Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Forty-Seven

Malice chuckled at Marena’s reaction and tried to coax the Kitten out to where her lover could see her.

For but a moment, the creature appeared and both Malice and Marena tilted their heads toward each other. ‘What is she?’ Marena gasped as her mind-voice took over.
‘Don’t know and don’t care. She’s…’ Malice let out, but a distinct smell caught her off guard. ‘She’s a friend, Marena. A Cosmic Kitten, under the rather misguided notion, that I can be saved.’ She laughed.
Fresh cinnamon and vanilla. A unique combination she’d not inhaled in many years and it sent her on a trip down memory lane. A hunt through a thick jungle. A sparring match with a female with hair of blue and white. The roar of the crowd as they were named champions…
‘A what, Mal?’
Malice smiled at the Feline and then at Marena, before saying one word in the old Earth language of Welsh.
Keeping her eyes on the lady with the odd-colored hair, the Feline giggled and stole a peek at the two lovers. Such adventurous people. Perhaps one day she could engage in such pleasures; but for now, she remained a Feline with a multi-colored coat. Determination was her friend in a realm that could see her life ended at every turn.
‘I will wait and watch. Listening for the call of an ally.’ The Cosmic creature sighed.
Malice looked puzzled at her words. Someone else was here, she had already felt the presence, but now the Feline was curious too. One thing was for sure, there was a reason for everything her new little sister said and Malice’s curiosity was matching that of her fur-covered friend.
‘Someone else is here.’ Malice said as she did a fast scan of the temple surroundings, searching for anything, or anyone, that could cause them harm.
What she found was a very old and very familiar figure, lurking in the shadows. “Be rid of your worries!” She chuckled and lay back in the bed. “She has come to join us!” She whispered in her ear.
“Who, the Cat?”
“No. An old friend.”
“Who is this old friend?” Marena drew a hand to her chest, if only to still her fast beating heart as the image of the female with the white and blue locks filled her mind. “Bel... Belvaya’s here?” The concern filled Marena’s voice. “But how? We must lea…”
“Not sure, but our Feline friend is about to meet its first Shadowcat.” Mal chuckled. “This should be entertaining.” She stopped short, her eyes locked onto a corner of the room, darkened by something other than shadows.
‘It has been far too long, Malice…’ Talk about old acquaintances popping up out of nowhere.
Was that, Loki?
Malice looked at her lover and sighed. It would appear her sister, Mist, had called in all sorts of favors in hopes of distract her from the end goals. Belvaya, Loki; perhaps even the Cat? Just how close were they all? How drunk did Belvaya have to be, to remember this state of being? Did she even know where she was? As for Loki, there was no telling what that trickster was up to…
“We need to leave.” Marena’s voice called her back to the here and now.
“Nonsense. No one can touch us here, not even Pathen. It is why I chose this place as my reward.” Malice smiled, beckoning Marena into her arms.


‘Are you alright?’
‘Am I okay? Ha!’ Belvaya grumbled in reply. ‘I think you’ve lost your mind, or I have!’
‘How so?’ The voice came again, closer this time.
‘For starters, I’m still drunk!’ Belvaya sighed, landing on her ass in the tall grasses. ‘Then there’s the fact that I’m talking to the wind, in a dream world of my own creation. Makes sense though, considering my mental state, and the issue with my heart...’
‘Issue?’ The Feline queried.
‘It broke! Well, I broke it, with secrets!’ She was muttering away and had no idea why she was revealing so much information. ‘I break everything I touch; it was only a matter of time before I went completely bat-shit crazy.’
Great, now she was validating her situation to a... What was it now? She’d yet to see the thing, but she could hear the low growls and watched the grass rustle about as it circled her. And Ahlex had teased her for having no imagination. She called bullshit, for she was imagining everything from a Winter Wolf to one of those Dragons she’d heard about a few months back. Myths or not, they were there, in the back of her mind and her heart was racing. There was only one thing she could think of to end the tension and the words just fell from her mouth.
‘My friends call me, Bel!’ She blurted out, fingers crossed she hadn’t just invited a madman into her thoughts for tea and crumpets. ‘And yours?’


“Well now, funny you should mention Malice...” Albrecht grumbled quietly and Loki cocked a brow in his direction.
“Yeah, and we have to find her and get this around her neck!” He nodded to the necklace in his hand. “I just need her location!”
“Well you could ask the wench?”
“The medicus, the wench, you really think I need to vent that badly?” Loki laughed and shook his head. “I’m not in the mood, my friend, but thank you for thinking of me!” He turned back to his forge. “Perhaps they would have better luck with you!”
“I, uh, don’t think she likes me much.”
“Who?” Loki asked, confusion lingering in his words. “The medicus or the wench? What did you do?”
“I don’ know, one minute she was complaining about the torches and the next she was on her knees...”
“Good grief, Albrecht, I don’t need a play by play!” Loki cut in.
“No, no, she passed out!”
“The wench?”
“Yes!” The Dwarf muttered, shaking his head.
“Did you fetch the medicus?”
“I’m not carrying her up all those stairs!” Albrecht shot back at him, and Loki spun around, icy blue eyes glaring at the old Dwarf.
“You mean, she’s here?”
“Did you hear anything I said?” Albrecht scolded him. “She came down here to explore, drunker than a tavern whore. Then she just, passed out.”
“And I put her in the only bed I could find!” The old male chuffed, shrugging his shoulders.
“You put her in your room? But it’s a mess!” Loki grumbled and shook his head. “Of all the places...”
“Not my room, I may be old, but I’m not an idiot. Girl wakes up in there she’s likely to die of fright!” The Dwarf chuckled. “No, I put her in your room!”
“You what?”
“It’s way nicer than mine, and closer!” Albrecht chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest.
“You put her, in my room? Down here?” Loki couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“She’s out cold, mumbling about secret cargo and missing friends, and of course, Malice!” Albrecht took on a more serious tone. “I didn’t know what else to do. Maybe you can go look at her? Make sure she’s alright?”
“I’m no medicus...” Loki let out.
“No, but you’ve been with the Valkyrie long enough to have learned a few things, which is even better.” The old Dwarf winked at him.
“If this is one of your tricks...” Loki eyed the old male.
“It’s not, I swear it!” He chuckled and nodded towards the door. “Go, see for yourself!”
“Ugh!” Loki threw his hands up. “Fine; but send word to Mist. Tell her it is done!” He added and set the necklace back in its box. “Maybe let her know about her wayward guest while you’re at it.”
“Sure thing, just as soon as I find myself a good stiff drink!”
“What for?” Loki raised a brow.
“You’ll see!” He grinned back at the mischief maker.

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