Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fifty-One

“Is he sleeping?” He heard the mumbles, but turning his head was a bitch and opening his eyes would mean they’d want him to try moving or... No, he didn’t want to think about the or.
‘Let’s see if we can get you up on your feet?’
Nephrami, what a funny guy he was. A total comedian, who at this present time was more of a total annoyance. All Ahlexander wanted to do was sleep. Sleep was good. Sleep let you heal. Sleep meant not thinking about what was to come, cause seriously, he was already over that shit.
Sure, he knew what the fuck was going on. He’d been blasted by a fucking Warlock. Some top-notch magic at that. He hadn’t felt like this since Garanoa. Home base, as he liked to call it, not that he visited it often; or ever. Not only had the place been devastated by a plague that had killed everyone, even him, it was now home to a few military installations and swarming with Insidian Warlords.
“Fuck!” He managed to choke out and felt the cool cloth upon his head as the bandages about his chest were pulled back.
“You are healing, slowly!” She told him, but that voice sent him into a wave of shudders.
Where the hell was he? Was this Sanctuary again?

“Easy now!” Came a male’s voice, not Nephrami’s, but still familiar in some way.
“You will need another treatment!” She sighed and Ahlexander fought to open his eyes; he had to see her.
Instead, he came face to face with a male so tall, his eyes like amethysts, hidden beneath the black and white locks that fell about his shoulders and back. He was massive, and Ahlexander felt as if he’d just shit his pants.
“Whoa now, calm yourself!” The male spoke and again that voice sounded so... “Do you remember me?” He inquired, but Ahlex couldn’t muster the courage to speak.
“Come now, my love, you frighten him!” She spoke again, and catching a glimpse of that long white hair with its blood-stained tips, he knew where he was, but she had called him...
“You will be safe?”
“As will you, with our daughters!” She smiled back at him as he took her in his arms.
Ahlex wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but one thing was for sure, he was back in Sanctuary.
“If they are old enough to fight, then they are old enough to hunt, Ellaria!” He shook his head and placed a kiss upon her forehead. “But I will keep them safe!”
“That is all I ever ask!” She bowed her head and kissed the male’s hand which she held so tightly.
With that, the male vanished without a trace, leaving Ahlexander lying in this bed with one hell of a raging headache. He had to close his eyes. He had to sleep.

“I will call for our friend again, she will see this poison out of you!” Her voice was so pleasant, like birdsong on a mid-summer’s eve.
He could not reply for the pain in his chest was too great. A hammer slamming into an anvil with each beat of his heart. A heart that hurt more than his head.
“Sleep, and dream!” She told him and once again he fell into a deep slumber; but where it took him, was the one place he’d hoped to avoid.
‘Did you really think you’d get a reward, for him?’ Her voice echoed in his head and he turned with chains in hand as she burst from the doors and skipped down the massive stone steps.
She’d beaten him, her prize already deep within the cells of the Null, and here he was, just now making it across that damn bridge. She’d tricked him into this challenge, right in front of the Dark Lord. How could he not have accepted? A chance to show off what he had to offer and gain a place within the fleet...
‘He’s waiting for you!’ She smiled at him, with eyes like stars beneath a blanket of white and baby blue locks that curled about her face.
‘You’re such a bitch, Belvaya!’ He groaned, tugging on the chains. ‘Let’s go, Asshole!’ He called back to the bastard he’d captured. ‘Time to face judgment!’
Working for the Great Courts had its ups and downs, but if he wanted to prove himself worthy enough to serve alongside the elite, perhaps even as one of the Null’s Hunters...
‘I’ll be waiting!’ She called after him and he pulled his own measly prize through the massive wooden doors and down across the courtyard to the throne room.
‘Bring me a Vampire, any will do!’ The Dark Lord had decreed, and while Belvaya had gotten lucky and snagged some hoity-toity, nose in the air debutante with a price on his head, he’d tagged and bagged what he called a street crawler.
“Please. I have to find her!” The bastard pleaded through the cloth bag over his head.
“You shouldn’t have run!” Ahlexander sighed, stopping before the doors to the throne room.
They always ran, but then, so had he. He’d left Mai and come here. He hadn’t actually run away, but he’d left because duty beckoned to him. His honor meant more than his heart. They needed him, he couldn’t turn his back on the Valkyrie. When they called, he had to answer, and this time, it was his Valkyrie who’d called for him. Mist had sent Belvaya to find him; they just had to get this little challenge out of the way first…


If a Feline’s eyes could have gotten any bigger…
This particular critter was in dire need of a cold dip in a lake. And so, she did, right into the deepest, coldest part of the river, drowning out all those naughty flashes. Returning to the shores, the wet and bedraggled Feline wandered back, dripping, but back in control of her faculties.
‘Sorry, Bel, was it? It would seem that Malice is, uh…’ The creature began grooming herself, trying to dry her multi-hued fur before it turned a-la-frizz. ‘Tell me, why are you here? What is it you are hiding from?’
‘I do not hide!’
‘But this is a safe place. One comes here to escape that which endangers them!’
‘Who knows? I drink and I do things like this! It just, happens.’
Belvaya shrugged her shoulders. ‘Not necessarily this grandiose, but yeah.’ Her words trailed off towards the lake.
‘You drink often?’
The giant kitten let out.
‘Only when celebrating!’
Belvaya laughed, wishing there was a bottle of whiskey nearby at that very moment.
‘Pardon my intrusion, but it doesn’t seem like you’re celebrating...’
The cat paused. ‘...more like, moping!’ It added and sat down on its rump as Belvaya’s mind started to swarm with images of Malice.
‘What the mother of all hells, was that?’
She gasped, her hands running down the front of her halter and across her hips to her thighs.
‘Malice has taken a lover!’
‘That, was Malice?’
Belvaya choked out.
‘And the one called Marena!’
Belvaya rolled her eyes, remembering the female all too well. She’d been the one who’d stolen Malice away from her kin. She’d seduced her, tricked and tortured her...
‘But now she wishes to free her!’
The kitty cut in. ‘She wishes for her to leave the Shadowlands and never look back.’
Ha! There was nothing that Marena wanted more than to keep Malice all to herself. Belvaya was well aware of this fact, bearing a scar on her thigh where the cunt had used a sword on her to free Malice from Belvaya’s grasp.
That memory, was never supposed to see the light of day, but oh, there it was. ‘Fuck!’ She sighed and brought her hand to rub at her eyes.

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