Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Sixty-Six

He had all but worn a hole in the carpet, pacing back and forth like a buffoon. That cocky bastard had promised to bring Ambrosia to them after the show, and that had been hours ago.
“He said she needed to be bathed and readied!” Monty sighed and shook his head.
“She’s a female, not a fucking joyride.” Ahlex hissed, cracking his knuckles as the sound of footsteps approached. “Fucking finally.”
“Sir?” Alexi’s voice croaked out from the hall but they waited for the doors to open.
Like a tornado she burst in, dropping her bag on the couch as she passed by on her way to the bathroom. “Where is my beer, and someone get me Ezri on the phone.” She let out, ignoring the fact they were there.
Sailing past again, Ahlex caught the scent of Vanilla and Peppermint, the glitter in her hair, those eyes..... and that fucking bruise on her right cheek? What the fuck was that about?
“Hello?” She stopped short with her hands over her chest. “Is anyone listening?”
“You can leave now, Alexi!” Monty called out from the door, his arm extended in a polite, get-the-fuck-out, sort of way.
“I swear, I had nothing to do with it!” The male looked terrified, but then, he was big, dark and scary.
“Nothing to do with what?” Ambrosia cut in, dabbing at her cheek. “Shit, he left a mark?”
“Who, left a mark?” Ahlex’s curiosity was peaking.
Some asshole had hit her and he wanted to know who? Why? And where he could locate the fucker.
Closing the door, Monty returned to the liquor cabinet and pulled a cold beer from the ice chest. “It’s all good, Amber. He’s gone!”
“Ugh, I hate that man!” She shuddered, accepting the beer.
“Why do you put up with him?” Ahlex inquired.
“Because they work for her brother!” Monty growled.
“Elijah is a royal dick, but he’s in charge of the family fortune!” She sighed, poking again at her bruise before the mirror.
“So, that black eye is...”
“A badge of fucking honor! He’ll think twice before assuming I’m a whore again.” She laughed and took a swig of her beer. “You reached Ezri yet?” She asked the Angel.
“She’s been pretty busy with Georgia. Stocking shelves. Paying bills. Keeping the bar in line.” Monty shrugged.
“Dammit!” She winced as she moved her jaw about. “Keep trying?”
“Always!” Monty smiled and vanished from the room.
“So...” Ahlex let out, confused as to Monty’s leaving and Ambrosia being Human and having no reaction at all to the fact he’d just up and disappeared.


Malice was frowning as she watched her sister’s forces take back the city of Nasir. Now was a good a time as any to make her presence known. Marwolaeth was awake and fully aware, snarling in frustration under her breath.
‘Craven cowards, no better than the fool they serve.’
Angered, Marwolaeth sent a pulse of rage through Malice that caused her to howl as she emerged from the tree line.
“You may advance, Peiper, and once you have reached the fields, you may open fire!” She hissed, waving her arm and given the signal to her troops as she climbed upon Piper’s tank and straddled the main gun as if it were a horse. “Lead on!”
It could never be never said that she had cowered in the face of battle, she would rather die and be remembered a champion, than a dribbling whelp among the sands. She deployed wings as the great metal behemoth lumbered forward. They were almost in range, she could taste victory on the end of her tongue.


Jack, so far, had been kept busy herding the Goblins out of the city walls, or rather, over them. Between the nasty green buggers, and Van and Morgan, he managed to keep him wits about him. So far, so good. The idiots were like cattle without a bull to lead them.
“Oh, I absolutely, hate Goblins.” Vanessa hissed as another perished to her flames and a gust of charred Goblin invaded her nose.
Loki was a little further down the wall as Vanessa went by, a grin on his face as he too, took down a Goblin reject.
“Hah. Twenty-five!” The trickster said triumphantly, only to be over-shadowed by a light show from the mage’s fingertips.
“Nine.” She giggled and made for a window.
Loki was so distracted by the behind the scenes view, he almost lost his head to wicked looking battle axe. He grabbed the moron by the wrist, throwing him and said axe over the wall, just in time. When he turned back, he said exhausted. “Nine…” He started, only to stop and shake his head. “Fuck!”
Jack turned back to the God of Mischief with a chuckle before Loki dispatched another.
“One...” He said with a sigh and started again.

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