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Lost daughter ?

A maid came into the room holding a towel she looked nice and young maybe in her twenties “hello miss I shall be your maid my name is Charlie” her smile was so bright I couldn’t look away “oh well I don’t know if I need a maid though I can take care of myself” she walked up to me still smiling “well I’ll still be your maid if you need anything let me know but right now there is a bath waiting for you” she pushed me into a huge bathroom with a tub filled with hot steaming water that the steam was going through every part of the room.

I kept staring at my reflection in the water while Charlie was washing the blood off my body and hair, I don’t know why they put me in a white night gown while I had blood on me. But I have more important things to think about then this Charlie can I ask you something she looked up at me “of course miss anything” why do you treat me so well even though I’m from the sun nation? Well miss I think you are kind person once I saw Caesar bring you back in his arms you looked so peaceful while you were out cold “wait who’s Caesar” she chuckled well he’s the one you were fighting until you fainted, my mouth dropped he could of killed me but brought me here. Miss once you are done I’ll take you to the king he’ll explain everything to you.

Walking down the long hallway in the castle passing a couple servants all I could hear was my footsteps on the marble floor and some servants gossiping all around. Charlie doesn’t seem like the one to spread rumors or gossip but I ignored it and kept walking down the long hall until we came two tall double doors made of iron I was amazed that they could make big doors like these. The two guards at the door opened them for me Charlie told me I could go in and she will come back in a little bit, I didn’t like the fact she left me but I didn’t want to bother her anymore.

So I walked into the big throne room looking around until my eyes met his the black haired man that I saw on the field I turned my head to see him standing by a man on a throne made of gold and black fabric in the middle of it “step forward” the man said in the throne, I knew for sure this was the king I didn’t know if he was just treating me nicely to get info or if he was faking his kindness and was ready to hang me. I did step forward more and stood there with my brave face on and in saluting stance in front of him “how old are you miss” wait is he just asking for my age which no one has asked me that before. I’m sixteen your highness he looked at me with a smile “really I had a daughter who was kidnapped at two years old” I was confused why he told me that but I responded well I’m very sorry to hear that, he was still smiling at me even what he just told me “ I should tell you now miss Annabelle that my daughter was kidnapped by her older sister and right now my lost daughter has returned in front of me” the heck did he just say. Lost daughter?

Wait so that makes me a princess? Yes he said with a bold reply but I can’t I served with the sun nation and that makes me working with the enemy “it’s fine actually he stood up and kept talking you were kidnapped and were taught to fight us without knowing your sister was controlling you” he put his hand out in front of me “so will you accept being a princess of this nation and fight your sister for the greater good” I took his hand and nodded but I know it’s not gonna be easy to be princess and fight the nation I thought was good.
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