Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Eighteen

Caught off-guard and waiting for the male to speak, Marena counted the ways she could kill him and get away with it. He’d walked in at the most unfortunate time and was now laying, not only accusations against her, but his hands were nearing places he knew better than to touch. Zander, was not as smart as the others in Pathen’s legion, but he was quick and skilled with his dark-arts, and having laid waste to half a dozen worlds, their dark lord’s current favorite.
Marena hated him for his role in the separation of her and Malice, his arrogance in stepping forward to claim the Valkyrie as if she were a wayward dog. The council had been so bent out of shape over the whole Ra’vyn outburst, they’d given her to him. There had been talk of his tortures, talk that kept Marena questioning his loyalty as he rose through the ranks; always the Valkyrie’s superior.
‘She is not to be harmed under your command!’ They’d told him, but her sources had confirmed that he rarely listened; too, wrapped up in his own ambitions, the Master of the mighty dark Valkyrie. A delusion that kept him going, though Marena was sure if she dug a little deeper, she’d find the child full of fear who drove the monster.
“You tread on thin ice!” Marena warned him, feeling the stone wall against her bare back.
“You think they care what I do with you? Either of you?” He laughed, lips against her neck as his hands pulled up her skirts and caressed her thigh.
“I am not yours to play with!” She hissed beneath his touch as if it burned her. “Pathen will hear of this!” She warned him again.
“As he would here of your precious moments before the mirror, and how...” He moaned, nipping at her ear as he pinned her to the wall. “... you plead with Gods who cannot help you, to convince, my Valkyrie, to deceive me!” He chuckled, dragging his lips down across her chest and pulling at the lace of her corset with his teeth. “What would he say when he learns his precious pet, has deceived him?”
His grip grew rough, his nibbles turning to bites as if he bore fangs beneath his kisses. His scent was full of lust and he growled as the need took hold of him. She tried to hold him off, his fingers knowing no bounds beneath her furled skirts. This was forbidden, but then, so was Malice and look what he’d done to her. She’d been tortured for starters and who knew what else the vile heathen had done…
The next thing Marena knew, his trousers were hitting the floor and he was laughing in anticipation. “I take, what I want...” He growled at her, positioning himself before her with that crazed look in his eyes. “... and I want you!” He hissed and she felt the heat and pulse of his sex against her.
That was as far as he would get though, as her Host took control and her hand reached down between the two of them. With throbbing member in hand, she pushed against him, careful not to let him stumble as she led him towards a nearby chair.
“You want, this?” She moaned, her voice like that of a hundred Angels singing in a choir. “You think you deserve, this?” She whimpered, one hand on his shaft as the other went to work unfastening her skirts which fell to the floor a moment later.
“I...” He let out, falling limp at the realization of what he’d done; who he’d done it to.
“Oh, now we cannot have that!” She purred, stroking him hard once again before she fell into his lap. “Nor...” She carried on, sliding herself down upon him. “...can we dismiss, such hateful, words...” She moaned, her hips rocking back and forth in his lap as her scent seeped into his pores.
“I am sorry, my...”
She silenced him with a kiss before burying his face between her breasts. He felt wonderful, though she’d had better. She was an Eno’tai of great standing, he had no idea what she’d do with him, nor did he care with such pleasures escaping her body. Harder and faster, her whimper growing until she arched her back and let the shudders rip through her. Wave after wave, the sensations washed across her body until the last was but a ripple of what had been.
His hands fell to her waist, but he felt the sting of her hand across his face as she rose to her feet, panting as she caught her breath. “You would dare touch, me?” She hissed, reaching for a sheer black robe that hung at the end of her bed.
“But I have not...” He let out, nodding to the very erect appendage that bobbed between his legs.
“We asked if you wanted it, there was no mention of your finishing!” She laughed, knowing fine well that he’d carry her scent back to the Valkyrie and hopefully, she’d kill him for it.
“You, Bitc...” He started, but she was before him so fast, satisfied and still rather angry.
“We would remind you of who you are speaking to!” Her voices lashed out again, but that sweet chorus that had tempted him was now an inferno of despair, adding to the agonizing need for release he now felt. “You, serve us, not the other way around!” Her Host reminded him.
“And you allow your Hosted self to communicate with the enemy?” He choked out.
“You know nothing.” Marena’s Host was now growing tired of his presence.
She’d gotten what she wanted and she cared not that Zander suffered before her. Who was he to question her? Or her Host?
“Pathen will hear of this?” He hissed, glaring down at the bobbing cock that ached for attention.
“Before, or after he hears about your, special needs? The ones that would see you stripped of your command, for good? Oh yes, your troops know not what a secret like that could do to their master.” Her host laughed again. “Get out, and do not ever come near us again.”
The moment he was gone, Marena felt the control slip back to her; but with a warning attached. ‘The Valkyrie will be the death of us!’ Her Host’s words circled in her mind.
Marena was already dead inside. They had taken Malice from her, there was no way they could hurt her further; and after the visions her Host had shared with her, Marena now knew Zander’s little secret. He would never try that again, or blue balls would not be the only thing he suffered from.
‘How did you know about his, shall we call it a fetish?’ She let her mind wander, a thing she’d tried not to do for quite some time.
To’lan had become distant, disturbed. She refused to speak unless spoken to by her lord or defend herself, and even then, it was no more than a few words. At first Marena had thought it was due to not having Malice around, but lately…
‘We are tired, Marena. Let us rest.’ Her Host replied, receding deeper into her mind and Marena once again was filled with sorrow.


Morgan watched her mother tousle Vanessa’s hair, hearing herself exhale the breath she was holding. She’d heard the smart-assed comment Vanessa had made in regards to the male and was quite relieved when her mother chuckled. Morgan rolled her eyes and sighed as her mother’s stare fell upon her.
“Well, I see you’ve come back in one piece, my daughter.” Maeve chuckled and Morgan flushed as she looked over at her mother
“You had doubts?” Morgan cocked an eyebrow.
“Doubts, no. Worries, hell yes, child. You’re a healer, Morgan, not a warrior!”’ Maeve growled at her daughter, then shook her head.
“I’m a grown female and I can look after myself!” Morgan snapped at her mother. “I don’t need...”
“Oh damn, would you look at that!” Vanessa grumped, interrupting the conversation. “Morgan, you got ale all over my pretty shoes!”
Looking over at her best friend and the pout she carried over those damn shoes, Morgan flushed angrily. Her cheeks were turning red and she was about to snap at Vanessa, when she caught the wicked gleam in the female’s eyes.
The resounding giggle that burst forward from Vanessa’s lips, along with the throaty chuckle from Maeve, had Morgan’s mind swirling in a tizzy. “You two are killing me. It would be easier to just..... ugh, never mind.” She grumbled, as she shifted her feet uncomfortably under her mother’s gaze.
“So, what was all the fuss when your patrol came in earlier this evening? They have been talking about it over their cups of ale all night.” Maeve enquired looking intently at Morgan.
“Well, now that’s the most interesting thing.... “ Vanessa replied, “they found.....”
Morgan coughed loudly and glared at Van. “Oh, uh, sorry, Morgan. It is your story, but it is so exciting. To think, another mage just like me!” Vanessa babbled on.
Maeve looked from one to the other, raising her eyebrow. “Another, Fire Mage? Of the same blood line? Oh, may the Gods protect us!” She teased.

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