Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Thirty

Mist, Sif, Ashlyn and Brunhilde stood together, arguing quietly, as Jack told his grandson what he was really up against. Gil’s mother, Brunhilde, was upset that her son hadn’t been told any of this before; stating it could have prevented many things in the past, had he known what he was up against.
He should have been told this already. To keep it from him was ridiculous. To be told that his foe is nigh on invincible, and on the eve of the battle no less… How is he to prepare himself?’
She was beside herself. It was true, that she herself had kept quiet under orders, but it was common knowledge that to advance in the Valkyrian ranks, one must have first acknowledged his ancestral routes. How could Gil have truly passed, not knowing about Malice and Jack?
‘He is my son, Ashlyn, not some sacrificial lamb that you and Janice can drag to the slaughter. Elder or no, I will not allow it!’
Gil turned when he heard his mother’s mind-voice. It was never a good sign when your mother and mother-in-law were arguing.
‘It’s alright, mom. I am sure that preparations are already being made to counter Malice’s powers.’
He chuckled as Mist and Sif came to stand beside him.
Sif smiled, laying a hand on Brunhilde’s shoulder. “He is our husband, Elder. We would do all we could to ensure nothing happens to him.”
Her words and the sly smile on her face, seemed to pacify them both and they embraced as Mist lead Gil to get another mead. As he drank, he couldn’t help but think about his own words. He’d just assured his mother that he could handle it, his wives had assured her that they too could handle it; but could any of them actually handle a beast such as Malice?
’You worry too much!” Mist’s voice entered his mind. ‘Relax, enjoy the night! Things will work out!’
‘I certainly hope you’re right, wife.’
He smiled back at her.
‘Misthaven is safe this night.’ She whispered, laying a kiss upon his cheek.


The ceremony had been glorious, the feast even more so. Morgan was beyond dazzled, admiring each piece of décor as Vanessa nit-picked over everything. Or had been, as the case was now. Morgan grinned and shook her head at the empty mugs before her friend. She could only imagine the copious amounts of mead that Vanessa had consumed; which in turn led to her giggle-filled attempt at dancing. It mattered not that she a-top the table and not firmly planted on the ground, all Morgan could do was stand there and watch with amusement.
Vanessa twirled, smiling a sweet smile as a glint of deviance gleaned in her eye. Morgan’s mouth fell open and her own eyes widened, the sight of Vanessa’s body moving with the music, slowly, almost deliberately, undoing her bodice…
The feisty little female grinned wider, her fingers pausing just under her breasts, then looking up at Morgan, she waved for her to come closer. Morgan looked around, realizing more than a few people had stopped to watch the beautiful Elf dance. Moving quickly from the pillar she was leaning on, Morgan made for the table.
“Van, come down from there, I think we need some fresh air!” Morgan pleaded.
“Um, no!” Giggled Vanessa, “You, however, can come and dance with me!” She giggled again evading Morgan’s hand. “Don’t be such a spoilsport! You know I love to dance. It makes me feel free!” She was drunk, lifting her skirts giving everyone a glance of her very shapely calves.
Morgan couldn’t help stare at those perfectly shaped legs, “Van, please?” She begged her friend.
Once more Vanessa’s infectious laughter could be heard, and once again, she evaded Morgan’s hands.
Frowning at the Elf, Morgan sighed, “Then you leave me no choice…”
Placing her gaze firmly on her friend, Morgan started chanting under her breath. Drawing on the wild magic that was always present in the air around her, she focused it into a gentle stream and released it just as Vanessa began to twirl. The magic swirled around her feet, like a Cat, winding itself around your leg. It was just enough to cause the young Elven maiden to miss-step and a moment later she began to tumble.
Morgan moved quickly enough to help ease her fall and both girls tumbled to the floor. Vanessa’s face hovered inches from Morgan’s, an odd smirk beneath a raised brow. Was she going to lose it? Would there be yelling? Neither happened. In fact, Vanessa just smiled and leaned in closer, softly kissing an astonished Morgan. In turn, Morgan’s face began to resemble a bright-red beacon, flushed and captivated by what had just happened.
She’d have given in to the moment, had she not remembered where they were, and why she’d wanted Vanessa off the table in the first place. Wiggling free, she rose to her feet. “Right, now that everyone has been sufficiently entertained, let’s get you home, Van.” Morgan suggested as Vanessa began to pout.
Grabbing hold of her, if only to help her walk, Morgan strode out of the great hall, dragging Vanessa behind her as she bowed her head at all she passed. It was a sight for sure. Both of them disheveled, hair tossed about and faces flushed. Morgan couldn’t speak for Vanessa, but there was a lingering wetness between her thighs, adding to the discomfort. Of all the places…
“Where are we going?” Vanessa mumbled, trying hard to keep on her feet as she held the front of her blouse closed with one hand.
Morgan ignored her, but she knew fine well where she was taking her. Home. Vanessa had had enough excitement, and mead. The confines of her mother’s inn would be better, as would a nap. There was no way Morgan was going to let Vanessa attempt to make the journey home like this.
Getting Vanessa into the inn had been the easy part, getting her up the stairs and into a room was a little trickier. Nonetheless, thirty minutes later and Morgan was shutting the door.
“Why did we have to leave?” Vanessa whined, falling flat on her back against the mattress. “I was having fun, weren’t you having fun?”
Morgan sighed, “You were having enough fun for the both of us, Vanessa. I mean, look at you, your bodice is half undone, exposing your chest…” Her face flushed as her eyes came to rest on Vanessa’s open bodice.
Vanessa turned slightly, staring at her with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Well, you didn’t seem to mind when I landed on you, or when I kissed you......” She mused.
“I, uh....” Morgan stumbled for words as Vanessa rose from the bed and made her way towards her.
“You seemed to like it.” Vanessa teased her, “I saw you staring at these!” Vanessa raised her hand and slid a finger, sinfully and slowly, over the exposed flesh of her breast. “And the way your eyes sparkle when you look at them, even now...” Vanessa moaned as she lifted her skirts, revealing those shapely calves once more.
Vanessa halted just in front of Morgan, who was still leaning on the closed door. A teasing smile crossed Vanessa’s pretty lips and she reached down and grabbed Morgan’s hand; placing it upon her warm breast next to her own. Morgan’s breath caught at the feel of the soft warm flesh under her fingers. Her eyes changing color to a soft bronze-tinted green. Vanessa edged herself closer, shuddering under the feel of Morgan’s fingers tracing her skin. Under the material, cupping her breast, thumb brushing against the tip of Vanessa’s now hardening nipple…
Morgan couldn’t help herself and leaned in slightly, kissing her softly, at first. Vanessa pushed her body closer to Morgan’s with a moan, her arms sliding about the female’s neck as her tongue teased her way inside. Kissing her harder, her other hand reached up, tangling in Vanessa’s hair and pulling her head to one side. Oh, it was a sinful web she had caught herself in this time, and Morgan didn’t care.

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