Valkyrie III: Song of Darkness, The Novel Edition

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Chapter Seven

“If you are done with the scrolls, Marena, you should put them away!” He scolded her for the thousandth time. “The air is not good for things so ancient!”
He was one to talk, being that he’d graced this world for an eternity already, yet, perhaps, so had she? Her memory was short-lived and she was sure he’d had something to do with it, nonetheless, she remained quiet. She remained loyal, for there was no other way to appease the dark lord and she needed him to be putty in her lap.
“I must have forgotten!” She sighed and clasped her hands before her as he placed a kiss upon her forehead.
“You do that when times are hard. Please know that I do understand how this particular moment would trouble you.” His fingers were lifting her chin up, caressing her cheek with his thumb as he brushed a lock of long, dark hair away from her mesmerizing emerald-green eyes. “I know what she means to you, but she is a rogue, my pet. The trouble she has caused, I fear we may not be able to control her and therefor she must remain on the frontlines…” She looked up into those soulless eyes, hidden beneath salt and peppered hair, and watched as the smile turned to a snarl. “…and far away from you.”
Marena couldn’t listen to his words, but she knew there was truth in them. The dark Valkyrie was not some pet one could claim; not like she was to Pathen. Malice was strong, perhaps even too strong for her own good, and she was very quick and cunning when it came to the art of war. A commander in her own right and yet they’d kept her on a short leash. She’d rebelled against her Masters, but that was what made her unique. She was passionate about the cause and would see any mission to completion; problem was, the cause she fought for didn’t always line up with what had been planned.
“She betrayed us, Marena! She, brought that thing into our bed. She knew what she was doing, and she did it anyway. She helped them betray their masters.”
“That is not what she had set out to do. I cannot allow myself to believe she would have betrayed me so willingly!” Marena shook her head, but his grip was tight upon her chin. “She loved me...”
“Loved, being the key word there, my pet. She loved you, and who knows when that love faded? She is a Valkyrie, Marena. Captivated by the dark or not, they are vicious. Devious is nature, their only goal has been to destroy us.” His eyes were glazing over as he drew closer, his scent rising about her, enveloping her in a blanket of security she knew well. “She almost destroyed, you!” He added and let his lips fall upon her own.
Locked in a battle of emotions, a tempest lost amidst her own storm, she felt the strings holding her sanity in place, slip from their bindings. She was falling to his will yet again, his kiss, long and hard as his arms wrapped around her waist.
“When I learned of her lover, I thought we had done something wrong, that we had offended her somehow.” He whispered against her lips. ” So, I allowed her fun, even welcomed her whore into our bed. I was so lost in finding a reason for her to stay, but when those guards burst into our room that night, I just, knew…”
“She is not a pet, we cannot win her love.” Marena growled.
“It is not her love I desire; it is her loyalty!” His reply was quick and short, that lust disappearing from his eyes. “For I will not have her hurting you again.” He added, leaving a kiss on her forehead before he vanished from sight.
Marena knew what Pathen meant and she remembered the heartache she’d felt when they’d all been separated. The Valkyrie had been posted elsewhere, kept out of sight and hopefully out of mind, but the damage had already been done. It wasn’t Marena that Malice had harbored resentment towards, it had been Pathen. His change in demeanor, his stand on slavery, the fact that he, had once betrayed her.
Whether Malice remembered her love for the male known as Ptah, Marena had no clue, and though he no longer existed, his imprint on the Valkyrie had been immense. Malice hated slavery. The very idea had driven her to madness not once, but twice. If those memories ever surfaced again, they’d surely kill her; or try to. The incident with the Ra’vyns only proved that fact. The Shadows had used them, not as slaves per say, not at first anyhow, but used them they had. Malice’s involvement had only strengthened the movement already underway amidst the messengers of the dark. Her lover had done nothing more than share a few secrets between the sheets, though they were secrets that had cost an entire race their freedom.
The Ra’vyns had not started out as such, but now, they were indeed slaves; if any had survived. Malice, Marena, even Pathen too, all slaves in an empire ruled over by harsh Masters. There was no escape. Malice had tried that and failed. Their grip over her was as strong as it had ever been and Marena feared it would grow tighter still; her heart aching in her chest for what once had been. Still, there had to be a way to get Malice far enough away that the Eno’tai could not touch her; but where?
