Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fifty-Four

Soldiers rose from their slumbers all around her, as if a silent summons had beckoned them back to their duties. Petals roamed the halls in a hurry, gathering supplies, which when followed, were loaded into carts and taken beyond Misthaven’s walls. It seemed Mist already knew what approached, her forces arming themselves for battle; but why had she not been greeted properly?
“Excuse me? Where might I find your Lady?” She inquired of a male passing by, but the fool had ignored her.
That was a mistake he would not make twice and following behind him, she watched as he ducked through the kitchen and up a set of stairs out the back. Wherever he was going, it was in a hurry, though the carts were being loaded down the stairs, not up. Her interest peeked higher as she drew closer to her target, hearing the whimpers in the shadows.
Down a short hall and then another, he’d stopped outside an old wooden door, his hand up and ready to knock...
“Excuse me?” She called again, lowering her hood. “I seem to be lost!” She added with a pouted lip and batted her eyelashes at him.
“You, should not be here!” He growled at her.
“I was only looking for your Lady...” She replied, sensing a hint of deception in the male’s demeanor.
The others were making for the courtyard, yet he was here and growing more nervous by the second. Why? It was not like Mist’s soldiers to carry on in such a manner. The curiosity set off inside her and where others would run from the uncertainty, she simply smiled and lifted her skirts to gather a scroll she held secure in her garter.
“I come with a message from Samo’ana!” She held the scroll out for the male but had to wait for him to pull his eyes away from the legs she kept unleashed for him.
“Why don’t you come with me, and we’ll see that she gets it!” His grin grew wider and her inner alarms started to ring.
She could see the vile nature of things that swirled in his mind. She’d seen them many times and had responded in the only way she knew how. “Of course! That is most kind of you!”
With victory written all over his face, he took her by the arm and knocked on the door. What happened when they entered the room was completely justified, what with the look of horror on the female’s face across the way, bound and surrounded by three, rather large barbarians with pants about their ankles…
That was no way to treat a lady. Sure, she’d expected to feel his hands upon her, but she had walked into the room willingly. The fear that surrounded her and choked her senses told her that female had not been given the choice.
The remnants of their disgusting little love nest were smoldering by the time the guards arrived and those bastards lay choking on ash; but that female with the long copper hair and freckles covering her cheeks, was safe and whimpering in her arms.
“What is the meaning of this?” One of the guards muttered while the others shook their heads.
“I would ask you, the same thing!” She spat back at them with anger in her eyes. “Misthaven, of all places? I demand to see your Lady, now!”
“She has other things on her mind!” He replied, but she wasn’t hearing any of it.
“Said the fools who lay before you!” She smiled, rising to her feet as the female scrambled behind her. “You will summon her here, and you will do it now or I will see your bodies added to the rubble.”


“Where are we?” He choked out, eyeing Marena as she paced about in that black satin sheet, and the other two, whose auras were faint, but still present. “We are not alone?”
“No, we are not!” Malice chuckled.
“Friends of yours?” He tried to chuckle, but his body still bore the pain of his arrival.
“Of ours, if you play your cards right!” Marena grinned and let the sheet fall as she climbed into the pool and the waves of sinful expectations had the Cosmic Critter, running for cover.
Oh, this scene was getting quite crowded. All those bodies, all those provocative thoughts. Having dashed back into the water, the Feline growled and buried her head beneath the surface to drown them all out.
‘This is damn cold, and now Malice has a male to play with too? Goddess protect me. Bel, you best take cover, her emotions can get, quite…’ She yowled from the water, terrified to get out.
‘Is that, Loki?’ Belvaya gasped. ‘He’s not supposed to be there!’
‘I gathered as much!’
The Kitty sighed, ruffling her fur.
‘Those two together, is bad news, not just for Mal!’
‘Well, Bel, if you have suggestions, I am all for it. Trust me, swimming in this cold stuff goes against everything Cat related, and with all of Malice’s lustful feelings, I am so chilled and just want to sleep…’
‘I don’t know, but your sleepiness is rubbing off on me...’
Belvaya let out with a yawn. ‘I do know, that he’s supposed to be helping Mist, not whoring it up with her sister...’ Her voice trailed off again.
‘Is something wrong?’
‘I feel something pulling me, like someone has their hand on my shoulder...’
‘The dream is ending for you!’ The Kitty sighed, ‘As it should, for the both of us. I do hope you will return, for Malice will need all the help she can get!’
‘I’ve been around a long time, my friend!’
Belvaya yawned again. ‘It will take more than you and I to bring her back!’
‘Then when you return, you must make sure the others are well prepared.’
With that, the Kitty was gone and the darkness returned.
Gods, she was never drinking again; at least, not until she’d set sail upon the Sea Rose again.


Mist was getting her gear together when the bell began to ring in the high tower. From the window she could see the smoke billowing up into the sky and her heart sank into her chest at the thought of an enemy attack, here and now. Without hesitating, she turned from her satchel and blinked, finding herself before the blaze itself.
An entire tower engulphed in flames, rocks and mortar falling in chunks as the voices grew louder.
“Find me your lady, or the flames will be the last thing you ever see!”
She knew that voice, but the tone, the seriousness of the matter at hand…
“What the fuck is going on? It isn’t bad enough that Malice wants to knock Misthaven’s walls to the ground, and you fools are burning it down for them?” She shouted, her eyes aglow as the soldiers turned to face her. “Is anyone going to answer me?”
“The men found her here, with the girl. The tower was already ablaze…” One of the guards let out, but her sword was at his throat, right quick.
“The men were looking for some fun, in the face of battle, they…” Another called out, a theory most unpleasant to her ears.
“One more word about fun and your lives will follow the same path as his.” Mist spun, the razor-sharp, Valkyrie-forged sword, slicing through the male’s neck like a hot knife through butter. “Anyone else, want to have some fun, like he did?”
The gasps let out through the crowd that had formed, none had seen Lady Mist so enraged as to draw on one of her own; but then, none of them had glimpsed inside the vile mind of he who now lay at their feet. There were laws in place, guidelines to follow; and he’d partaken in the breaking of quite a few. She was Valkyrie, justice was their calling, but to skip judgment and sentencing and move right on to execution was savage; and she knew it. Nonetheless, what was done, was done.
“We are at war and any further breaches of honor, will be punished with summary execution. Before you protest, know that the enemy bears down on us even now. I had every right to search his thoughts and he would have allowed his own men to continue in savagery against their own people.” She paused looking down at the copper-haired female. “We have no time for trials, no time to toy with malicious ideas, therefor, no exceptions will be made or quarter given.” She finished, eyeing the Captain who stood in shock beside her. “I will not stand for rape, ever. You, were their Captain, they were yours to control.” She growled, now eyeing the headless body at her feet. “If any others dare try to follow in their footsteps, the first execution will be yours! Have I made myself clear?”
The Captain saluted Mist, silent as he turned and waved for his men to clean the mess up. Whether he’d known what his soldiers were up to, or he’d been as blind as she, it mattered not; for those who had tainted Misthaven now burned in the embers they’d created.
‘Forgive me.’ Her mind reached out to Lady Khia’s. ‘These are troubling times…’
‘Indeed, they are, but it is heartwarming to see that justice still exists in a world that has fallen into chaos.’
Came the reply.

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