Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Sixty-Nine

“You have done well, my pet!” Pathen sighed and opened the door to her room, but there was more to be done.
“Would you join me for a drink?” She asked, letting her eyes bat those beautiful lashes at him.
She knew what would happen if she left him alone to ponder recent events. He’d already compromised the Valkyrie once and she was sure he’d do it again if need arose. She could not let him out of her sight. Borawain was slipping, a curse that set upon the ancient and played with their minds. Sooner or later, despite the Hosted’s strengths, the bastard would forget who he was and who he fought for, but his gifts would remain. No one wanted a mad man running the show; least of all the young Eno’tai Queen, Nashay.
“Is a drink, all you offer your Master?” His words grew incredibly sinful and Marena felt To’llan stir within her.
It was working. There was no denying the scent that filled the air. “What is it my Master wishes of me?” She inquired, backing up through the doorway and into her room.
“You will bathe, and we will remove the stains upon your skin!” He hissed as she removed her cloak and set it over the back of a chair.
“Stains?” She raised a brow, now toying with the laces that held her corset together.
He rushed towards her, pulling her hands away and ripping at the fabric. Beads and sequins bounced across the floor as he nuzzled against her chest. “I can smell her, all, over, you!” He hissed again, dragging his lips up her neck.
Leading her towards the bath by the window, he stripped her down and had her stand in the moon’s light that shone through. “I will heat the water...” He paused for a moment, a sly grin appearing on his face. “...and you...” He’d vanished and reappeared behind her, his hands caressing her hips and thighs. “... will remain perfectly still!”
She did as he commanded, her eyes closed as his fingers circled her sensitive cheeks. She knew what he wanted, what needed to be done in order to sneak away, but she never expected to feel the cool touch of something smooth and yet...
“Oh Gods!” She gasped as it slid between her thighs, “What...” She whimpered as his lips took hold of her ear, nipping at her lobe while his other hand slid up towards her throat.
She could not move, for fear she would break that very moment. She had no idea what it was he toyed with, but each second that passed was filled with anticipation and riddled with sinful waves.
“Do you like your new gift?” He whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down her spine. “A reward...” He moaned as she gasped once more. “... for such loyal service!” He growled and stepped back.
It was inside her, nestled in her womb. An odd sensation, as tiny vibrations coursed throughout her body every time she moved. Such torture mixed with such bliss. A wondrous feeling trimmed with fear. If she moved too much, or too fast...
“Do not move from this spot, my pet! We wouldn’t want you to land on the floor!” He chuckled, removing his shirt as he made for the door.
With the door closed and the sound of his footsteps echoing down the hall, she did as she was told; for a time.
The anticipation was killing her and To’llan was already on the verge of insanity. She wanted Marena to move. She wanted her to bloody well dance and jump up and down, anything to feel those tingles shoot through her. To’llan felt what Marena felt, though when it came to moments of sinful experimentation, those feelings were multiplied ten-fold.
One step led to two, then three and four, if only to reach her robe and be free of the chill; but those shivers remained. Wave after wave, the heat washed over her as that little object inside her worked its magic.
‘Again!’ She heard To’llan whimper in her mind. ‘More, Rena.’ Urging her to take another step.
“I can’t!” She whimpered in kind, feeling the rush, and the wetness dripping down her thighs.
‘You must, we are so close!’ To’llan begged, the need growing fiercer.
“We, were told, to wait...” Marena cried out, but there was no stopping the pleasure that swept through her veins.
“My, my!” His voice returned with a chuckle. “We are disobedient today!”
Marena’s heart sank, but To’llan could not handle the pressure any longer. “You make us wait!” She hissed, taking control of Marena’s body. “You torture us with your toys, leave us alone and wanting...”
“You disobeyed us!” Pathen’s voice began to shift in kind as Borawain finally emerged and a moment later Marena felt his hands upon her.
Standing her up and holding her close, she could feel him throbbing against her thigh. He was ready, now, but he would make her wait. He would tease her more, taunt her with his toys before he gave in to his own pleasures.
“Where is the water?” She managed to get out as his fingers disappeared between her legs.
“There will be no bath, for a naughty whore!” He grinned and bit down on her neck as if her were a Vampire. “I have other things in mind!” He growled and led her back towards the window.


Malice waited for the fortress to open fire. When none came, she smiled then spoke to Peiper.
“Bring the division to a halt and have them hold position.”
As the tank beneath her came to a stop, Malice blinked, finding herself with her back against a rock for cover. “You, in the fortress, I need to speak to whoever commands this rabble. I want to, parley.” She chuckled and waved for Peiper and his troops to stand their ground. “Come on, Mist, I want to talk.”
Nothing but silence in return.
“Not even I will violate the sanctity of a white flag, you know this.” She sighed, conjuring such a flag which she attached to a nearby stick.
“You want to talk? Then talk!” Came a voice she had not heard in a long while and it sent shivers down her spine.
“Where is my sister?” The dark Valkyrie let out, sensing a familiar presence.
“Where she should be!”
“Is she afraid of me?” Malice grinned, “Are you, afraid of me?”
“Fear is what drives us. It’s gives us the strength we need...”
“Yes, yes, I have heard the litany a thousand times!” Malice shook her head. “But deep down, do you fear me?”
“No!” The female replied from beneath her cloak.
“Then why do you hide your face?”
“Must a Rose suffer the harshness of war? Won’t her Petals fall, tattered and torn...”
“By thorns!” Malice finished for her, eyeing her up and down. She knew who stood before her and it was about fucking time the female showed herself. “Mistress, it is good to see you!” She bowed her head.
“If only I could say the same!” Lady Khia sighed and raised her hand above her head.

Hundreds of shouts let off beyond the walls and Malice had to admit it was a glorious sound, but she wanted words with her sister, not the Guild Mistress who stood before her. If they wanted a fight, then Peiper would give it to them; she had other things to do.

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