Left alone in her tower, Marena’s mind swirled with each new possibility. She’d have to be quick and cunning, just like Malice, for if Pathen found out…


Gil woke before dawn and as he laid between his wives, he thought about the upcoming war. Something still nagged at him deep in his gut, something about the last siege, at Rihmsjalier. It had been too easy. For an army to lay siege for that long, without making an effort to actually destroy their opponents. It was unheard of, unless…
“We’re being maneuvered.” He called out into the silence of the morning. “Someone has to be pulling strings from behind the scenes. If it’s not Malice, perhaps her master? But how do we confirm it?” Mumbling to himself, he rose from the bed. “Bloody hell, I need to look at a map.”
Turning thought into actions he started to dress, pulling his slacks up over his waist as the sounds of movement came from the bed behind him. Looking back with a sly grin, he found both of his wives awake and staring back at him, heads tilting inward as if analyzing their needs; and his. Such sultry little vixens. Even now, as one toyed with the ties of her nightgown and the other nipped at her bottom lip.
“I wish the two of you would stop doing that. It’s not only distracting, but creepy as all hell.” He shook his head, but in actual fact, he adored them both.
“It’s the look of terror on your face. Fear, is such a turn on,” Mist sighed, still toying with her nightgown. “Now this…” She growled and she and Sif in unison, began to crawl across the bed, their bodies molding into that of Wolves.
With snow-white fur, littered with silver strands and vibrant blue eyes, they were magnificent, breathtaking; and Gil was all manner of shakes and quivers as they prowled about him. Standing nearly three feet at the shoulders, they were the personification of raw, natural power, and they were on the hunt, for him.
“Nice, Doggies” He chuckled as they rubbed up against his legs.
Shifting back, they laughed at him, their bodies intertwined with his own. “And where do you think you’re going, young man? Hmm?” Sif purred as she started stripping him.
He’d only just got his slacks on and was dying to eye the map, but how could he refuse such tasty morsels?
“It’s your wedding day, you’re not leaving our sight.” Mist growled gently in his ear.
Shadow giggled as she entered the room with a platter of fresh baked buns, savory cheeses and a variety sliced fruits. She giggled again, watching as Mist and Sif pulled Gil back towards the bed, purring and moaning as they fell into the pillows.
“Oh, lemon tarts. I love lemon tarts!” Sif beamed and took to the tray with napkin in hand.
“Do you think I’d dare run? Where would I go?” Gil belted out in an aggravated voice.
Since his bonding with Mist and Sif, it had been a constant flow of love. Simply being together in the same room, was enough to ignite the senses. It made life pretty pleasurable, but it also had its drawbacks; first and foremost, he was never alone, ever. It was driving him insane. Even when he was alone, he wasn’t, truly alone, for their thoughts and actions popped into his mind. Mischief and sin at every turn.
Just yesterday, he was calmly walking across one of the outer walls, taking in the view and not bothering anyone, when he’d felt the heatwave explode inside him. A second later and his calves hit the side of said outer wall, and he was free-falling as wave upon wave of ecstasy washed over him. Fortunately, he landed in a haystack, picking pieces of straw from his hair and down his shirt for hours. It was a lot better than falling an extra half-mile into the ravine on the other side, with its icy cold river raging fast like a strip of silver ribbon.
Gil had to sit down and get his breathing under control before he toppled over like a sack of potatoes. What a thing to remember. He’d never actually taken a fall from that high before, but he’d sure as shit climbed up the bastard on one of Mist’s little adventures. Training, she’d called it. No more than three days in Misthaven and she wanted him to see it all for himself. Training? Ha! More like torture, but he’d have done anything to see her smile; including climbing that bloody menace of a wall.
Now though, he didn’t say a word, didn’t have to. Both females could already feel the unrest. Both of them teasing him, naked and smiling wickedly in attempts to sway his train of thought. Could they, though? Was it even possible to bring him back from the depths of his stupor?
