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Where am I

“And is there anything else before we go through this plan of attack” Annabelle said while giving a unimpressed gaze to the generals. Well yes we need to be careful with some of there knights all I know that one of are soldiers saw one of them turn into these big wolves said the general “so we will be dealing with wear-wolves then well ok at least I know something about this other nation” and she grabbed her gun and put it in her holster “you don’t mind sending someone to get me a motorcycle and a helmet” as saying with a smile. So the general nodded his head and told one of his assistant to grab Annabelle a motorcycle and helmet which seemed weird to him because she is going into battle but he didn’t mind she is one of the smartest and strongest soldiers here so she should be fine.

As the meeting ended everyone including Annabelle started to put on gear and everything they needed, the generals assistant did bring her a motorcycle as requested she did give her thanks and continued to pack up her gear. The sun was high and bright in that it was beginning to heat up the air so Annabelle went over to the medic tent to ask for water to bring with just in case if she got dehydrated. They did give her a extra bottle just in case if needed “thank you very much” she said one of the medics told her to stay safe while on the battle field she did nod in response and walked away. Not everyone was so nice to her they usually gave her these weird faces they made and didn’t really talk to her at all except Tobias, Christina and Caleb but it never bothered her it was normal to her while growing up here in the sun nation for so many years, *sigh* I didn’t want this shift at all but as long as I get through this I will be fine. She started the motorcycle it was nice one actually it was a black Harley Davidson, only the generals get these but I guess it was the only one they had here so I guess I’ll try not to ruin it. Snapping her helmet in she was ready to go so Annabelle pushed with her feet to help it move to get some more speed and pushed down the gas and was on her way to the front lines.

“God it smells” while giving a disgusted face, after arriving to the front lines all I could see was dead bodies and fire and smoke everywhere even when you tried to walk around you could never find a spot to step in without stepping on bones. I could see the other nations soldiers lining up one by one they were dressed in white blue and yellow armor with a moon crest on the front they all looked good in them but it’s not the time to admire them I got to get this job done and I can go back to my room and sleep again. And there’s a fifty fifty percent chance I’ll live or die but who cares no one will remember me anyway.

As tightening my grip around the handles I was shaking I don’t know why I’m so nervous there isn’t any reason to be nervous right? Never mind that I’ll just go now. I made the first move I drove off into the battle field holding my gun at my side while driving with one hand, speeding down the field the moon nation started to run towards me and all my other Conrad's we’re running behind me. Well there’s no going back sense I’m driving right in front of everybody, I raised my gun right at the person in front of me and pulled the trigger *bang* I do feel bad I’m sure he had a family back in his home even if he had home I don’t know, I have to keep going every shot I took a life was gone in a flash like lightning. I did start to get light headed and most of my vision was going blurry *bang* right in my left arm a gun shot went right through it and made me go out of control on the bike and it flipped up in the air making me fall off landing on my back. “Jesus that hurt” I got up and picked up my gun and started to walk towards the moon nations fleet and started to shoot again *bang* *bang* *bang* every shot I took hit a person in crest moon armor. One shot was fired at me but I dodged it and I shot again and again, I never liked hurting people or taking lives but if they were trying to hurt me then I would have to defend myself to stay alive.

The sun was heating the air and the ground while running and fighting to make me really thirsty I reached for my bag that was with me and I couldn’t find any water I looked and looked but I couldn’t find it I must of left in the bag that was attached to the motorcycle, well I got to keep going anyway no time to search now I kept on walking and walking getting more dizzy from dehydration.

“I need to find a place to take a rest” I ran towards a flipped car and went and sat behind it to take a quick rest and cover while I was trying to cool down there a handsome man in a crest moon armor with black hair came around the car and saw me he raised his sword to my throat while saying to me “don’t even think about moving” I chuckled with a smile “oh really” I swept my leg under him having the man falling backwards I got up and grabbed his sword and put to his throat “don’t move ok” as I said with a wink he grinned he tried doing the same thing to me but I stepped back to have room from him “you know I might just let you go but I don’t know if I want too” I said “well I don’t have a weapon to fight you with though so I might have to go by hands” he was smiling at me while saying those words, then he started to charge at me I was charging to but my head started to hurt and just there right when I was going to fight that handsome black haired man my body just shut down and everything went black.

Ugh where the hell am I? Bright light was shown through a large window in a black room while I was laying in white bed sheets and fluffy pillows that were just like clouds which was pretty nice I would say. I rubbed both of my eyes to help them be more open to see what else was around me when I looked down and saw I was in a white night gown which was weird I don’t wear night gowns anyway I slipped out of the bed and walked over to the large window and opened it “ where am I” asking to myself but when looking over to the village on the far left I saw the moon crest flag.

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