Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Thirty-Three

Morgan’s body shivered as Vanessa’s tongue touched her, back arching pushing her hips down, desperately wanting her tongue and mouth not to stop exploring.
“Oh please, don’t stop” She moaned as she felt Van’s mouth pull away. “Oh, by the Goddess, Van!” Morgan panted, “That was...” She giggled, her face flushing and her eyes gleaming as she ran her fingers through Vanessa’s hair.
“Well, my love, we are not finished yet.” That wicked glint appeared in her emerald-green eyes once more. “It’s your turn!” She grinned, dropping the straps from her shoulders.


Malice awoke as the sun peaked over the horizon. Stretching out, she peered over, eyeing the platter orderly had set out. Such a good boy, he knew just what she needed after a night of tossing and turning; which had her wondering if just maybe, the poor bastard had been watching her while she slept?
Shrugging it off, she rose from her bed and made for the fresh scent of fruit juice. It was her thing, starting the day with a freshly squeezed glass of citrus-filled goodness. That sucker-punch, first thing in the morning as the tang hits your tongue, it was sure to waken even the sleepiest of soldier. A must, if Malice was ever to handle the rest of her day. Her nights had been filled with nightmares and chatterings of a fur-covered beast. If anything could hold the insanity at bay, she needed it.
Grabbing hold of the glass, she brought it to her lips, take a good, long sniff at the contents. Orange. Lime. Tangerine. And was that a hint of Cinnamon? Not her usual, but it added a certain kick that she couldn’t quite place.
“Bloody hell!” If only she could spend her days wondering such meaningless dribble.
She had her orders, which she looked forward to with a sly grin upon her face. Finally, something was going to go right and that bastard Goblin was going to meet his end; just as soon as she could arrange it. Why the order had been given, she couldn’t care less. Zander had it coming.
Malice?’ The voice whispered in her mind. ‘Be careful in all that you do. We grow closer to freedom and that will surly cause a storm.’
‘Thank you, Kitty?’ Malice replied with a cocked brow. ‘Do you have any name I could call you, at all? A designation? Anything?’ An insane need to apologize rose within her. ‘Kitty just seems so rude, and well, in my world, pussy has an entirely different meaning altogether…’ Her words faded as the thoughts sprang to life.
There were many meanings indeed. The Human’s were always coming up with news ones too. As if referring to a female’s sexual organs like a cat, actually made it easier to understand what they were talking about. Then there was the word asshole. In general, it was a useful thing, ridding the body of waste. To call someone an asshole, when in fact that person was not useful…
The Human language was bizarre indeed, and there was no way she could call the Cosmic Critter, Pussy, with a straight face. The Feline, on the other hand, sat back on her haunches with a huge grin, reminding Malice of what she called, the full-fang treatment.
You may call me, sister, I suppose. I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just that if we never meet in person, I don’t want you to become, attached. You have too much sorrow already, adding my name to a list as such, seems heartless.’
Malice raised her brow even higher.
‘What we are doing here, could end my life.’
The critter bowed its head. ‘I don’t want you to have to add my name to the list of lost. If you called me sister I will just be added to a spot that is there already…’ The Feline shrugged in an almost, Human manner. ‘If I survive I will find you again. May take a few years, but I will seek you out.’
‘Someone must trim the strings attached to your unconscious bodily functions, and there is a great deal of clutter surrounding your auditory processing center. Apart from the four threads left near your hypothalamus…’
The Feline rubbed up against Malice’s image, but the Valkyrie had to stop her new friend.
‘Let’s pretend that I understood everything you just said and move on to the part where you explain why you’re doing all this, again?’ Malice frowned.
It sounded like a lot to handle and Malice wasn’t used to having people, help her. Her heart was breaking as the creature disappeared back into the fog. It had made a difficult choice, one Malice wasn’t sure she could have made herself. To act with the knowledge that life may end for you, for the sole purpose of ensuring that it would go on for another…
Malice closed her eyes and bowed her head, vowing that if it happened, she would defy the infinite to bring this little creature back. If any soul deserved to walk among the Valkyrie as Einherjar, it was the feline.
‘Sister?’ Malice called out in a panic, so many questions filling her head as the troops began to stir outside her tent. ‘Tell me why you would risk so much?’ She had to know.
Silence followed, grasping hold of Malice’s heart and squeezing hard. Why was the Feline not answering? How far could she have gone in the mere seconds that had passed? Did time pass faster where the creature had gone?
Still in a panic, Malice began to speak the words that accompanied the right of choosing, calling out for the critter. They would be bonded, as all Einherjar and Valkyrie, and Malice would know the moment the little Kitty’s life ceased to exist.
‘I, Malice, daughter of Ashlyn, do choose you, oh Cosmic Kitty, to be mine Einherjar and stand against all that would threaten our peace…’
As one of her Einherjar, the Feline would share some of Malice’s powers and would feel the emotions that ran rampant through Malice’s body. No two beings would ever be as connected as they were now, Malice just hoped the little critter would make it through this hair-brained scheme.
There was a flash of brilliant white light and a moment later she heard one of the sentries outside her tent, reporting to Piper that she was in one of her moods. Ha, if the poor fool only knew!
Making her way from the confines of her tethered abode, the leader of the fallen saluted the male as he cocked his brow her way.
“What’s this I hear from your sentries, that you threatened to turn them inside out?” Piper held his pose for a second, then both he and Malice let out a round of roaring laughter.
“I had to keep them on their toes!” Malice sighed. “I’ve reported in and it’s official.” She snickered. “It’s time for the Master of Bastardry, to die.”
“Wow!” Piper let out with a shudder. “You said that with, meaning!” He shook his head with another sigh.
“It was meant to sound that way, for I mean to end the sod for all he’s done; not only to me, but to the countless innocents along the way.”
“This is war, Malice! They, are our enemies!”
“And those who bore no weapons when he took them from this life?” Malice scowled beneath a furrowed brow.
“Well, no…” Piper cut in.
“And there were many!” Malice growled. “Zander may have been in command, but his ways are beyond ruthless and vile. We bow down to his will, because why? He is our superior?”
“A superior asshole, maybe!” One of the soldiers chuckled, but Piper’s face still held that look of concern.
“We have all done things we are not proud of…”
“Oh, that bastard was proud of everything he did. Right down to the moment he served me to his men like the last supper. A toy to occupy his heathenish scum.” She glared at the man.
The most loyal of all her soldiers, it was his job to question everything she did. He was her second, and a damn good one at that; but sometimes, you just had to beat some sense into him to get him to truly, understand. The male had to learn the hard way, like she did. Perhaps that was why they got along so well? That, and the fact he could read her mind and was, at that very moment, trying to hold back a smile. He knew what it meant to her to finally hold the bastard’s head in her hands.
“Now, this is going to end one of three ways, but should prove to be entertaining nonetheless.” She was grinning from ear to ear as she pulled them in closer, unleashing her thoughts upon them all.

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