Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Fifty-Seven

High in the mountains, a good five-hour climb, Kordahn sat down near the edge of a small lake. His feet were sore, more so since he hadn’t actually done this hike in what, three years, but the training house above offered the best of the best; and a shit ton of extra security. People had been searching for the mythical temple for centuries with no luck; but having a key and the distinct knowledge of how and where to enter said temple, meant Kordahn wouldn’t suffer the same fate as the others.
The lands were treacherous this high up. Rocky cliffs and unstable ledges, one wrong step and it was bye-bye. For example, some cocky bastard would assume the stones ahead were secure and safe to travel across, but Kordahn knew that unless you knew which ones to step on, you were aiming for a one-way ticket, straight down. Those bitches floated, though to the naked eye, they more or less looked like the side of the mountain.
Jayde had done well so far but seeing as how she could fly in the blink of an eye...
“Come, have something to eat!” He called to her and a moment later the brightly-colored bird descended from the skies to land on the water before him.

She was beautiful, with a rainbow exploding across her wings and a tail like a peacock. Wisps of blue and purple shot out behind, fluttering as she emerged from the lake and shook herself off. One breath was all he had time to grab before she’d shifted back to her normal self. Long black hair fell from her head and down her back, framing the most perfect set of cheeks he’d ever seen.
‘You will teach her all a Petal needs to know...’ Khia’s words floated past his ears once more, as if she stood right next to him.
Fuck, this was going to be hard; much like the cock that now stood at attention between his legs. Arrogant prick, always rising for the occasion, even when uninvited; like now as she started to turn, still naked as the day she was born.
Wait, were Ra’vyns born, or did they hatch? Did their parents lay eggs? Bloody hell, he didn’t need to be thinking shit like this. She was a rookie, he’d trained hundreds of them, personally. Just like now, he would train her in every way he could...
His mind would not behave for the life of him. His body rebelled, his scent escaping him. Could she smell it? Did she know how badly his body wanted hers?
“Can you pass me my cloak?” She inquired, half-dressed before he realized his mouth was hanging open.
“Yes, of course!” He shook his head and tossed the white mass of fabric her way. “It’s not that far now!”
“I know, I saw it while I soared above!” She smiled at him. “Nice and quiet, with no one else around.”

What did she mean, no one else around? Where was the caretaker? The guards? He’d hoped to find another to partake in certain tests...


His eyes were blurred, but he was sitting up on his own and his chest felt much better. Still wrapped in a bandage, the itch persisting, all he wanted was to leave this room and explore. Too bad when he’d tried, he found himself on the floor next to his bed. Landing with a thud, he wondered how long it would be before someone came to check on him.
Nothing but silence for a time, but it mattered not as he gazed up at the clouds above. Was that really the sky, or was this some sort of holographic ceiling, in hopes the feel of the outside beauty would help heal you? Nonetheless, it was quite entertaining and for a moment, Ahlex thought he was soaring in the clouds themselves. Couldn’t have been true, seeing as how he could barely get his legs to move, let alone perform perfect barrel rolls beneath the stars.
“Ellaria, stop!” His voice was commanding, catching Ahlex off guard.
He knew that voice, he’d just heard it in his dream. That was Eroch, but what was he doing here, in Sanctuary?
“She will get over it, my love, I assure you!”
“He was her mate, how can you say that? They were bonded, just as you and I are! You mean to say that you would get over my loss so easily?”
“It is not the same and you know it!” She scolded him and a moment later the doors opened. “She is my daughter, I know she will come around.”
“She has vowed to kill you, you know this, right?”
“She has vowed to kill many!”
“Ellaria, can you not see how serious this is?”
“I have done nothing but think of the severity of this situation. My own flesh and blood hates me, for I could not grant her wish!”
“You could have!”
“The council would...”
“Fuck the council, Ellaria. She is our daughter and she just lost the male she loved more than anything, at least show some fucking compassion!” He growled at her, then his presence disappeared.
“Oh my...” He heard her say and then felt her hands beneath his arms. “Let’s get you up!”
“Thanks!” Ahlex sighed, relieved to feel the soft mattress beneath him instead of the cool marble floor.
“It is the least I can do!” She smiled at him and brought new bandages to the side table.
“And I’m not dead, right?”
“No, you are not dead!” She laughed, remembering the last time they’d had this conversation.
His dead, and her dead, were two totally different concepts. He wanted to make sure he could actually leave Sanctuary when his healing was done. Most people who showed up here had signed up for an eternity in paradise, and though the idea appealed to him, he had other things to deal with. Other people, to find.
“When can I return to Mai?” He asked as she wiped the dried blood from his wound.
“You will not be returning to Maisura.” She replied.
“Then where will I go? Who will help me find a willing sacrifice for Mist?” He was worried now. “Where is Mai?”
“She has been given another task, one more suited to her skills! And you, will meet with Montago in three days, so I suggest you brush up on your Angelic cuss words while you wait for your last round with Kember.”
“With who?” From worried to confused, those were not a good mix.
“Kember, our resident Witch!” She smiled at him. “You do not remember her, at all?”
“Nope!” He let out, laying his head back against the pillow. “Is she cute?”
“Ashlyn said you were a cocky one!” She grinned and rose from his bedside. “Rest for now, and when she arrives, I will introduce you, again!”
Huh! He’d met a Witch and didn’t even know it? What else had he done that he couldn’t remember?


Malice looked away for a moment, overwhelmed by a feeling of sorrow brought on by Loki’s words and she got off of him immediately.
The trickster and Marena eyed the Valkyrie, with tears running down her cheeks. Malice turned away from them, wiping them away as she mumbled something beneath her breath. When she turned back round her eyes where molten-red with fury.
“Marena did nothing of the sort. She was used, like the rest of us and you should help her should I not survive the Master’s wrath.”
Loki stood with eyes like ice, pulling his dagger from its sheath and sliding it across his own palm. Intrigued when the blade was handed her way, Malice did the same. Loki was well aware of a Valkyrie’s blood pact, and how he was now bound to help her in her quest for vengeance.
“We are so sworn.” They said in unison as the pulse of purple energy rippled through the air.
Malice knew that Mist, along with the others, would know who was to blame now, should she never find freedom. With Loki, they would know how she had at least tried, to break free.
“A toast!” Malice grinned, nodding for the mead. “May our enemies die without any to avenge them.” She laughed as Marena filled her cup, then she raised it high before downing the whole thing.
“Now, Loki…” Marena’s voice took on a softer note as she poured him another. “Since we are all friends here, tell us, what does the necklace do?”

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