Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Thirty-One

‘Malice, I will work on your memory archives tonight. We can only hope that it will help you remember more, but you can’t let on. I don’t want your Host to know. If she were to learn that you are becoming more in control of yourself… At least until I have cut more of her strings.’
‘What of the rose? The black one I keep seeing?’
‘Yes, the black rose. A symbol of your past, perhaps?’
‘And the male who holds it?’
‘He may help or hinder. That I do not know, but I feel an attachment, if not physically, then emotionally. You should listen, with caution, to whatever he has to say. If, he says anything at all.’
The kitty rubbed against Malice’s in her mind. ‘For now, try to get some sleep, it will make it easier for me to work!’ The Feline chuckled and slipped off to a heavily misted area of Malice’s mental inventory.
It would take most of the night and well into the wee hours of the morning, but the Cosmic Critter was bound and determined to untangle and snip every sick little tendril, save one. Hours upon hours, picking through a nasty mess until finally, she had to rest her eyes.
‘Malice, I will be back. I’m afraid I’m in need of a nap.’
With that, the Cat was gone and Malice once again was left to her own dreams, lost in the chaos that had consumed her.


“I thought I might find you out here?” He chuckled and let himself fall into the wall.
Dark skinned and smelling of campfire, she eyed him up and down. “Where are the others?” She asked with a sigh and returned her gaze to the valley below.
There was no way they could have sailed the Sea Rose up that small-ass canal, so where was her ship?
“She’s safe!” The dark knight grinned, the whites of his teeth shinning beneath all that black. “And her Captain?”
“She’s a mess, as per her usual.”
“As per her usual!” He sighed in agreement. “But, she should worry not...”
“He’s gone!” Belvaya groaned, wanting nothing more than to climb into a hole and waste away. “I fucked up, and he took the first posting he could; with her!” She shuddered, the thoughts circling her mind like bloody vultures.
Belvaya, hated Maisura. Of all the cunts out there, she was the worst. A Succubus with no morals, she’d do anything to get what she wanted and cared not who got in the way; even Ahlexander. Mist had warned her of the female and how she’d stolen him away from her side. Her own Einherjar, and now, that bitch had him in her grasp again; or would soon enough.
“He’s not gone for good!”
“Yes he is, Neframi! I lied to him and he took the first job he could, which just so happens to include that cunt!”
“She is the only one who knows where my brother is!” The dark giant sighed. “Montago has been deep undercover for a while now, not even our parents know where he is!”
“On Earth?”
“Something about Vampires, who knows?” He shrugged his shoulders and pulled himself away from the wall, the drink settling in his veins and he wobbled as he walked.
“That cunt knows how I feel about him, and she’s going to send Ahlex right into the middle of some shit show, I know it!” Belvaya growled. “She’ll use him, just like she uses your brother!”
“She controls the forbidden zone, Bel, and that’s where Mist sent him!” The dark male shook his head.
“I shouldn’t have lied to him! I should have told him everything but I didn’t, and now he’s gone and I can’t go after him!”
“Look, Mai knows where Montago is and as soon as they find him, she’ll be out of the picture...”
“And until then, she’ll have him on bended knee...” She couldn’t finish that, for the thought of him serving her in any way remotely sexual was beyond disturbing. “I’ve lost him, Neframi! He’s not coming back, not to me anyhow, therefor you will have to take his place as second aboard the Sea Rose!”
“But...” He started, though a raised hand had him silent.
“I know when I’ve lost, my friend, but I won’t let it slow me down! There is a party going on inside and I hear there are drinks to be found.” With that, she vanished from site, leaving one very confused Angel behind.
He hoped like hell she was right, for if it had been him, there was no telling what he’d do if his lover had returned to a bitch like Maisura. She may have controlled the Forbidden Zone, but that didn’t mean he had to like her.


Vanessa wrapped her hands in Morgan’s hair taking her time and savoring every moment. Her lips caressed the sensitive folds of her ear and as she reached inside Morgan’s blouse, pinching a nipple, she bit down gently causing her to gasp.
“I think you like this.” She purred into her ear.
“Oh Goddess, Van!” Morgan cried out as Vanessa’s nimble fingers worked their magic across her sex.
Stripping Morgan to her birthday suit, she led her backwards and laid her gently on the bed. As far as she knew, it was Morgan’s first time experiencing such sinful pleasures, especially with an Elf such as she. Humans sometimes had strange ideas when it came to sex, but for the most part, enjoyed themselves. If only they knew what truly awaited them, but then, they’d have to drop the prudish acts first and open their eyes.
Shaking her head, the Eleven sorceress slid lower, licking and nibbling at her friend’s inner thighs. Morgan squirmed and giggled, moaning in pleasure as she arched her back. Ever so carefully, Vanessa set out to ensure that Morgan received the full treatment, taking it slow at first so as not to over-do it. Slowly and gently, running her tongue up the side of her thigh and across her sex. Morgan whimpered, biting her bottom lip as her body begged for more.
“Oh, Van…” Morgan howled as both hands fisted in her hair, the feel of lips once again nuzzling against her.
“Hush!” Vanessa whispered into her folds, driving Morgan’s back up off the bed, “Someone, will hear us…”

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