Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Sixty-Seven

“Breathe, lassies.” They heard Jack bark and Morgan quickly shook her head and focused on where they were.
She could hear the low, almost guttural voices amidst the yelling and blood curdling shrieks all around. Suddenly this strange rumbling noise came from a little way in the distance.
“Shit!” She heard Jack yell, “Follow me!”
As he began to run for cover, the Morgan and Vanessa turned slightly to the louder rumble suddenly realizing what it was.
“Crap! Jack, stop!” Morgan shouted.
Van stopped dead in her tracks and the air began to crackle, the fire dancing from her fingers as she let go. A huge flash escaped her and landed in the middle of the running Goblins, the ground shuddering at their feet as if a bomb had gone off.
Shrieks were heard but suddenly silenced and Vanessa snickered. “Well, that was easy.”
Morgan looked at Jack and they both turned back to Vanessa. “Will you get your ass back over here, lass?” Jack bellowed, taking cover behind a partially shattered wall. “I told you both to keep your heads down, now bloody well listen and don’t move. I will be right back.” And with that Jack disappeared.
“Where did he go? He left us? Morgan, he left us!” Vanessa’s voice started to climb, like she hadn’t just decimated a whole squad on her own.
“Oh, shut up he will be ....” Morgan stopped dead as she felt a hand on her back, quickly turning with magic swirling.
“Whoa there, hang on a minute, lass. Let’s not go blowing my head off now!” Came Jack’s voice and both girls released a sigh of relief.
Morgan glanced at him and then flicked her finger just over his head, the bolt of light sped over and a gurgling groan was heard before the Goblin’s body imploded a few feet away.
Jack just raised an eyebrow her way. “Right then, all we need to do is clear the secondary gates so they can close them. We need to keep those bloody bastards out” He growled.
“Well, I can do that” Vanessa grinned, now that she was back and safe, and the air started to crackle once again.
“NO!” Both Jack and Morgan shouted at the same time.
“Lass, we need the gate intact, not blown to smithereens. So, can ya do small, ity-bity, not decimate the city puffs?” The old soldier asked hopefully.
“Puffs? Small puffs? Do I look like a Dragon, old man?” Van grumbled
Morgan looked between the pair of them, rolling her eyes, “Now, you two, don’t start that again. Yes, Jack, we can downgrade the potency of our magic” She glared at Van.
A noise made them all turn, to see a tall dark-haired male, running along part of the escarpment, laughing like a mad man flicking Goblins out of his way.
Morgan frowned. “Is that...” She looked at Jack, who rolled his eyes this time,
“Yes, lass, it be he, the God of Chaos and a huge, pain in my ass.” He sighed. “We had better give him a hand, I guess.”
The three of them ran for the stairs, Vanessa clearing their way with small balls of fire; which she made sure to show Jack before she used. Shaking his head, he turned to see Morgan conjuring balls of another sort, not lit up with flames but rather the turquoise of wild magic round.
“Bloody hell!” He chuckled and shook his head again, taking advantage of the clear line to the rumble outside the walls.
Vanessa grumbled as she traipsed through the ash left behind. “I’m going to get absolutely filthy, I just know…” Her words were cut off short, when not ash, but a green, ooze like substance splattered up the front of her outfit and covered her face
She spun around, gasping for air as she wiped the slime from her eyes, coming face to face with a very, apologetic Jack; Springfield in hand and standing over one mother of a Goblin.
“Sorry, Lass…” He let out, before raising his weapon again.


“You know, you said this was an easy hike. You lied!” Jayde hissed through her teeth.
“You said you could handle it!” Kordahn grinned as she reached the top step and waited for the gasp.
“Oh my Gods...” She let out.
Not exactly how he’d imagined it to go, but okay. Most recruits were so taken back by the sites, Kordahn had often joked about bringing along a rag to clean up the drool. Dumbfounded wasn’t the right word. Entranced?
“You can keep walking now!” He called out, waiting for her to move so he could climb the last of the steps and take in that breathtaking view once more.
They were on top of the world and that feeling was mighty fine; except for the fact that what awaited him was more of a vacant wasteland.
“I told you, there’s no one up here!” Jayde crossed her arms. “There’s nothing up here. Just rocks!”
“There was a temple, fountains and green grasses. A small forest in the valley behind it all...”
She was right though, there was nothing here. But how? Who would have known its location? Who could have lifted the veil? Who could have done so much damage?
There was no point in asking questions for he already knew the answer and it ate away at him night and day. She was Kor’mhia and knew all their secrets, even if she remembered nothing of those who called her kin. She knew her people, the way they thought, how they defended themselves...
“You know, you make this weird face when you’re thinking?” Jayde was before him with brow cocked. “You alive in there?”
“Yes, Jayde, I am alive; but we cannot stay here!” He sighed, eyeing the damage.
The lawns lay in ruins and the fountains were all but dry. This was no illusion. The scorch marks were all over the place. Ka’rym, had been destroyed. Their eldest temple, was gone.
“So, no training?”
“We will train, but not...” He stopped short as the footsteps grew louder. “We must hide.”
“Where?” Jayde blurted out but his finger came up to his lips and he grabbed hold of her hand.
They were about to have company, and that stench screamed Goblin. But here? On Kem’pir? It only served to justify his previous thoughts. Marena had been here and her troops were still nearby.


Over the chaos of warfare, Gil heard a scream and blinked with seconds to spare, colliding with the scimitar seeking the woman’s life. Her eyes went wide with disbelief as the clang of metal grew louder.
“Not today, butcher,” He snarled as he caught the Goblin’s wrist with his free hand.
The sounds he let out as his bones ground together had the woman falling to her knees with her eyes rolled back in her head as the Goblin tried to wrestle himself free.
“I’ve got her!” Sif called to him, lifting the woman to safety before they both disappeared.
Quicker than the eye could follow, he shifted his grip from the Goblin’s wrist to his throat and he slammed the creature head first into the wall; stopping only when the nasty, brown tinge of its blood spilled down the stones.
He’d not been alone in his moment of glory, for when he looked up at the fear in their faces, watching them make off in the opposite direction…
“Run, you little bastards.” Gil growled.
“Need some help?” Came a familiar voice and he was greeted by reinforcements who were pushing the Goblins back with force.
‘How bad is it?’ He heard her voice next, appearing next to him draped in concern.
‘Bad!’ He sent back and watched as Ashlyn hung her head.

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