“We’re sorry. We truly are.” Mist said for both of them, pleading their case as she batted her baby-blue eyes at him.
“You just, confound me is all. A man wants to ponder. He wants to…”
“Mope?” Sif grinned, her hand running down the front of his chest.
He couldn’t stay mad at them when the waves of love washed over him.
“You can play too.” She added, as if he needed any further incentives.
Blinking back to a mass of naked skin and sin, they encountered the soft moans of lust, mingling with the delicious scents of pleasure. Allyson and Alissa had begun their own passion filled tryst, one that had drawn the attentions of Shadow and Alura. None could resist the call and all were very busy between each other’s thighs.
“What’s this? A lesbian conclave, in our room?” Gil let out with his hand over his eyes, peering between his fingers as the room filled with soft, feminine laughter. “You’re a bad influence on these poor, innocent lambs.” Was all he got out, hoping Mist and Sif could hear him as one by one, the little minxes pulled him towards his bed.
“There wasn’t much influence needed, my dear Gil. Some of us were born of lust and feel the needs coursing through our veins. Who are we to deny it?” Alura giggled as she and Shadow took to the pillows with sighs escaping their lips.
“These girls are far from innocent!” Sif teased as she stopped to catch her breath between Alyssa’s thighs and a moment later both were enthralled as one set of lips caressed another.
All Gil could do was sigh, “Do you all want to explain to your mothers how you ended up with child?” Gil mumbled and shook his head and it was Mist who answered him.
“None would speak a word against it, Gil. Our people do not think as Human’s do. Many societies in many different lands have their own ways of honor, for the Elves, it is considered an honor to bed a Valkyrie.” She smiled, letting her hair fall down about her as she slid her leggings to the floor. “Alara would be thrilled to have a grandchild, or a baby of her own to take care of, as would the rest of us.”
Now, if that didn’t assure you, and scare you at the same time, Gil didn’t know what would. The fun and the pleasure he could have, coupled with the responsibility of being some sought after super-father, he could barely keep up with the one, two, three… he counted in his mind, making it all the way to six. A half-dozen, naked or scantily clad females, should he father children to them all? No, he’d sink into insanity far sooner than he’d hoped trying to keep them all happy. Would he have to marry them all, too?
“My people don’t hold close the prejudices as those in other lands tend to do. My mother wasn’t married to my father, never wanted a mate; but he understood the need to have an heir for the throne.” Alura told him as she put her head on his chest, her little hands tracing intricate patterns over his skin. “He preferred the sword to the royal bedchamber, I, prefer to enjoy all that life has to offer; including you!” She smiled with a flicker of light in her eyes. “We do what makes us happy, Gil…” Her words trailed off as one of her hands dipped lower than the other and he found himself hardening in her grasp.
“Well, since you seem to have a good hold on things…” Gil let out, mind blown and amazed at how willingly this female wanted to pleasure him.
Did his father know about Brunhilde? That she was a Valkyrie? Did he explore with her as Gil did now with Mist and Sif? He had to have known something was off. Maybe he did know, and he’d seen her like Gil saw Mist? A beauty out to keep him safe. A Goddess with a twisted sense of humor and the strength and wisdom to topple an empire; but did she love him or was he just a tool? A means to an end?
Gods, why was he being so damned cynical? Why did he always…have… to…
There was no finishing that thought as the pleasure rose within him. He could feel the pull and the way her tongue caressed the tip of his cock; it was hard to keep himself in check. It felt so good, so bloody good, and he didn’t want to spoil it right this second, but Mist and Sif had other plans. His body knew what they wanted, shuddering in unison as the moments washed over them. A moment later and the sighs and moans of sinful release cried out from Shadow and Alissa, the room filled with the thick, fresh scent of sex.
“That’s what you get for not paying attention, what are you thinking about?’ He heard the question, but his mind was still spinning.
“Uh, my dad.” He managed to get out through labored breaths. “Did Brunhilde ever tell him what she was? Before, she married my dad? Did she love him or was he a means to get what she wanted?”
Silence followed his inquiry, eerie and awkward as he lay panting on the bed surrounded by six females. Yes, this was what he was thinking about at a time like this, but he couldn’t help it. He needed answers.

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