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On a planet named Emora similar to earth lived a girl named Annabelle that lived in the sun nation and was fighting in a war against the moon kingdom, but while on front lines of this whole mess she fainted when in the middle of fighting, she woken up in a bed somewhere but that somewhere was the moon kingdom and she had no clue what she will be getting into.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Plan of Attack

Having the bright sun beaming in my eyes on such an early morning, what a start. Well I’ll just get up now
and see what kind of shift I have for the rest of my twelve hours of work. I put on my clothes and boots as I
was about to walk out when I saw a glow on my mirror. After a second glance I noticed that there was my moon crest necklace, some how I had this as a baby and kept ever sense. I took it off the mirror and put it around my neck. I saw my reflection in the mirror with necklace and some how I looked like someone else but I didn’t bother to figure out what was off, so I continued to go to work.

I walked in the lobby and looked around, “hey Annabelle! you figure what shift you got today” said Christina “no not yet” I responded but first I’m suppose to get some files at the office before heading down to fifth floor to start my shift, oh well I know Tobias will be down by the office as she gave me nudge and a grin. “Don’t give me that” I said we just have been going out a few times that’s all. “Mhm” is all Christina says “well I’ll be off see ya later” and I waved goodbye and started walking towards the office to grab the files for Caleb, sense he’s to lazy to get them well a friend must help a friend right as I said to myself.

As arriving to the office I saw Tobias and went up to say hi to him, hey Tobias how’s it going? Well good even though I had to get up early just sort out training for the new recruits there arriving later today said Tobias that’s nice well I’m just grabbing something and going quick but I’ll see you later and I grabbed the files and started walking until he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss on my cheek, I blushed bright red and he smiled and walked away towards the stairs and I stood there like a bright red strawberry and couldn’t even stand straight but I got myself together and walked to the elevator to deliver the files.

The elevator doors open and I walk out and head to Calebs office but before I could walk in I heard someone talking to Caleb and it was Jeanine the leader of this nation but why was she here? And what does she want with Caleb? We can’t give to much info about are special weapon ok said Jeanine will do my lips are sealed but I have a question about this why can’t she know about this? Because if she does are plan will be ruined and she won’t believe what we tell her anymore. As Jeanine said her response she was walking towards the door so I ran from being behind the door to elevator to make it seem I just got here, Jeanine said hello and walked into the elevator and left I didn’t really know they were talking about but I shook it off and walked into Calebs office. “Oh hey” said Caleb here’s your files lazy ass I said “well I’m sorry but I was busy with other work right now but thank you” mhm well I have to go see what shift I got so enjoy the work as I left the room and went straight to the elevator.

“Ding” the elevator doors open to the fifth floor and everyone is surrounding the board and I can’t see a damn thing there all in the way! I try moving through the crowd to the front and I look for my name but as soon I saw the front line shift and my name was under it my face went pale as I saw it I never been on the front lines even though I am a good fighter and can handle any gun but I don’t understand why they would do this to me.
I turn around and walk away from the board and press the button to summon the elevator so everyone would stop staring at me it was weird to have all the attention on yourself even for me, the elevator arrives and I walk in and press floor 1 to head to my shift so I could get it over with. I didn’t bother telling Tobias or Christina and Caleb they would freak but they will find out soon once everyone gossips about and will get to them.

Doors open once it reached the first floor and I walked out I can’t just get to the front line by walking it will take forever so I went over to the side of the building and grabbed the keys off of the board and took the black army Chevy truck and drove to the front of this war. Pulling up to the camp I saw Peter, I am surprised that he’s here but never mind that I got to know what we are doing so I can go quickly out of here. While walking through base and tents I could see there isn’t much people around are they taking naps and being lazy or did they already leave to the front lines, so I decided to walk into the leaders tent and saw all the generals there they greeted me and put a seat out for me. Hello Annabelle we were waiting for you said one of the generals and we were gonna discuss the plan of attack.
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