Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Seventy-Six

Assembled in the room and watching as Malice prowled around the Caliph, Jack did his best to keep Vanessa and Morgan out of harms way. He’d seen what she could do. He was her guardian, he knew her tactics and she was clearly pissed off. Every few steps she would move a little closer to accused, cursing his name before listing off another round of charges.
Morgan too, watched with a little more interest, as a small blue orb that Malice had created began rolling casually round her fingers. It was magnificent, just a little bigger and brighter than her own, but Malice’s made Morgan’s skin prickle; the magic was different, darker and deeper.
Looking round the room, she could see everyone was focused on Malice, as she pulled Belvaya towards her, grasping her hand. Belvaya was frowning as the Valkyrie spoke to her, raising her hand to her hair before an exchange was made; so subtle, Morgan herself was unsure what she’d just witnessed.
Shifting to the tall figure of Loki she saw his head dip slightly and a very wicked grin briefly graced his countenance. Loki turned as if sensing her observing him, deftly raised a single finger to his lips and proceeded to ask for her silence.
Morgan had no idea what was about to happen, but she knew something was stirring between the Valkyrie, the Assassin and the Trickster. She had to be ready at any moment, for there was no telling what Malice had in store for all of them.


Malice wanted her to do what? Had she heard that right?
‘Do it, Bel!’ Her words were twisted, her glare much the same.
She had to be joking. There was no way Malice would willingly ask to be... unless she knew what Mist had planned. Could she know? Questions swirled in her mind as Malice’s eyes darted back and forth. Something was wrong and it was causing the dark Valkyrie great discomfort.
‘Do it!’
She couldn’t. She’d spent her life protecting all that Malice had worked for, to kill her was...
“No!” Marwolaeth tried to take hold but Malice was fighting back.
It was more than Belvaya could handle, so confused with what was going on. This was not how one did battle. There were no swords. No wounds save for those inflicted by harsh words and distant memories.
‘You have to!’
Malice begged her, the pain in her eyes growing more intense as the emotions took hold; or was it something else?
Belvaya had no choice as Malice began to scream in agony, no wounds present and yet it seemed as though she were dying. If anything, a knife plunged through her heart would have been an act of mercy compared to the suffering she faced now. Like the world had stolen everything from her, Malice writhed before her, before them all.
“I’m sorry!” Belvaya whispered as she took hold of Malice’s wrist in return, determined to face her head on.
She wanted her to know this was not by choice. She wanted her to know that there was no way, but this way; and she would forever regret what she did next.
“Nooooooooo!” Jack shouted as the blade plunged into Malice’s chest, his fury lighting up the area like a beacon. “You bloody bitch....” Was all Belvaya heard as Malice fell into her arms.
“I’m sorry!” She whispered again before taking hold of Malice tight and they vanished as Jack’s footsteps thundered across the ground. “Gods forgive me!”
“Malice?” Jack shouted, grasping for the threads they’d left behind, but there was so little to hold on to.
Malice was gone. Belvaya was gone. His whole world had come crashing down around him and he felt more lost than ever. He’d never expected to lose her.
“Come, Jack!” Loki let out and Morgan cocked a brow his way.
He knew something that the others did not, and she was determined to uncover his secret.

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