Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Thirty-Five

The Dark Valkyrie smiled broadly as she felt her little sister’s contentment. With that, and a platoon of fallen soldiers, they approached the Goblin camp. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing fiercely, carrying with it the impending doom of one, Commander Dick-head.
Malice paused for a second to ask her second a question. “Peiper, where do your loyalties lie?”
“Uh, pardon?” He replied and she laughed.
“Well, do they lay with me, or with Pathen and the Masters?”
Both she and the man met eyes. He knew she could sense any mistruths, so he spoke frankly. “I follow you, great Lady! If I may be frank?”
“As opposed to Harold?” She teased.
“That weasel tried to coerce me into killing you. If it were not for lady Marena… Look, I know that you seek vengeance….”
“And?” Malice inquired with raised brow.
“And, I’m surprised it took you this long.”
“Peiper, I plan on making those responsible, pay in full. As I said, patience, my old friend. It drives them wild!” Malice grinned as a thin black layer of leather enveloped her body, followed by the shimmering, razor sharp scales of her midnight-colored armor.

Today would be a good day, she thought, as she blinked to the top of a large boulder and knelt down to wait until the Goblin horde sensed her presence.
“This might take a bit!” She sighed, using her knife to make a small cut across her palm. “Goblins are not the sharpest tools in the shed.” She added, lifting her hand to the wind. “But blood, now that is one thing they cannot resist. Can smell it over a mile away…”
Off in the distance, little by little, the crowd of green, slimy looking buggers stopped what they were doing and turned her way. The smell of her blood had them howling, but the site of her wings spread wide in a formal array of silver and black feathers...
Malice smiled wickedly as one of the creatures ran off to warn Zander of her arrival. Did he know what awaited him? Had someone warned him? Or was he still reeling from his latest anal intrusion? Either way, that slimy little fucker was hauling ass towards Zander’s war tent.
He could warn Zander all he wanted, for there was no escaping the wrath; not this time. Malice laughed as she slid down the rock face and surrounded by her platoon she made for the bastard’s tent. Sensing danger, the Goblin horde circled them, Peiper and the platoon in all ushering grunts and groans of disapproval.
“What is the meaning of this?” The male of the hour finally arrived, glaring at Malice as if she owed him something.
“She’s planning something, sir!” One of his goons exclaimed, eyeing Peiper in much the same way.
“Speak, whore!” Zander growled, clenching his fists tight.
Was he nervous? Could he tell that in mere moments, he’d be drawing his last breath? Who knew? Who cared? Malice was enjoying herself, watching as the worm squirmed before her.
“To me, it looks like we have ourselves a good old-fashioned standoff.” She teased, even drew some chuckles from those standing on Zander’s side of the line.
It wasn’t hard to choose for some, seeing her fully armored, they’d backed off. Not this lot, though. They were as dumb as they came, believing their lord and commander would protect them. Zander was no more able to defend himself, let alone a horde of Goblins. The only thing that had kept him alive until now, was the blackmail laid down by her Masters. Had she touched him before, Marena would have been served Zander on a silver platter. Now, the powers that be had seen fit to grant her wishes, and the fun was about to begin.
“I order you all to stand down, even you, Peiper! Call of your platoon…”
“I can’t do that!” Peiper replied, crossing his arms over his chest.
“You can’t… Have you lost your mind? I am your commanding officer and I have given you an order.”
“No, you were, my commanding officer.”
“What? How dare you betray me…” Zander hissed, waving for his men to move in and apprehend what he called the heathenish traitor.
None of them moved.
“By the order of the Shadow Council, Zander, son of Grolg, you have hereby been sentenced to death for the actions committed against your own people. Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out?”
“What crimes? Against which people?” He shouted back at her, his eyes growing wider as he looked around for help.
“There have been many…” Malice started, but the bastard cut her off.
“You dare accuse me of treason?”
“Shall we name some of them?” Malice smiled, eyeing the crowd that had gathered.
“I think we should!” Peiper grinned. “Starting with yourself, my lady!”
“Lady? Have you gone mad? She’s no lady, just a pussy with wings!”
Malice laughed, remembering her conversation with the Cosmic Feline she now called sister.
“Well, this pussy with wings, remembers well the day she told you she would kill you for all you had done; and today, is judgment day.”


Morgan still reveled in the blissful sensations, wondering why she had never tried this before; and she giggled, causing Vanessa to look at her with a raised brow.
“And what has amused you so?” She smiled, gently tracing her finger along the other woman’s nose.
“Oh, not much!” Morgan giggled again. “I was just wondering why I hadn’t experimented before now.”
“Ha, I knew it!” Vanessa’s melodic laughter echoed round the room, “You have lusted after this exquisite body ever since we met, don’t say you haven’t! I know these things.”
Morgan rolled her eyes, reaching up to pull Vanessa into her arms. “If I remember correctly…” She countered, “…you were just a scrawny red-headed fire ball when we first met!” She snickered
Vanessa turned bright red and huffed, “Well, you were all gangly like a new colt!”
“A new colt?”
“I had to think of something!” Vanessa teased, batting those glorious eyelashes.
Both dissolved into fits of giggles and Vanessa took the opportunity to lay another kiss on Morgan’s lips, before whispering in her ear.
“We should sleep, as we both have to be up early in the morning.” Vanessa sighed, falling back into her pillow.
Morgan laughed, “Van, it is morning.” She reminded her friend, taking in the sun as it shone through the small room window.
The fiery red-head lowered her mouth once more to Morgan’s lips and heat pooled between their thighs. Vanessa’s insistent mouth went to work teasing and nibbling at Morgan’s lips until the dark-haired woman rolled Vanessa on to her back and pinned her down.
“You mentioned things to do…” Morgan moaned in her ear.
Two, could play this game. Shudders rolled over her as Vanessa moaned against her mouth, her fingers dangerously close to those sweet, slick folds, when a hard knock sounded from the bedroom door.
“Morgan? Morgan, are you awake?” Came her mother’s, slightly muffled voice,
“Did Vanessa come home with you? I have someone asking if...”
Maeve’s question dwindled off as she opened the door to a round of giggles and whispers beneath the sheets.
“Ahh, well.... I was wondering when this was going to happen!” Maeve chuckled, watching both girls reddened faces peer out at her.
“Come on you two, get up. There is breakfast downstairs and that little matter of the messenger for Vanessa to deal with!” Maeve chuckled and walked back out the door shaking her head.
They’d been busted, red-faced and naked, but at that moment in time, Morgan couldn’t help but wonder who was at the door for Vanessa.

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