Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Seventy-Five

“Who is she?” She asked, careful to keep her voice down.
They were surrounded by Goblins. The armory was stocked to the nines, but with all those greedy, grubby bastards lurking about it was risky business. What was even riskier, was that Kordahn had frozen solid. No words escaped his lips. He did not blink or growl, Jayde had to wonder if he even still breathed.
“She’s my...” He managed to choke out, but the sound of footsteps had him silent once more.
That was no help at all. None what so ever. He was supposed to be this big, tough male who could powerhouse his way through any situation. Except for this one. Whoever she was, she was giving Jayde the creeps as she walked towards the main tent. Dressed in a dark cloak and carrying a staff in one hand, Jayde watched as the Goblins shied away from her.
Was she his mate? No, that was Khia; or did he have more than one? A past love, perhaps? So many possibilities, but when the female approached the Goblin guards and let down her hood, it was quite clear to her that she was of his blood. She was no lover, she was kin.
The same, long, dark hair fell about their shoulders, capturing the glow of their emerald green eyes. Sun-kissed skin and lips so red, she was beautiful, and yet very dark.
“Lady Marena?” The tent flaps parted and a rather large, rather nasty-ass looking bastard came to stand before the female. “We did not expect to see you here.”
“I, did not expect to have to come here!” She finally spoke and Jayde felt the shudders run through her; like she’d heard that voice before.
“What is the meaning of this?” The Commander growled, just a few feet from the armory window, Jayde could hear it all. “Where is Pathen?”
“Pathen?” Jayde gasped and felt the warmth of Kordahn’s hand over her mouth.
“Silence!” He held her tight. “If she knows we are here, we will not survive!”
“Who is she to you?” Jayde whispered as he slid his hand away.
Kordahn shook his head, leaving Jayde less than optimistic about his upcoming answer. “She is my sister, but she does not remember me!” He sighed, returning his gaze to the female outside.
“Gather your war council!” They heard her say and watched as the Commander laughed in her face.
In a blink of an eye, the male was on his knees before her, muttering away in a language that Jayde understood all too well. “We asked that you gather your council!” She said again with her hand on his forehead, but her voice...
Jayde had heard voices like that before. Pathen had spoken like that when dealing with Ohnassa. She shuddered again to think of her old master, but this was beyond insane. What was Marena doing here? Where, we the Shak’Morikai? How much did this male know about his sister?
“She remembers nothing but the darkness he poisoned her with.” Kordahn whispered, a sadness in his voice, so deep, it made Jayde tremble.
“She is one of them.” Jayde started, but Kordahn held up his hand.
“She is one of the oldest among them. Her Host came from the very first pool. She is not just one of them, she leads them, or used to.” He growled as more began to circle the female.
“I am well aware of Marena, Mistress of Shadowtower.” Jayde hissed. “Though, the last time I lay eyes on her…” She had to stop before the anger took hold.
“Pathen has taken her from us. Taken them both!”
“Both?” Jayde asked quietly, confused now. “There are two?”
“Marena…” He nodded to the female. “…and Navina.” He hung his head. “They were twins.”
“No one has seen Navina in years!” He inhaled deeply, but something caught his attention.
“You will, follow my command!” Marena shouted, but the male was no longer on his knees.
He had drawn his sword, but she’d been faster. Cutting clean and moving on to the next, both Jayde and Kordahn watched as she took on every foe who drew against her. One by one, Goblins began to fall at her feet. Her eyes were glowing an eerie shade of green and those voices were swirling in the winds as they picked up all around her. She was a fury, her anger as crisp and clear as the thunder that rolled across the skies.
“For far too long your kind have laid waste to all that is good. A scourge upon the lands, driven by conquest and greed at the hands of a madman.” Those voices called out as her blade danced about her. “I am here to tell you all that your services, are no longer required!” She pulled back and sent her sword into the last of the bastards draped in the golden fleece of Borawain.
“You, cannot order us!” A horse voice escaped the carnage, rasping away as it fought to get out its last words. “You, will never, command us!”
One flick of her wrist and the voice was silenced. Jayde released the breath she’d been holding, amazed at the skill she’d just witnessed. Magnificent was not the word. Glorious came close, but still. Marena had singlehandedly taken out the leaders of her own Goblin force; but why? Wasn’t she one of them?
This didn’t make sense, but then, nothing in this fucked up world made sense.
“To’llan?” Came the thunderous call, ringing in Jayde’s ears.
Who the hell was To’llan? Jayde was so confused and Kordahn was no help. He just knelt there, watching the carnage his sister evoked.
“Borawain!” Marena hissed, dripping in blood and surrounded by dead.
“You disappoint me, my pet!” His voices were louder and there were many, many more of them.
“We, are not your pet!” Marena spat back at him, clenching her sword tighter.
“We have gone over this, To’llan. You belong to us. We brought you out of that cess-pool and gave you back purpose.”
“You stole us from our kin and left us in the body of a confused child. You stripped us of our thoughts, our memories, molding us to do your bidding...”
“And you have betrayed us, time and again. We gave you chances beyond reason, a place in our hearts, our bed! We loved you!”
“You, loved nothing!” Marena shouted. “Nothing!”
“And you, our love, you shall have nothing!” The male hissed, no longer controlled by Borawain and the warped voices.
Jayde couldn’t believe what she was seeing as a flash of light beamed and a spear appeared in his hands, glowing like the heavens above. So beautiful and yet so incredibly deadly; Jayde had heard time and again of the Spear of Stars. Its power, its former owners, its destiny; but here, and now?
She’d never seen the spear, herself, but she’d heard more than one story fly from a Shadow’s lips, in regards to its very being. Lost by the last ruling family of darkness, the Shadows feared it while their Masters longed to control its power; and somewhere along the way that asshole had gotten ahold of it.
“You have disappointed me, my pet, for the last time!” Pathen sighed, taking aim with spear in one hand as he used the other in an attempt to drive Marena to her knees.
Marena showed no sadness. No fear, as she waited for what she had to know was coming. If that was, the Spear of Stars, then Pathen had just gotten a whole lot scarier.
Nonetheless, as the spear began to pulse, Jayde watched as Marena stood tall and proud, dropping her sword to the ground. “You will do nothing, but free us!” She shouted back to him, not once closing her eyes to her fate.
“Then so be it!” The male closed his eyes and the orb shot from the end of the spear and exploded against Marena’s chest.
Everything went silent, including the roars that Kordahn let out as his sister’s body hit the ground. No one, not even a Master could survive a blast like that and Jayde felt the waves of nausea rolling in her gut. To’llan, or whatever he’d called Marena’s Host, was dead; which meant, so was Marena.
Jayde struggled to keep him at bay, but every muscle in his body was fighting against her. Regardless of what she’d done, the chaos she’d caused, that was his sister out there and he’d just watched her die. Jayde knew what that was like, she’d watching her whole village burn. She couldn’t have helped them then, but she could help him, now. She had to keep him quiet, she had to keep him still.

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