Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Sixty-Eight

If the floor hadn’t suffered before, it was now. It seemed Ambrosia hadn’t been bathed, or pampered, or even treated like a Human being before being brought up here. The Angel had done his best to explain it all while Ambrosia stood there with head bowed.
‘He owns her!’
Those words were what was killing him the most. He owned nothing. She was a walking, talking, amazingly gorgeous.... but that wasn’t the point...
“Ahhhhhh!” He threw his hands in the air. “What the fuck, Monty? Who is this tool?”
“Her brother, and yes, he does own her, as per the rules and regulations of their kind.”
“How the fuck does that even make sense?” Ahlex’s head was spinning.
“Her kind are big on contracts!” Monty was already shaking his head as if he knew the barrage of questions coming next. “Their father is an asshole, straight up, no joke.”
“This casino...” Monty pointed to the floor. “ his! No one knows it, cause he’s a money-hungry heathen, but he isn’t playing around and neither is Elijah.”
“So, some fucked up high-roller has his whole family working the job with him?”
“Ambrosia isn’t here because she wants to be, but that bastard won’t leave them alone...” Monty sighed, rubbing at his bald head.
“Them? There’s more than one?”
“Ambrosia is not your average female. Her tastes, though fierce, require a more feminine touch!” Monty blushed.
A dark Angel, blushing? Fuck, this was serious.
“Who is she? And is she safe?” Ahlexander frowned. “Is she stuck in this hell hole too?”
“Ezrianna knows nothing about us and Ambrosia would have us keep it that way; but that doesn’t stop her brother from using the female against her.”
“This shit just gets better and better.”
“Ezri is the one person, Ambrosia would give her life for, well, the first person seeing as how you’re here, and yeah...” Monty was now pacing the room. “Make matters worse, he’s got some sick obsession with the female. They’ve got a dark past and he tortures them both for it; but Ezrianna is unaware of the true nature of the beast. He uses Ambrosia against her, I’m sure of it, just as he uses her against his sister. It’s why she’s here.”
“What do you mean?” Ahlex asked, then paused at the lack of water running in the shower.
“If she leaves, she and Ezri would never be left alone. Every paranormal on the planet would be sent after them; Elijah would see to it.”
“Fuck!” Ahlex growled. “So, dying is the only way out for her? You can’t be serious?”
“I’m already dying!” Her voice caught him off guard. “Little by little, my own body is turning against me.”
“Wait, what?” Ahlex was so confused.
“The Human’s call it cancer. Her kind, call it the beginning.” The Angel replied.
“Maisura called you Succubus.”
“Half Succubus.” Ambrosia explained. “My father, in his dealings with who the fuck knows, made a deal and poof, here I am. My life changed forever when I was six years old. I was old enough to be a Demon of the dark, but not old enough to know!” She laughed, drying her hair with a towel. “Welcome to the party!” She laughed again and disappeared back to the bathroom.
Ahlex thought about it, but that look on Monty’s face made him ask. “What?”
“She’s only a half-blood, which means there’s a fifty-fifty chance that when she dies, she won’t turn.” He sighed and rubbed at his eyes.
“So, she may die, for real?”
That was so far from okay? What the hell was Mist planning? Could she ensure Ambrosia survived?
“Hello?” Monty answered his phone. “Yeah, hold on! Whoa, slow down, Ez!” He made for the bathroom. “Alright, alright, here she is!” He finished and handed the phone to Ambrosia and closed the door.
“Of the female variety!” Monty laughed. “Come on, she’ll be a while!”


Belvaya may not have been Valkyrie, but she was a warrior through and through; and having traded a bow for something with a little more bite, she sailed across the wall beside countless Valkyrie scouts. She may not have had wings, but she knew how to fly.
It was more like blinking, at a run. The momentum carried you through and propelled you on arrival. This was how she led the next wave over the inner walls and into the courtyard. With her feet on solid ground she zeroed in on her next target. Bigger than the others and standing off against a troop of locals, Belvaya readied the ball of twine she held in her hand.
Like weaving a web, she maneuvered between the enemy troops just as the lightning struck and the screams filled the sky. One big ass, gnarly bastard and half a dozen of his pint-sized friends, fried to a crisp as she beamed with satisfaction.
“That was beyond cold!” She heard his voice and looked back to see Loki standing beside a broken door with a spark in his eyes.
“I hate, Goblins!” She replied, winding her ball of string. “They would have done worse had they broken through the inner gate.”
“Didn’t say I was complaining!” Loki chuckled, still eyeing her up and down. “Might want to follow me though!” He added and pointed towards Jack and the others.
Jack was scanning to the west and she too could see two, distinctive shapes, coming over the rise. “Fuck, Jack?”
“I see her!” He growled and hollered for the others.
The first was Malice herself, riding dead center on the turret of a machine out of Jack’s darkest nightmares.
“Son of a bitch.” Jack swore under his breath before he sent the message.
‘You best be getting your asses up here, company has come and she’s brought a bloody tank with her!’ He called out to all who could hear him.
No sooner than he said that, Vanessa and Morgan raised their hands with fingers a-conjuring. Loki, on the other hand, stood fast and remained quiet, his mind toiling over his discussion with Marena. This, was the moment. Had she been truthful? Had seen done her part? Or was Nasir about to blow up in a blaze of metallic destruction?
“Magnificent!” He mumbled under his breath, none the less.
Unbidden, both Vanessa and Morgan were drawn to Malice, eyeing the Valkyrie as she drew near. “She’s unlike any Valkyrie I’ve ever seen or read about. So much darkness. A shadowed rage and gentleness, all rolled in one.”
“El angel de la muerte.”
“What?” The girls asked.
“The Angel of Death. Not someone you need fire, flaming thingy’s at.” Jack growled at Van before turning to Loki.
“Come on, Mr. Wizard. Let’s get the gate shut.” Jack motioned to Loki to man the gate crank.
“Thingy?” Van asked. “What’s a thingy?”
“You see that beast she’s riding?” Belvaya replied as she dropped down from the rooftop above. “That’s the thingy, and if it starts firing, we’re fucked!”
“It’s a bloody war machine!” Jack snarled. “And she’s riding it like a toy!” He shook his head.
“It truly is a glorious sight!” Loki sighed, hands on the crank yet it wasn’t turning.
So, Loki had a thing for Malice still. Cool, if he in fact planned on helping them get her back. Not so cool, if he got the bright idea to say, jump sides and join the winged heathen. Belvaya hadn’t spent much time in Misthaven after Malice reverted to the dark side, but everyone knew of Loki the Trickster and the games he loved to play.
“I uh, suggest you start turning that crank!” She let out.
“You suggest?” He snapped back.
“Well, if you want your ass handed to you by a mad woman...” She laughed, but Loki was already turning.
“Stand your ground!” Jack bellowed as the tank stopped and Malice stood.

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