Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fifty-Two

Gil was deep inside the bowls of Misthaven in a room he called his command post, and standing beside one of Mist’s most trusted advisors. General Swift was keen and cunning, plotting out Malice’s movements according to the scouting reports.
“All of Ghost Mountain must be emptied. If she has one-hundred thousand men, Goblins and anyone who has an axe to grind with the Valkyrie...”
“Those don’t concern me as much as the battalion of fallen grenadier’s and a full armored brigade. They are highly motivated, fanatical and ruthless.” The general grumbled.
“Tell me something I don’t know.” Gil sighed.
They had few options and he was just starting to formulate a plan when Mist’s message came in.
“What the fuck now? Excuse me a moment, general.” He let out and blinked himself to her side.
Gil looked at his wife and the two younger females, waiting for a reply. Vanessa, the little red-head from the reception, Maeve, Morgan and his wife were having a hard time keeping from laughter.
Rolling his eyes, he knocked on the door. “Hey, old man, what’s going on?”
“Oh, for the love of Christ. I am fine.” Jack snarled, which had Mist turning towards the wall as she giggled. “Just, had a dream is all.”
“Jack, your awake, and its ten o’clock in the morning.” She reminded him.
“For the love of, go the fuck away. I’m fine, it’s just, it’s Malice, okay. She’s doing things…” He moaned and the sound of shudders crept from them all.
Mist and the rest immediately stopped laughing and she approached the door, speaking in a soft gentle voice.
“She’s close, isn’t she?”
“To her orgasm, yes! Now go the hell away and let a man be alone for a time!” He growled, causing them all, even Gil, to turn away from the door and return to the commotion of drinks and mid-day meals.
It was a well-known fact that an Einherjar was linked by blood, to the Valkyrie who had awakened him; but not too many were aware that the bloodline was jinxed, and when in close proximity to any member of that bloodline amidst a sinful…. “Oh, bloody hell.”


Deep below the throne room lay the entrance to the deepest, darkest and most sinister prison in all of the Void. Some would go as far as calling it hell, but those who lived out their afterlife in the cells knew better. It was far worse. You could still walk freely through the fire filled pools and charred terrain in hell, this place, was literally a prison; and ruled over by one beast of a man.
Eroch, Lord of the Void, or as some liked to call him, the Lord of Darkness, stood over six feet tall and weighed in at a good, oh hell, Ahlex could only guess, maybe two hundred and fifty pounds? He wasn’t about to lift the male up to be sure; wind up bent in two and shoved in a suitcase. The stories he’d heard about the mighty male were incredible to say the least, not that the Dark Lord cared much for what was said about him; but still the shadows filled with talk of his past.
A God among Gods, power and strength beyond compare. He ruled the Null with an iron fist, his domain spanning to the edges of the Void. A warrior first, a Lord second. Had it not been for the restraints placed on him by the Great Courts, he’d be out there now, hunting on his own.
But, that was not what great leaders did, as he was constantly reminded. The Council had other plans, which meant Lord Eroch sat upon his throne and shouted orders. Made for one cranky ruler.
‘Take him below!’ His voice had echoed through the hall as he tucked his long black and white hair behind him and sat back in his throne. ‘I’ve no time for this.’
That had put a kink in Ahlexander’s plans. He was going to show off his prize and try to make up for its lack of luster with promise of another. Now though, he was below all that greatness and pulling that stupid Vampire to his cell.
‘Please? I have to find her!’ The Vampire went off again, but Ahlex was done with this day, wanting nothing more than a good stiff drink and a female in his lap.
‘Oh, come on, Ahlex, he wants to find his, lover?’ She popped out of the shadows. ‘Or maybe it’s his sister?’
‘What do you want, Belvaya?’
‘I just want to talk!’
‘I think you’ve said enough!’ He sighed and shook his head.
‘And obviously, you haven’t been listening!’ She rolled her eyes.
‘Oh, I’m listening alright. I’ve heard that Mist has called me home and yet, where are we?’
‘Look, I was sent to find you and bring you back, not necessarily to her!’ Belvaya snapped at him. ‘Not like your thing with Miss Hips was going anywhere.’
‘And what is that supposed to mean?’ He grumbled and tossed the male into the cell.
‘When I arrived, I expected to find you in her pit of Tigers.’
‘No, I was training the others!’
‘Well, she was training in a different subject, and I have to give her top marks, but, Ahlex, it wasn’t you she was tutoring!’ Belvaya cocked a brow at him.
‘Fuck!’ He sighed, his suspicions come to light. ‘The Angel?’
‘Is he an Angel? I thought he’d be a Demon!’
‘That is just like you, judging people by the outside!’ Ahlex shook his head and slammed the door closed behind him.
‘I can tell a lot by the outside design, thank you very much!’
‘Right!’ He laughed, making his way past her. ‘The only thing you see, is the prize!’
‘That is so not true!’ She huffed and made to punch him, but she missed. ‘You’re such an asshole!’
‘Will you two just kiss and make up already?’ Came a voice from one of the cells and both turned to see the large, bulky Insid behind the bars. ‘Your love is so, how you say, cute, you come to me, pretty lady, I’ll make you gag!’ He chuckled and shook his head. ‘Pathetic, you are! Insid female know how to take whole male!’
‘I’ll give you something to gag on!’ Ahlex made to lunge at the bars, but he stopped short as she moved in before him, her hand sliding down his arm.
Something sizzled and a moment later he was watching her slip through the bars and shove her fist into the bastard’s face. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The blood splattered up her white sleeves and dripped from her cheek as she turned back to him.
‘I really, hate assholes!’ She growled, once.
That was all it had taken. The sight of all that blood, his heart racing as she stood there wiping her face. She was a warrior and despite everything he hated about her, he had to admire her skill in battle. That fucker hadn’t even seen her coming.
‘I’m sorry!’ She let out with a sigh, but there was nothing more as he appeared before her, his body on edge as he took in her scent.
His nose touched her cheek, her lips followed in kind. There was something about her that made him want to have her. There was no holding back, and right then and there he started pawing at the halter that covered her blouse. He wanted her badly, no, he needed her...

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