Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Twenty-Five

To say the council was mad, was an understatement. His hold on the Valkyrie was slipping, he knew this. He could feel it; but what was worse, Marena was slipping too. There had been too many close calls, even with her Host, To’llan, guiding her. He knew it was Malice who kept the wayward female in check and that having her back would strengthen his hold; he just had to get Malice under control.
‘She is reckless and cannot be tamed!’ They had told him. ‘She will turn on you in a heartbeat!’
They had wished to warn him, but Pathen knew what sort of prize he’d obtained. A Valkyrie was an incredible warrior, Malice, even more so; but it seemed Anaxa was the only one willing to give him the time of day when it came to the ‘wild and winged heathen.’
‘Our sisters corrupt their minds, for they fear your pet!’ Anaxa had laughed. ‘Worry not what they say and focus on keeping the warrior on our side. She may prove useful yet!’
“Marena?” He heard the Valkyrie’s voice emanating from the dresser; and for the first time since he’d walked into the female’s room, he realized what had been happening.
It was more than the link between Hosts. It was the damn mirror. Malice was calling for Marena and he felt the sudden need to answer. “My dear, Malice?”
There was silence for a time, but then came the submissive voice that pulled at the strings in his chest. “My Lord!” She replied and his stomach swarmed with butterflies. “I wished only to report on the advance towards Misthaven and...”
“Would you not report that to Zander?” He cut in, crossing his arms over his chest. “Or is he not worthy of such a position?” He added with a grin.


“I would, my Lord, but he is, uh...” She’d started, but the lack of proper wording was leaving her mind in a fog; did he know?
“A dead-man!” Pathen cut in once more and Malice felt the chills run down her spine; he knew, that rat-bastard had spilled the beans.
“What?” Malice choked out.
She’d half expected a reprimand for, was it considered striking a superior officer? Or did the rectal insertion of dangerous and inanimate objects get its own special name? Who the fuck knew? She didn’t, nor did she expect the words that fell from his lips next.
“She misses you!”
That hurt, way more than any pain she’d ever received. Perhaps this was her punishment? She missed Marena more than anything and he dared use it against her?
“I do not expect you to love us all, Malice, but please, tell me, at the very least, that you still love Marena?”
Of course she did, but why would she admit that and get caught up in another one of his sick and twisted traps? She’d told the truth last time, and gotten a whole fucking race wiped out. No wonder everyone lied through their teeth.
How was she supposed to know the male was a Ra’vyn, and that he’d belonged to the Shadows? He’d been more than willing to share her bed, and she was damn sure there were no feathers involved. He’d been a male, a masterpiece carved of flesh and bone and she’d been so lonely.
‘She lies!’ She heard the council’s words in her mind. ‘She is Valkyrie, she can smell a Ra’vyn a mile away. So, either she is lying, or she is broken…’
“We love her more than anything!” She heard the words leave her lips, a gesture from the Host that resided inside her.
“Good, then know that when this is all over, you will be welcome once again into her arms!” He told her, and she wanted nothing more than to reach through that mirror and strangle him; he was the reason they were not together now.
More lies. Marena’s arms were already open, or as open as they could be, imprisoned in her dark tower. They had been forbidden to see one another, forced to play the hands dealt to them by their Masters. They were not free to make their own choices or be where they wanted to be; with each other.
“... and then you will kill him!” Pathen finished, and the sound of death brought her back to reality.
“My Lord? I do not understand?” It was not like her to hesitate, but she really wasn’t sure if she’d heard him right.
It would be a dream come true, to rid the world of such vile scum as Zander, but he was her commanding officer and despite what she wanted, he was in charge. Killing him, without orders from above would be treason. She was already in enough shit, so she had to be sure.
“Once you have taken Misthaven, you will return to us with Zander, preferably, in a non-breathing state!”
She hadn’t imagined it. He wanted her to kill Zander? When? And for what? But those were questions she could not ask; yet. Ignorance was key in obtaining Pathen’s demise. If she did this, for him, any punishments she endured would also fall upon him.
“Of course, my Lord!” Malice let out and before she knew it, their connection was gone and the small locket she held in her hand went dark.
A low growl sounded in the back of her mind, pitched for her ears only. The words ‘puppet master’ may have been spoken. The feline was irritated and muttering, having spent most of the night working quietly to get back into place. The Host’s traps had multiplied since last she’d ventured this way, but the feline had successfully completed the delicate task of splicing her way into every nook and cranny, that she now had a clear path to Malice’s mind.


“How is she?” Belvaya inquired as she skipped up onto the rickety old patio.
She could feel Khia’s presence, knew she was there, but until she heard the buzz of the veil as she passed through it, the female remained hidden. So too, did the white washed railings of the balcony she stood before, peering out over an elegant garden. A sanctuary of her own, lost in the deep, swampy surroundings of her hide away.
“She sleeps and she dreams…” Khia sighed, hanging her head. “... horrid, vicious dreams!”
“But she will be safe?”
“Yes, she will be safe, and yet, our plans…” Khia groaned. “We cannot send her to the palace like this, she is too unstable!” The female shook her head. “She will need training to control her anger and fear. If she is ever to hide away among the people, she must learn to act like one of them. She must be taught, and her teacher must have patience for such a task.”
“Who do you have in mind?” Belvaya inquired with a raised brow, for whoever it was would have a handful to deal with.
“Kordahn, of course!” Khia smiled, but it faded away quickly and Belvaya caught sight of something in her mind.
A tall, blonde Einherjar with eyes of blue and a smile to light up the heavens. He was traveling to Earth…
“Where is he?” She eyed the female, changing the subject completely.
Khia did not answer and Belvaya felt a pull in her gut. “Tell me you didn’t send him to her?” The thought of Ahlexander in that female’s grasp was enough to cause her knees to shake.
“She knows what she is doing!” Khia replied in a short manner. “We need her if the plan is going to work!”
Maisura was a cunt. Plain and fucking simple. She’d wound Ahlexander up so tight that when the string was finally cut, he’d almost drowned in it.
“Fuck.” She sighed, hanging her head.
She’d lost him.
“Go and be with Mist and the others. When this is all over...”
“When this is all over, you and I are going to have a nice long chat!” Belvaya growled and turned from the patio, disappearing back into the darkness she’d come from.
She was expected in Misthaven. The others would already be there by now, but she really wanted to find Ahlex. It was a choice between a trip across the universe to rescue Ahlexander from the clutches of chaos, or a jump through a portal, followed by a good, half-days ride up the mountain to the city.
“FUCK!” She shouted into the mist. “Well, Belvaya, you’ve really done it this time. You’ve lost him. You’ve really fucking lost him.” The pain was too great and the thought of returning to Misthaven was, well… “FUCK!”

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