Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Seventy-Three

Things had finally stopped spinning and Ahlex’s chest no longer felt as if it were being crushed by a freight train. Whatever had happened to his maker had ended and she once again walked the lands unscathed. Gone was the fear and the anger, no more pain and suffering. Mist was free again, but that didn’t explain what had bound her in the first place.
“You okay?” He heard her voice and looked up to see the glass of orange juice in her hand.
“Yeah, I’m good!” He smiled back at her and accepted the drink. “Thanks!”
“My name is Ezri, and this here is my bar!”
“Lex!” He muttered, rubbing at his temples. “My name is Lex!”
“I know, but what I don’t know, is what sort of training you have! I need your credentials.”
“Uh, I fight!” He let out, confused as all fuck, but oh she was beautiful and he couldn’t resist looking at her. “I mean, I used to fight.”
“Tae-Kwon-Do? Jujitsu? Some M.M.A?”
“Some what?”
“Mixed martial arts? You know, a variety? Have you ever done security before?” She was eyeing him up and down.
“If it’s anything like babysitting an army, we’re good!” He chuckled, but that dark haired beauty just shook her head.
“Where Ambrosia finds you people, I will never know...” But her words broke off as someone shouted across the bar.
“That’s, my girl!” The voice rang loud and clear and the crowd parted as the first punch was thrown.
“All of them, children!” Ezrianna growled and rose from her stool. “I’ll be back!” She sighed and made for the fight.
Ahlex watched as she walked right up to the biggest of the two and laid into him. This was her bar. These were her clientele. Who the fuck was he to start shit in here?
Every word that rolled off her lips, the way they moved in tune with each syllable, in a trance he’d fallen and he didn’t want to fall out of it; save for the fact that the asshole she was reaming out, wasn’t exactly Human. It took him a moment to figure it out, the way he walked and talked, like he’d fallen out of time and landed his ass here.
He was tall, rather muscular beneath all that black he wore and holy hell did that mother fucker reek of alcohol; and not the kind they served at this establishment. Glowing eyes, that was the final straw and before he knew it, he had the bastard’s wrist in hand.
“Did no one ever tell you, that females are off limits?” He let out as quietly as he could, “Make that mistake again, and I will ensure you never use those fists again!”
One look back at the dark-haired beauty in the arms of her lover and Ahlex knew it was game on. This pale faced, amber-eyed mother fucker couldn’t hurt her, but Ahlex sure as hell was going to hurt him if he took another step.
“Where I come from, children mind their manners!” The Vampire glared back at him. “And females don’t stick their noses where they don’t belong.”
“My bar, my rules, you arrogant fuck-tart!”
The more Ezrianna spoke, the more Ahlex liked her. A fiery little sprite with nothing but balls and attitude. Man, so much like...
“Fuck!” That hit stung, but it signaled the beginning of Ahlex’s party.
Of course, he’d have to tone it down and make it look like a pathetic bar fight, or face Maisura’s wrath when she came to clean up the mess he’d made. Earth was forbidden. No funky shit. No powers at all, unless sanctioned by the Guild.
“You hit like a bitch!” He returned, eyes on the bastard as he stretched his jaw.
“You have no idea what has happened here...”
“You were about to break the rules, I stopped you!” Ahlex chuckled and dodged the next swing. “And there you go, breaking more...” He choked out as he felt the power behind the next. “These, are...”
“I don’t care!” The bastard’s eyes began to glow, he wasn’t playing fair.
There was nothing left for Ahlex to do than conjure an orb for all to see. This asshole had to be contained, the Angel could take care of their memories later. One was all it would take, encasing him in a bright blue light as the public watched through shouts and screams.
This, was a big no-no, but he had to get that jack-ass out of here, and fast. “Monty?” He shouted out as the orb expanded and swallowed him whole.
“Go!” The Angel nodded, in his hand an orb of his own; one with the power to cleanse the area.
He knew what to do, and hopefully, when Ahlex returned to the bar, he and Ezrianna could start that whole intro over again. Passing out in front of her had been bad enough, but this, oh, this took the cake.
“Let’s go, Bob!” He muttered, guiding the orb with his hand.
“My name is...”
“Toast, for that’s what you are. Just couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, now could you?” Ahlex sighed and shook his head before closing his eyes, and he and the dick-head inside the orb vanished amid gasps.


Hidden in the ruins of the old armory, Kordahn waited for the voices to pass by; but they didn’t. Instead, they set to work making camp a few yards away, sniveling and snickering over the days raid. The temple had been easy pickings, the whore had done her job, and Kordahn had to wonder if that whore, was Marena.
Oh, how her image plagued him. Lost in the clutches of the darkness, she was still his sister, and if he ever got the chance, he’d save her.
“The dark one marches towards Misthaven now, she may still complete her task!” The harsh words could be heard over the clang of hammer against stone.
“And if not, we shall leave no place for her to hide! She will have to face us, and she will die!”
“Indeed!” The laughter rang out and Kordahn sat back against the wall.
They were safe, for now, but there was no telling how long it would be before they were discovered. He had to keep Jayde safe. He had to keep her out of Shadow hands.

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