Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fourteen

The females wandered through the streets of the Misty Veil, whispering and giggling away. Morgan had tied back her long, chocolate-colored hair and pinned her cloak tight, and was now humming a tune as she dragged Vanessa along towards her mother’s tavern. Vanessa grumbled at one point, her own long red locks obstructing her view.
“Not so fast, Morgan. I will scuff my pretty shoes and I don’t want to ruin them!”’ She whined, but that only made Morgan move faster.
“Come on!” Morgan laughed, “We’re nearly there!”
She could already hear music from the tavern windows, and the loud male voices raised in song. Laugher and shouting came next, followed by a moment of silence and another round of off-key singing. A huge smile tugged at her lips as the warm feeling of home surrounded her. Morgan loved this place. The sounds, the smells, the people. This, to her, would always be home.
Vanessa tugged at her, begging her to stop, and Morgan turned back, chuckling softly as she let her friend go. “What are you doing, Van?” She inquired watching her friend compose herself with a quick ruffle of her skirting and a tug or two at her blouse.
Vanessa swiftly looked up at her, a frown crossing her pretty face. “What does it look like? I cannot go in there looking like a wench.”
Morgan rolled her eyes at her with a sigh. “I really don’t think anyone will notice. They’ll be too busy with their noses in their cups. So, come on!” She grinned, grabbing Vanessa’s arm once more and pulled her towards the door.
Pushing it open, the raucous hoots and hollers wasted no time in assaulting the girl’s ears as they entered. One voice in particular rang out above them all. A rather loud and angry voice, with feminine undertones and yet still incredibly angry, echoing like thunder across the room, bidding every soul to be silent.
“Where, by all the stars in the skies above, just, where have you been?”
“Crap!” Morgan grumbled, unable to look up as every eye in the place fell upon her and Vanessa.
“And this, is the reason why I stopped to straighten up!” Vanessa mumbled to Morgan, delicately sweeping her long red tresses over her shoulder with a, cat that got the cream, smirk on her face.
Morgan’s eyes focused on the female standing behind the bar. Dark hair pinned atop her head. Dark eyes hidden beneath brows and scorned lips trying desperately not to snarl as she crossed her arms over her chest; but there was also a spark of relief and a twinkling of mirth in the female’s eyes. Her mother’s eyes.
“Call off the search party, Mother. I’m here and in one piece!” Morgan let out and made for the larger woman, a huge smile tugging at her mouth as she passed by those with baited breath.
“Well, I see you’re still in one piece, oh daughter of mine, and you’ve brought Miss. Fussy-Britches, with you.” Morgan’s mother, Maeve, sighed and shook her head at she who now flirted with just about everyone.
Morgan turned her head to see Vanessa, lowering herself into the lap of some burly male. Rolling her eyes and sighing loudly, she turned, just as an enraged shriek left Vanessa’s now exceedingly angry countenance.
“SHIT!” Exclaimed Morgan, “Van, NO!” She shouted out.
She could see Vanessa’s lips moving, as if muttering a spell, and a moment later a light began circling her fingers. Bloody hell! If Vanessa wasn’t careful, she’d end up blowing up the whole tavern. Whatever had happened in the few seconds she’d been left unattended, that male was going to regret it in about five seconds if Morgan didn’t intervene.
“There will be no singeing of the customers!” Maeve bellowed as she pushed a table out of her way, and striding towards Vanessa with purpose…
“Mother, wait, I can deal with this!” Morgan shouted without taking her eyes off her friend, and lifted her hands to beckoning the spell her friend had cast, to change.
With a flick her wrist, the male in question shrieked as a mug of ale appeared above him, spilling the contents into his lap. Coughing and spluttering, the bemused male wiped his eyes, glaring at Morgan.
“What the hell, Morgan? He touched my ass and needed to be taught a lesson!” She scowled, her forehead bearing ridges of anger.
“I’d say he got his lesson!” Maeve chuckled as she brought a towel to clean the male’s shirt. “He’s just lucky it was ale and not fire as his teacher.”
“Not what I meant!” Vanessa grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest as Morgan and Maeve led her to the bar.
“You can’t set fire to everyone who upsets you!” Morgan reminded her flame-haired friend, hurrying to wipe away the ale that had spilled down the front of her blouse.
“Says you!” Vanessa huffed and ordered herself a drink while the rest of the tavern fell back into its norm. “I wasn’t going to hurt him much.”
“Says you!” Maeve grinned and turned back to her patrons.
“I wouldn’t have killed him, just, maimed him a little.” She sighed again and Morgan sat down beside her.
“Just drink.” She laughed, raising her own mug.
“You think we will find many men worthy of our time?” Her friend mumbled into her cup.
“Yes, and they will be focused on the enemy, not your charms.” Morgan stopped to think. “On second thought, no…” But it was too late.
“I shall win them over with my power over the flames. I shall incinerate their enemies so that…”
“Just drink.” Morgan grumbled. “You are hopeless.

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