Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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A Look Ahead....

A Look Ahead…

Four hours ago, the most beautiful female he’d ever seen had said good-bye to this bar and started on a journey like no other. Drink after drink had been lifted to his lips, minute by minute his mind flashing back to the very first time he’d lay eyes on her. Long, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders like waves of gold and eyes that beckoned for his touch; or at least, that’s what he was imagining when the Angel joined him at the bar.
“How is she?” Ahlex asked as the male sat down and nodded his head towards the fiery red-head he called G.
Georgia was a peach, according to Monty. She helped run the place when Ambrosia and Ezrianna were, busy, and boy could she mix a drink. Five foot four and a solid, hundred and forty pounds of well sculpted attitude, she was a force to be reckoned with. Too bad she was Human. She’d have made a wicked Valkyrie with the wild spirit she harbored. So bubbly and always smiling, unless of course you were causing a stir in the club.
“Triple, without the rocks!” The female smiled as she handed the Angel his drink and then pulled out a rag and started wiping down the counters.
“She going to be gone long this time?” Georgia inquired, but the door opened on its own and a cool chill filled the club. “Shit!” She hissed and turned to Monty.
“On it!” He let out and vanished from sight, leaving Ahlex a little blown away.
“Brace yourself!” She winked at him and grabbed a bottle of Scotch from beneath the counter.
“Hey, pour me some of that!” Ahlex chuckled, but Georgia shook her head.
“You don’t want this, trust me!” She grinned as the figure appeared in the doorway.
Ahlex made eye contact with the male he’d spoken with in the casino. Elijah, if he remembered correctly. He was Ambrosia’s brother, and a total asshole. Ahlex had to wonder what the fuck the male was doing here.
‘He’s got a thing for Ezri, sick and twisted he is!’ The Angel’s words crept through his mind.
“Elijah!” Georgia’s voice filled the room. “What brings you to this little part of town?”
“Where is she?” He replied, his voice cool and collected; until of course he recognized Ahlex. “Where is my sister?”
“Uh, I’m not her keeper, buddy!” Ahlex laughed and shook his head. “She does what she wants!”
“On your dime?” Elijah asked with raised brow.
“My what?” Ahlex was confused.
“You rented her for a week, if I remember correctly?”
“Rented her?”
“Alright, you acquired her services.” The male shook his head. “One would think that with the amount you paid, you would keep better track of your property!”
“Cut the bullshit, Elijah!” Georgia cocked a brow his way. “Why are you here?”
“Where is Ezrianna?”
“Not here!” Georgia replied curtly.
“Good! We wouldn’t want her overhearing this!” Elijah chuckled, “She’d be heartbroken to learn that her sweet Amber never made it to her destination...”
Ahlex couldn’t hear anything past that point though the bastard kept babbling on. Ambrosia, never made it to Misthaven? What? How the fuck? Where had she...
“Seems they ran into a little snag along the way and the Valkyrie are, quite worried.” He smiled at them. “Oh, no need to try your poisons tonight, Georgia dear, I won’t be staying!” He added with a smirk and made for the door.
“Son of a...” She hissed, but Ahlex was already making for the back room.
“Monty?” He shouted.
This was bad. No Ambrosia, meant no helping Mist, or her sister. He’d failed. No, this couldn’t be happening. Elijah had to be lying.


“One of these days, you will have to show me how to do that thing you do!” He sounded so sweet, but Lithia knew fine well how devious Loki could be.
“No, I think not. Surfing the timeline, as you so eloquently put it, is not as easy as it seems. Not even I can navigate all the passages, nor would I want to. There is a reason time-travel is forbidden.”
“But here you are.” He chuckled, having downed at least a dozen drinks to calm his nerves, and Kohr’s.
“How is he doing?”
“Who? Khor?” Loki blurted out in surprise. “He’s handling it about as well as any brother would, hovering over his half-dead sister.”
“She is not dead.” Lithia laughed.
“I’m glad you find her never-ending sleep amusing.” Loki scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Not amusing, just, ironic. Why, only a few short weeks ago, it was she who hovered over Kohr’s bed. The two of them, such a pair they are.”
“Look who their father is. The male is an asshole at the best of times. Argumentative and…”
“You sound as if you admire him, Loki. Or, is it fear?”
“I would like to see you explain to the great Lord of Darkness that his daughter may be lost in the, whatever it is, forever.”
“Do you know how many, Dark Lords, there have been? Truly, I can count at least five, and Eroch is by far the most…”
“It’s not Eroch you have to worry about.” He choked out.
“Ah, yes. Euphamia.” Lithia sighed. “She is a handful, that one.”
“She is also the Mistress of the Null, and Tisiphone’s step-mother, if you don’t remember.” Loki snapped.
“And I will tell her the same thing that I have told you, there is nothing we can do to wake Tisiphone or Navina. All we can do is let the story run its course.” Lithia smiled at him. “She chose this, Loki, she wants to know. Her will is strong and her purpose true and pure, she will learn from the mistakes of the past and she will return with the ability to set things right.”
“I just wish we could see what they are seeing.” Loki shook his head and made for the stairs.
“Perhaps, if you sit with them long enough, they may allow you a glimpse into the story?” With that, Lithia disappeared and Loki was left standing at the base of the stone steps, alone in the moon pool room.

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