war that almost brought the extinction of the different Races . Wolfs, Lycans, WITCHES, Demi-Humans, Vampires and Humans, united against the Rogues, Exiled, and Dark ones. Amongst the war a group of special fighters rose between the human ranks of the Empire called slayers, known as the only humans who were able to face other races one on one and survive. Jack stood on top of all slayers, once the captain feared by both friend and foe, simply known as the Soulless Assassin. Jack at the age of five witness his all family being killed by Dark ones and Rogues, only survived the heavy bodies of his fellow female slaves who embraced him, in a desperate attempt to protect him with tears flowing down their cheeks begged him to survive and live, “you are too young and had no choice in this life, unlike us, you must find a way and live” After what seemed like hours he finally dragged from under the bodies, a vow deep in his being was born” I will Live, I will survive, I will Destroy and kill everything and anyone in the way”. A fateful encounter with a group of merchants under attack from Dark ones and Rogues, amongst all the blood and corpses stood a little girl covered in blood . “she wont survive in here alone for long he thought, whatever let the gods decide her fate I have no time nor am I willing to do anything about this I have others to kill

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The wonderer and his daughter

It’s a sunny day in the Land of Orkidia , people are farming without a care in the world , merchants are trying to sell and exchange merchandise , street performers show there talents and try and entice both parents and children, on the distance you can see beautiful tall buildings, belonging to the church of all saints, amongst all the buidings in the land it is the tallest and most expensive looking, at the entrance two huge wooden carved doors with carved images of all the different clans crests of all races.

The guild stands close to the town square, that is were a couple of new come wonderers are headed to, a male stands imposing on his horse the face covered under the hood gives a mysterious vibe witch is not uncommon, since the land of Orkidia is neutral land were all races connect and live mostly in peace, it is also were a lot of adventurers move and live during their journeys, like everywhere else there are crime sindicates and criminal organizations but all in all it is the best place to live if you become a wondered or can not or choose not to live in a country.

Accompanying him is a female, small stature also wearing a hood.

“why are we here again ? “ asks the young girl.

“ I told you, we are going to find a place to live” answered the man not looking at her

“I still don’t get why”

“You don’t need to get why, I need to get why, anyway when we settle ill explain it to you so be patient “the man answered with a tone that ended the conversation she new all to well to not pressure him into more he always found it another to explain things, or talk in general, it just wasn’t him they had an understanding and a relationship were not many words were needed most times a simple look or a word spoke more than a thousand words.

“Were here” he said, as they tied the horses they took in the position and whereabouts of everyone around them, of all points of entry and exits and possible routes of escape, this is a routine they learned over the years and done on the few seconds it took to reach the building, by the time he touch the door they had surveyed the area and made a plan in their head for any possibility.

The door of the guild open and as both of them step in all heads turn to them, a group of people man and women from all different races watch them carefully as they approach the counter, some smirk and keep drinking others just ignore other just talk among themselves wile taking a glance once in a while.

“Hi” says a young girl at the counter “ welcome to Orkidia, how can I be of assistance ?”

“I need a room, for three nights, also assistance for this tasks were can I find someone to assist me ?” he says and passes a list to the guild girl .” a quest ? the girl asks

“no, a guide to take to does places “

“ ok that will be easy, ill prepare some one for you, tomorrow morning he’ll be here to take you both, anything else , will you be registering with the guild?”

“ no , just my room “

“ok here is the key , food and drinks can be ordered over the other side enjoy your stay “

And with that they were done, so they took care of the horses and went to the room once settled he laid in bed and closed is eyes, as she approaches the window and stares at the town , she brakes the silence “ right so Dad what is the plan“.
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