Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Forty-Nine

“She doesn’t trust me!” Kordahn shook his head as he paced about the room.
“She will!” Khia smiled back at him. “It will take time!”
“Time is something we do not have!” He sighed, closing his eyes.
He was tired, they both were. Being over ten thousand years old really wore a person out, not to mention the war. It had been waging for years with no end in sight; until now.
“Jayde will come around!”
“Jayde?” Kordahn raised a brow.
“She has chosen to leave the Nassa in the past!” Khia smiled at him. “See, progress!”
“I never understood the Ra’vyns.” He rubbed at his eyes.
“Ohnassa was her Master. She was Jayde, and her people take the name of their Master as their own. Therefore, she was Jayde’Nassa; but no longer!”
“It needs to be something different altogether, like Korrai, or, Tanash! They will know it is her!”
“No, they will not!” Came another voice, so small and insignificant, but he could still hear it.
“Where are you?” He called out, spinning about as he scanned the room. “Come into the light!”
“I am, in the light, and I am Jayde! There will be no other names for me!”
“Come now, Jayde, we do not wish for him to step on you!” Khia grinned and watched as the tiny black spider descended from the ceiling on a single silver thread and landed on the floor beside her.
One moment an arachnid, the next a female who stood as tall as Khia herself. Both stood at shoulder’s height to Kordahn and both had hair of dark black, though the newcomers hung down her back in a thick braid.
“I am Jayde, and I will have my vengeance!” She spoke up, her eyes glaring into Kordahn’s with an icy fire about them.
“She can shift?” He muttered, shock coursing through him.
“They, can shift!” Khia corrected him. “That was their big secret. They held the secrets of others, and yet would never reveal their own.”
“It was too dangerous!” Jayde let out. “We had seen what the Masters had done to the Shadows, we could not allow our kind to suffer the same fate.”
“Wait, the Shadows were not your Masters?”
“They were all our Masters. We did their bidding, remained loyal with their secrets; kept nothing save for this one, insignificant detail...”
“That’s a pretty big detail!” Kordahn shook his head.
“We were loyal!”
“They will not see it that way!” Khia cut in.
“We would have been safe, if not for the traitor!” Jayde spat out. “It was forbidden to lay with another race, though the temptation ran high, a Ra’vyn must always protect the secrets...”
“So, one of your own lay with another?”
“As the story goes!” Jayde crossed her arms over her chest with a look of sadness upon her face. “I, was not there!”
“And what else is said of this story?” Kordahn raised a brow once more, the confusion rolling out like a new carpet.
“That he lay with another and was caught by the Masters. He’d been seduced by darkness and his secrets unleashed in the bed chambers of a Queen, no less!” She shuddered. “Our whole race, destroyed, because of a cock that couldn’t stay in its pants!” She hissed in disgust.
“Well then, we shall have to see your kin avenged!” Khia smiled and looked at Kordahn. “You will train her in the ways of the Guild, and when she is ready, we will help her!”
“We will what?” Her male choked out. “We’re at war, Khia!”
“Yes, we are!” Jayde grinned at him and suddenly vanished from sight, leaving nothing but a few feathers behind.
“And where, might I ask, has she gone now?”
“Into the gardens. She loves to fly!” Khia smiled, the pride written across her face. “With her by our side, this war will end sooner, than later.”


Holy mother of everything that was sacred. That, was a Cat, bearing a multicolored coat, or was it a figment of her over active imagination? Either way, it had pulled her into some sort of delusional meltdown in which… was that, Malice?
‘Owe!’ Belvaya let out as the Cat scratched her hand.
‘Does that feel real enough?’
Okay, so she was real, which meant she was really inside Malice’s mind, but what was the Valkyrie doing?
‘What is your name?’ Belvaya inquired as the giant kitty licked at her paw. ‘How did we get here?’
‘Look, watch! You learn more by listening, than whining!’


Albrecht chuckled and Loki looked up to see his smug grin.
‘Dammit, Mal, answer me!’ Loki called again and the Dwarven smithy put his face in his palm.
“He’s got it bad.” Albrecht chuckled to himself, waiting for the male to lose his shit completely.
“Says the one who talks to himself!” His voice grew darker and he retreated down another hall with Albrecht close behind him.
If anything, he could wake up this sleeping beauty in his bed and ship her off back to Mist. Then, he could curl up in said bed and hunker down for yet another, long, sleep-less night in which he did nothing but think of Malice. One had to love the power of insanity and anxiety. When one wasn’t driving you mad the other was tearing you apart for not being good enough; all in the wee hours of the morning when his brain should have been turned to the off position.
“Hey, go easy on her, will ya? She’s ripe on the drink and if she’s come from above, she may wake up swinging.”
“Dually noted!” Loki waved his hand back. “Now leave me be for a moment. Can’t even breath without someone watching me…” He muttered and disappeared into a room.

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