Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Sixty

Malice wasn’t sure what was happening. Her internal systems were running a bit off, but she could tell something was up. Loki had this very wary look on his face. Then there was a ripple that went through her mind as she shook herself and handed the necklace to Marena.
“Care to do the honors?” Mal said after kissing Marena. “I think a show is in order.”
The Valkyrie turned her back to her lover, winking at Loki. It contacted with her skin and the power within caused the gems to glow a deep violet light. In an instant, Malice turned to Loki, pinning him back on the bed once more; ignoring his pleas for her to stop.
“Malice, what are you doing? We don’t have time for this.” Loki protested before the Valkyrie disrobed and slid her leg up over his face.
“What do you think I’m doing?” She hissed as his lips touched hers. “I am giving you a taste of what you came for.”


“I want to thank you for coming, sister. I know how much Malice means to you.” Mist smiled at Khia while Gil stood at the head of a long conference table.
He was watching everyone, including the younger faces in the room. Morgan and Vanessa reminded him of the younger soldiers under his command and he feared for their safety in the upcoming battle. Khia was a warrior according to his grandfather, but them…
“We will need to give the non-combatants time to evacuate. Then we engage in a fighting retreat back to Misthaven...” Jack was addressing the crowd. “We can then blink back to the Caer Bran on the border between the Valkyrie lands and Nasir. Any questions?”
As Jack waited, so too did Gil, eyeing the people as Albrecht came in red-faced and breathing heavily.
“By Odin’s eyes that’s a lot of stairs.” He muttered as he caught his breath.
“Your gift has been delivered, Lady Mist.” He managed to get out.
“Already?” She seemed surprised, but then, she had given Loki the task.
He may have been a mischievous bastard, but he was no idiot. He knew what he was doing.
“Uh, yeah! So, Malice snatched Loki out of the Forge and I haven’t seen him since.” Albrecht choked out.
Before anyone could say anything, a messenger appeared and handed Mist a note. “It’s been confirmed, Zander is dead.”
“So, she’s begun settling old score’s. I’ll bet Pathen’s shaking in his boots.” Jack chuckled. “Now all we have to do is get her here and rid her of that Host.”
Morgan looked around the room, the tension and worry rising at a fast rate. Leaning slightly to Vanessa, she softly whispered, “What do you think we should do?”
The red-head looked amused as Morgan jumped ever so slightly, Jack appearing behind her once again. “You two lassies are very clever and gifted and should be going back to Misthaven where it’s safe.” As Jack quietly spoke, Morgan’s eyes widened and Vanessa’s face changed from amused to angered. “You will do as your instructed and no more.” Jack growled before she could say a word.
“I beg your pardon!” Vanessa spat at Jack. “Who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Bigshot Valkyrie? How dare you tell me what to do!”
Morgan walked behind Vanessa trying to catch Jack;s eye as she saw the smaller woman bristle. Her hair was started to crackle.
“Jack? Jack....” Morgan tried to catch his attention once more as he stepped toward the fiery young woman.
“Now, girl, you will be listening, and listening good. You will do as your instructed, by me, and nothing more!” Jacks voice was growing louder as all five foot four feet of her came hissing forward.
He could vaguely hear Morgan’s voice but he was too focused on the spitfire and the sparks that circled her.
“How dare you yell at me, you giant buffoon!” Vanessa yelled.
“Oh Shit!” Morgan groaned, she could feel the heat starting to come off Van in waves.
“Damn it, Jack, will you shut up!” Morgan pleaded, looking around for anyone who was close enough to help her intervene, or this was going to get very hot, very quickly. Morgan caught Gil’s eye and he quickly walked around the table towards her.
“Bloody hell, Morgan, can you stop her?” He inquired, searching the crowd for one of his wives.
“She’s a fire mage and if she starts speaking in her native tongue, Jack’s going to go BOOM!!”
Gil looked at Jack on the verge, the ex-soldier realized, of becoming a charcoal briquette. He didn’t even notice. Vanessa was in more trouble than she knew. No fear, meant Jack had a plan and being one of Malice’s Einherjar meant he shared some of her powers.
He could withstand a fireball, but that didn’t mean that the rest of the people in the room could. With a sigh he took Jack by the arm as the clouds rolled in, as in, over top of the tables and patrons, inside the damn Inn.
“Stand down, Jack.” Gil ordered. “Jack, focus. I don’t need you picking a fight with that fire mage. We need her help.”
“The brat needs a spanking and a day in the Null.” His grandfather muttered.
“At ease, Gunny!” Gil roared. “We don’t have time for this, so both of you, over here! Now!”
Both reached out slowly, as if they expected the other to have something venomous in their respective hands, but silence was obtained and the temperature in the room began to return to normal.
“Good! See, we’re all friends here. Now let’s get this show on the road before something else happens.” He groaned and shook his head. “Assemble your men in the courtyard.”
Jack saluted, as he always had when faced with military protocols and then made for the doors. Gil watched his grandfather’s back for a moment before turning back to Vanessa, concern running beneath his skin.
“So, what do you have to say for yourself?” He asked, cocking his brow her way.
“I, uh…” She muttered, unsure of his expression.


She’d watched for a while, as Malice quenched her incredible thirst, and she had to admit there were moments when she felt the flutter between her thighs; but Loki was male and she had no time for them. Every one she’d ever known, Pathen, Zander, even Nidal....
Now that was a name she’d never forget. It was he who’d brought her into the rift. She’d been free once, she remembered now. She had lived outside Pathen’s chaos with her father and brother; but Nidal had seduced her, lured her into their grasp. There had been no wants to escape until it was too late.
“Marena?” Malice hissed and arched her back, shuddering atop Loki’s face. “That is not the face of one, who is, enjoying themselves.” She managed to get out before letting her feet hit the floor.
“Sometimes, remembering hurts more than forgetting!” Marena sighed, eyeing the male who lay trembling where Malice left him.
She had been perfectly fine not knowing where she’d come from or who she’d been. There were so many possibilities for her to imagine. Now though, with that information brewing in her mind...
“We can leave this place at any time.” Malice assured her with a kiss.
“Leaving here means leaving you and I am not ready for that. Perhaps, send him back and we can spend what time we have with one another!”
“They still don’t please you, do they?” Malice grinned as Marena shook her head and sat back down in the lounger. “Give me a moment and we shall see that memory forgotten once more!” Malice kissed her forehead this time and made for a very exhausted Loki. “It’s time to go, my Prince!” She whispered in his ear and he vanished from the bed.
“You spoil me!” Marena smiled back at her.
“Always!” Malice growled as she moved closer.

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