Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fifty-Six

“We have to get this out before the third wave of carts is ready to be loaded!” Gil nattered away, his eyes on the spot his wife had just stood.
Morgan looked at Vanessa a moment and nodded, “I can boost her abilities, and range. It will help replenish her energy stores.”
Vanessa smiled at her new lover and murmured, with a wink. “Mmm, I could think of something else I would like you to drain!” She teased and Morgan’s face flushed, as a strangled cough and snicker let out from both Mist and Jack.
“What can I say?” She sighed. “Vanessa can also make fire. Like, big-ass-explode in your face type fire.”
Vanessa stood flicking her copper-platted hair over her shoulder, “Ha! What she means is, I can create a thermo-nuclear blast when I’m mad.”
Morgan rolled her eyes at her over-dramatic friend, who continued to mouth off, despite several attempts to shut her up. Vanessa liked to talk, a lot.
“I am, after all, one of the most powerful mages of all time. I have eclipsed all the known females of my kind and basically all the pitiful males around. I am fierce, I am deadly.....”
Morgan slowly stepped back a couple of steps from her friend, looked up to the sky and started to raise her hand just slightly, when she felt someone standing just behind her.
“Goddess lassie, is she always like this?” Jack whispered a scant inch from her ear, startling her slightly and making her skin warm.
“Oh, you have no Idea,” She sighed, looking back to the sky, with a slight flick of her fingers and the softest whisper, the wild magic harnessed a tiny wisp of cloud.
Morgan coaxed it down, increasing its size slightly and darkening it in shade. Looking at her lover, still ranting and beginning to pace slightly, with the little cloud following her movements.
“Release!” Was all Morgan whispered and a little lightning bolt cracked the air above Vanessa’s head.
Just as quickly, it began to rain with heavy droplets drenching the fiery Elf. Morgan could hear and feel the male behind her start a deep chuckle.
“Oh lass, you’re in for it now!” His laughter growing louder, amid Vanessa’s shrieks.
“Oh, my beautiful hair. Damn it, Morgan, you’ve ruined my bloody shoes!” She cried out, as Mist stood with her hands round her middle, laughing.
Morgan once more heard Jack’s chuckling voice. “Don’t worry, lass, I will protect you from the hellcat when she dries off!” And another tiny lightning bolt snapped above Vanessa’s head.
Standing there, thoroughly drenched in the continuous rain, the small Elven female crossed her arms and glared at her lover. “Cute!” She growled.
Morgan smiled sweetly and dropped a little bow, “I had just remembered that you forgot your bath this morning.” Her eyes twinkled with mirth.
“I wanted to smell you all day long.” Vanessa grumbled.
Looking up at the cloud, Morgan whispered “Thank you, little cloud, now off you shoo.” And gently flicked her finger.
The little cloud seemed to shake itself, spraying the last droplets of water over the completely sodden girl, hiccupped once, and floated back up to the sky.
Feeling Jack’s hand against her back as he chuckled, “That’s the funniest thing I have seen in a while, lass, almost gives new meaning to the words, wet dream!”
She couldn’t help but laugh, thinking about how wet she had been that morning, and how wet she’d be as she tried to reconcile with her lover.


He was handsome enough, but Marena sensed a bond between her Valkyrie and the male she’d tossed into her lap. “And what exactly, do we do with him? What does he have to offer?”
“I’m right here, you know?” He protested best he could, but she slid her nipple towards his mouth to silence him.
“Toys, do not speak until spoken to!” She growled at him and Malice giggled.
“This toy holds a secret, my love!” Malice pointed out, running her hands across his chest as she pushed them all towards the bed. “Lots of secrets, in fact.” And a moment later she’d climbed up into Loki’s lap.
“Oh, now we can’t have that!” Marena smiled. “Secrets are meant to be shared.”
“He brought us a gift, but won’t tell us what it’s for!” She sighed, letting her claws extend until the tiny red drops formed beneath them and Loki hissed. “He’s always making trinkets for me, but this one smells of my sister!”
Marena’s heart fluttered for a moment at the mention of the dark-haired Valkyrie, but for the first time ever it brought no fear to quash her hopes. She’d wanted nothing more than to have Malice all to herself and Mist had always posed a threat to the security of those plans. Now though, with the thought of Malice’s freedom hanging on the line, Mist was more of a Gods send.
Gathering what strength she could, Marena mustered her way through the veil Loki had created in his mind and came face to face with the dark-haired Valkyrie, herself.
‘You will make this for me, and then see it around her neck!’
‘I do this, for the sake of bringing Malice home; not, to help you destroy her!’
Loki had replied, the feelings welling up in his chest.
He loved Malice, almost as much as he loved himself, but Loki was a cocky fucking bastard. He had so many issues and side gigs going on, it was a wonder Malice had ever kept up with his shenanigans.
‘If you are to read my mind, perhaps you should dig a little deeper and you’d find that Malice meant everything to me, before you, took her away!’

With that, the link was broken and Marena growled as she climbed from the bed. He may be one of the keys to seeing Malice freed, but she couldn’t stand the sight of him. Perhaps, if Malice were to sit on his face instead and hide the smirk he shot her way?

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