Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Forty-Five

This place was sacred. This place, was far more than Marena could even imagine. The birthplace of mankind, the sanctuary of all sanctuaries and it was here that she and her Valkyrie would finally be alone. Nothing could touch them here. Violence and weapons were forbidden, not even the Eno’tai could do harm within the estate walls. It was a safe haven for many, but for Marena and Malice it was so much more.
After Malice’s little vanishing act, the fool had granted them respite, if only to regroup after such a harsh awakening. Malice had almost certainly left Pathen in a state. Who knew what awaited them when they returned to the Shadow Tower. What sort of terrors had the Valkyrie invoked inside his mind? Marena was lost in so many what-ifs…
“Shall we?” Malice turned to her with a smile and started up the steps.
Marena wanted to give in. Wanted to explore this wondrous haven, but she had to be smart about it. She had a plan to work within a plan, and the moonpools of Babylon were a rather, sinful, and yet sinister twist. She had to think, she had to…
“Come, my love!” She heard Malice once more and before she could stop her, the Valkyrie was pulling her down a hall lined with potted plants.


Belvaya felt a pull, her blood boiling as the scene changed before her. What sort of trickery was this? How did she get here? Where was here? A moment ago there’d been a throbbing pain at the back of her neck, locked in a fog of her own making, but now...
A scent in the air told her she was not alone and looking out over the vast meadow, she caught sight of something lurking in the tall grass. She’d gone on many a drunken trip with her mind, but never like this. She’d spent a night in a handmaiden’s mind, watching as she toyed with the baker’s son. Then there was the swordsman, but he preferred other men and that wasn’t as pleasing to see. Nothing against big, hairy... Okay, she had an issue with hair. It belonged on your head, not woven into a rug on your chest and back. Had they been clean shaven and fresh from the showers...
A song let out across the meadow, though not from Human lips. A predatory whine, carried by the wind and enough to make Belvaya shudder. What was that thing? And what the hell was she still doing here?
‘Hello?’ She called out, against better judgment, but she kind of liked the sound of her mind-voice. ‘Anyone?’
Ears perked at the sound of a voice and a head popped above the grass line. Cautiously, the creature rose higher, making her way closer and Belvaya caught sight of its multi-hued coat, sparkling like a rainbow across a freshly dewed meadow.
‘Who are you?’ The creature spoke as its eyes furrowed beneath heavy brows.
So, Belvaya wasn’t exactly expecting an answer, but that voice and that low growl; she was either still really drunk or she was losing it. Sure, she’d talked to herself at times, even out loud; but this? Who was she and what did she want?
It was a she, right? The voice was soft and yet fierce, it had to be a female; but where was she now? Belvaya’s eyes darted all over the meadow, eyeing anything that could have been her. It had been there a second ago, but now all she saw was a grass; and water? Why was there water?


It was hard to imagine that she’d find herself in this place, but Malice had in fact earned the right to a little down time and she’d chosen a full, twenty-four hours with Marena, wherever she saw fit. Who knew that all it would cost was Zander’s head on a spike? Nonetheless, Marena was concerned that their little escape was more than a reward, that Pathen had his own plans.
She followed Malice down the hall and to the left, but there was one thing Marena had to do first. It was well known that those within the walls of Babylon were kept safe, but the secrets that sprang from its wells told of spies and more, hidden away in the shadows. One could never be too careful when visiting the gardens of old.
“No one in, or out!” She told the guards, before locking the doors.
Both males had smiled, their long blonde hair and purple eyes, assuring her they’d keep their word. Hovans, the most trustworthy race in all the Verse. They served no one, not even the Eno’tai could turn them, and so they were banished here, to a place that most had forgotten. A mythic city once heralded as the most beautiful place in the ancient days of Earth, still flourishing for those who knew how to find it. As if lost in time itself, its customs had paved the way for many civilizations, though it remained as it had always been; an ancient city of ancient times. No electricity, no technology. A paradise of the past, preserved perfectly for beings of power.
It was here she’d first taken Malice, seduced her troubled mind with a kiss and a promise of revenge. There had been many questions, but after that kiss…
“Marena?” Her voice carried out across the hall. “Have you lost yourself again?” Malice chuckled.
“I was remembering...” Her words trailed off as she memories brought back something else. “I have a sister!”
“As do I, but she is not who occupies my mind!” Malice grinned and drew closer.
“I mean, I remember her! My memories, they are returning!”
Malice brought her lips to Marena’s in a plea of silence. “You must not talk like that!” She warned her.
‘To’llan knows, my love!’ Marena reached out to Malice’s mind. ‘She wishes for this. It was she who led me...’ She stopped short as her Valkyrie reached out for her hand and pulled her in.
“Can it wait?” Malice moaned as her lips fell away and slid across Marena’s cheek to her ear. “Please, tell me it can wait?” She whispered softly and let her hand slide between the folds in her lover’s skirt.
Marena whimpered, her heart beating faster as the air escaped her lungs. It had been so long since she had been free and in Malice’s arms, that very moment felt as if it were a dream. She didn’t care about the memories, nor the fact that both To’llan and Marwolaeth could see and hear them; Malice was here.
Wrapping her arms around the Valkyrie’s neck, she felt the shudder and the pull, as if every inch of her being needed to feel her touch. Those lips felt like sunshine and her moans sounded like a chorus played just for them. Nothing could break them, not when they were together like they were just now.
“By the Gods, Marena, your lips taste like shimmer wine...” Malice growled, before sliding her tongue down the side of her neck. “I have missed the taste of shimmer wine.”
Marena giggled as Malice nipped at her neck, letting her blood flood as each wave washed over her. They’d not even made it to their room, the heat between them starting a fire that scorched through their veins and their only release, each other’s touch.
One thought led to another, linked as they were, their minds and bodies entwined with those of their Hosts. Every moment was felt by all, each sinful touch, shared; but they were no longer alone as Malice led them past the threshold of the door. Marena gasped and Malice groaned against her chest, working hard to undo the lace ties about her waist, despite the eyes that fell upon them.
“Someone is here...” She whispered, unable to hold back the temptation as her skirts fell to the floor.
“It’s just my Cat!” Malice grinned, hoisting Marena up about her waist and a second later she felt the mattress beneath her.
“Your, Cat?” Marena drew back, eyeing the silly grin on the Valkyrie’s face. “You, have a Cat?”

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